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  1. hi, i am still chasing this up and will let you know the outcome. Thanks
  2. I called the specialist up and i asked and he was being very rude on the phone and after i told him that you replaced the wrong part and it was initially diagnosed as the compressor but you still replaced the airbag! I then said that this is all taking far too long and you should have fixed this first time as you are a specialist etc and then i said i want to get the compressor part fixed for free or take the part you put on and put my original back on and then ill pay you whats left over; he told me hes not interested in me and my car and he put the phone down! I immediately called the dealer/trader and he said the warranty they supplied is finished and the garage didnt fix it so you will have to consult a lawyer to sort this out!!! so is it worth me writing a formal letter to both or is there anyway i can 1)return the car 2) get the car fixed for free because its his original fault! thanks
  3. please take a look at post 4 for full story, but in short i acted a week later etc... yes i have all paperwork to prove this and i never checked the paper work until 2 weeks ago which i realised they replaced the wrong part. in short as i long as the garage fix the car i dont want to give it back but i might have to because they supplied me with a faulty car... i have proof that i emailed the trader who i brought it off listing the faults and arranging another time to meet him a few days after i bought the car! so this shows that car was faulty when brought...surely? Thanks
  4. I should have taken it for a test drive but that still wouldnt have alerted the pump or the temp sensor because for the temp sensor to go to -40 degrees you would have had to go above 60mph and thats how we found out on the motorway back home. Also for the air pump failure - that wouldnt have come on because you would have need some weight at the back for it to start levelling the suspension and for us to find out it cant and we only found out when we where back home and all the kids where sitting in the back whilst going to my mums. Back to the point - can i do anything about this car then because i bought the car faulty, and i have sufficient evidence. AND the BMW specialist didn't fix the car properly and they replaced the wrong part!
  5. @ surfer01 - possibly but that wasnt the right thing to do @heliosuk I bought the car 12/03/12 its a 06 plate BMW e61 520d and its mileage is 87000. The full story we had a look at a potential bmw at a garage and we found it interested then blady blady blah etc, on the 12/03/12 everything was agreed, finance sorted and all we needed to do is drive the car away. we didnt test drive it because we where never given the opportunity to do so and the garage said it was in working order with no faults. On the way driving back we noted 1st issue - the outside temp gauge was wrong as it was showing -40 degrees and so we went back to the garage a week later (because 1) we where tired 2) i live in derby and the garage was in northampton!) the garage tried to replace it but never fixed it. 2nd issue when we put load on the back, as it has air pump/suspension it could not level out the car in time so it came as 'level control system failure' i.e. rear suspension is failed. we told him the same time as the temp but as it was intermittent it unfortuntaly never came up but then when we where just outside derby it came up and then we took a video of it/photo as proof but the garage couldnt do anything because he needed to see it live apparently. Weeks went and then it became permanent, both the temp sensor and level control failure. we then where advised to take it to a bmw specialist by the garage who then fixed it under warranty, the temp was fixed but the garage - knowing that it was the level control failure error (being a specialist he should know that its the compressor) he replaced the air spring which was perfectly fine and no error would ever show if that was gone so that couldnt be the issue! so then the car level control error went for a few weeks until it became permanent again; by that time the warranty form the garage had finished and the bmw specialist said they arent going to fix it for free because i never came back and they would charge me extra £500 for the compressor know!!!!! my point is that they should have replaced the compressor first because thats what the issue of level control system failure is and so they made a mistake! so i want to know: can i report/sue the bmw specialist for making a stupid mistake and costing me extra OR return the car as it was sold faulty with 2 issues and i have photographic proof? Thanks
  6. Hi, so basically... my car is a e61 bmw 520d and it has air suspension which is controlled by a pump. The pump failed first time around and i had contacted the trader i bought it off and as it was under warranty i took it to a specialist and they diagnosed the pump had failed. even though the pump had failed he never replaced it and instead he replaced the complete wrong part! he replaced the offside air spring and not the pump. But supprisingly the fault dissapeard for 3 months and has now come back, i checked the paperwork and found that he replaced the wrong part! So is there anything i can do to sort this out. If it helps, i bought this car from a trader on finance so could the finance be affected (cancelled) seeing as the car was faulty when i bought it? as the 3 month warranty supplied by the trader has run out, i have to fork out £500 to the garage to get the pump fixed when he should have done it in the first place!!! Please help guys!! Thank You
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