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Found 24 results

  1. This is regarding my house sale which was sold at the end of April. I looked for an online conveyancing quote to keep costs to a minimum. I came across http://www.hbcconveyancing.co.uk/ i got a quick quote of £644. When i went ahead with my order i phoned up and asked about any other fees and if the coal report was included. I was told that price included all fees and its unlikely there will be any other charges. after the sale the total my lawyer took was just over £1200. £108 was for 2 chaps transfers, my request, so i got my money quicker. Its a long way
  2. Well not actually ripped off, I have not paid them. I hold my hand up to being a bit slack here. A tenant complained of a broken lock on a patio door. I googled and called a locksmith in Reading without doing my usual due diligence as I am busy refurbishing two flats. Locksmith arrives, does the job, and phones me. He wants £281, ask him for a v.a.t. invoice and he gets nasty, threatens to "break my door" or sit in. I threaten police action and he calms down, will ask office to phone me. That afternoon he phones me, office has reduced the cost to £181 includi
  3. Visited my mum tonight like I do every week, she is 80 and suffering from the onset of dementia. Last week she had mentioned she loved the movie Dirty Dancing and would like to get the music from it so she could play it at home. When I walked in she was all excited saying she had bought the music from a 2nd hand record shop. The first problem was she had bought a 2nd hand copy on cassette and does not have a cassette player. She then tells me she has to return to the shop on Monday to pay the rest of the money for it as she did not have enough on her when she was in the shop. I
  4. Can anyone advise me please, I'm a landlord and have had a tenant living in my property for over 6 years, only a small deposit given and I didn't put into a protected thing, I now need to get the property back and the tenant says I need to evict them as they want a council property, what can I do?
  5. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me please as I am at a loss. I purchased a phone from Mobile Phones Direct in March this year. When I received the phone it turned out that the tariff they were advertising was actually a 'cashback' deal and I would be paying double what I was expecting. In addition the camera leans on the phone is cracked. I reluctantly decided that the tariff issue was a 'lesson learned' but contacted them about the faulty phone. They requested that I sent them photos of the lens and the packaging the phone arrived in, which I sent by return.
  6. Previously loyal disabled customer harassed, bullied and ripped off by Amazon Unfortunately our trusty old laptop was failing and needed replacing.As this was a desktop replacement we required something of a suitable size and standard.This does not come cheap. As this was a considerable investment for us and having been a previously loyal Amazon customer for many years, we decided to purchase from Amazon based on (an apparently incorrect) perception that if there was a problem with the purchase then we would have good support and come back if required.We did however have reservations
  7. Hello, Last September I paid for a one month premium membership of a music forum. It was a small amount $10 or £6.50. The forum was not much use to me so I did not renew or so I thought. Today I have discovered that this forum has continued to take payments out of my account for a futher 4 months. I am furious as I did not sanction these payments. When I bought the membership it said 1x1 Monthly Membership, nothing about renewals. When I contacted them to complain they basically said no refunds and that I could cancel if I wanted. Trying even to find where I could cancel took me about an
  8. The foreign exchange said they wont take it as it is ripped and the only option is to exchange it when I go back to Canada. Never been to Canada, unlikely I will ever go. Anyway to exchange it in Britain? Thanks
  9. I recently purchased a 1972 series 3 Landrover from Classic Land Rovers and 4x4s - John Brown 4x4 Ltd - John Brown 4x4 I paid strong money £7500 plus deliver because I believed I was buying a good LR from a professional garage. Looked great on their website and the blurb sounded good. I did not go to view it ( lack of time ) silly me. This was the description, For sale, Land Rover® Series 3 in Light Pastel Green (1972) MOT until April 2015 and tax exempt. Diesel 2286cc. This vehicle has been in the same ownership for 10 years, and was well loved.
  10. Hey guys, really was unsure if I was going to bother posting this, but here goes. I purchased a used iPhone 5 from a Game high street store last July 2013. It is obviously now out of the 1 year warranty they give you. I purchased the phone for the sum of £380 & I was sold the phone as "unlocked". I had been using the phone since July 13, initially with a "giffgaff" simcard (I believe is run on the o2 network, but for the past 4 months or so, I have used a "3" sim card in it. This week i decided to sell the phone & I selected "Erase all content and settings
  11. The girl in this story is my lovely partner who had a very bad experience with Homebase, and I want to share it with you all to see if you had experienced anything similar and what you did to sort of the situation. This story is about a girl that had a bathroom that needed a complete makeover as it looked like it belonged on the set of Austin Powers. So this girl started working a second job and saved every single penny she could, she worked her fingers to the bone till one day she had a nice little amount stashed away. After months and months of work she finally came to the point where
  12. i am having big problems with swift advances they are charging me £60 per letter for paying late in the month and are charging interest on the letter rates i am getting fed up with them they are sharks need sorting i am going to get at them this week and ask for charges back and then i would not be in arrears i think it is about £600 they want with inetrest I will see them in court
  13. Hi, We bought second hand car from a garage in bristol (autobristol) we part x'd out car and paid the additional fee on debit card, 2 weeks later it completly broke dowm, took it to a garage who said it was an awful car should never have passed mot, we then contaced the garage who at 1st were very nice promising to call us back, they never did. the garage could not find the problem as all the memory had been swipped off and all the engine wire in the wrong place, but managed to get it started but were advised to get rid of it asap - it worked for a further week when it broke down again luckly
  14. I recently went to a garage near to where I live as a friend recomended them to me, and said that they have always been fair and honest. To cut a long story short, my eletcric window had stopped working, the said garage told me it was the window regulator, (without checking it) and said it would cost me £120, I agreed for the work to be done, when I collected my I car, the first thing I noticed was my door speaker had not been connected, then when I put my window down, it wouldnt go back up again, (same as before). I took my car back the same day, and was told that it had been a B******d of a
  15. We was parked in asda car park on 21/12/12 in the evening thinking it was a parent with child parking with our grandaughter, after our shopping we returned to our rental car as ours was in the garage being repaired as a woman had drove into us, to find a ticket, we went back into the store to complain & they told us that we was parked in a disabled space,which was an honest mistake. We spoke to the manager of the store & explained that we thought it was a parent & child space, he said he will make a call to see what he could do. He returned after aroun
  16. can some one help me me and my wife got a plasma tv from perfect homes 3 years ago it was the first time we had hire purchase agreement and the salesman told us the total cost we would have to pay is £2242.24 with insurance and coverplus we asked again how much for everything including coverplus and yet again we were told £2242.24 so we signed and we never missed a payment and today we called into the shop to make a payment and to ask how much we had left (we thought about £130) but were told we still had £450 which we disagreed we had been paying £13.08p a week and £10.78 was for the agreemen
  17. Hi all Can anyone help???? I recently had n car incident, i didn't have a collision but rather i was joining the motorway, just gaining speed when my bonnet flew up and smashed my windscreen. I contacted my insurers and notified them of my incident and they processed my claim. I my insurers have contacted me to say that my car has been considered a "write-off". I asked them about what happens next and they told me that someone will go out and asses the damage. and if it is a "write-off" they will pay-out on my claim, however they will deduct my excess and the remaining balance
  18. I was in Lidl today and as I walked past a free standing display, I brushed past a piece of metal on the stand, which caught my coat and ripped it. I asked the manager for compensation and he told me I had to write a letter to Lidl head office and take it in to the shop with the coat and both would be sent away to their head office to make a claim. The coat was expensive and was in good condition (hardly worn). The rip is not very big but it has ruined the coat. Can you give me any advice as to how to word the letter. I really want them to give me the total cost of the coat a
  19. I bought a dishwasher on Monday from Comet which they had in stock in their Distribution Centre. It was due to be delivered on Saturday morning . As I understand that dishwasher is now mine. On Thursday after hearing that Comet was going into Administration I phoned to make sure there wouldn't be any problems but they assured me everything was in order for a Saturday delivery. On Friday evening I got a call from Comet to say it wouldn't be delivered and that I was to go back to the store for a refund. I went to the store on Saturday to be told there wouldn't be an
  20. Hello. I am the sole Director of a small Company. I have been on holiday to the West Country, for one week. Today, is my first day back. This morning a bailliff from NSL turned up, although his Company paperwork said 'Task Enforcement Ltd', demanding £799.34. I was a bit, taken back. I asked what for and he gave me a warrant for £202.00. When I queried the difference, he kept suggesting that I could not read. It later transpired that the difference was his costs which he had not given me an account of. The original fine was for a yellow box junction, which I had contested
  21. Hi, so basically... my car is a e61 bmw 520d and it has air suspension which is controlled by a pump. The pump failed first time around and i had contacted the trader i bought it off and as it was under warranty i took it to a specialist and they diagnosed the pump had failed. even though the pump had failed he never replaced it and instead he replaced the complete wrong part! he replaced the offside air spring and not the pump. But supprisingly the fault dissapeard for 3 months and has now come back, i checked the paperwork and found that he replaced the wrong part! So is there anything
  22. Hi i would like some help if possible. If i miss a payment or i don't have enough money in bank when they take money out...they charge me £10 for a mispayment and this is AOL/TalkTalk we are talking about let alone the bank...This is just a rip off and i'm wanting to know if AOL have the right to do this? Also they are putting a non-recurring payment of £4.50...this is just ridiculous and its not helping me as an unpaid carer. PLEASE HELP!!
  23. i rang a gentlemen that offered to come out to look at my sons bike as it wasnt running properly and it kept cutting out after 5mins of riding it. The guy had the bike for over 6 weeks and after many frustrating phone calls we got a call saying it was the stat motor (the start button) and it was going to cost £90 second hand and the rest off the bill was labour. The following day myself and my son went to collect the motorcycle 9.30 and my son asked to put the fearings back as we could see he was busy he was rude and said no. Anyway got the bike back 3 hours later and 3 miles dr
  24. Help, I am a working mum of three and I am having trouble with Welcome Finance. I took out a loan over three years which was due to be paid off November this year. I missed 2 payments and got a default charge on there last year. I contacted them and spoke to my "account manager". He told me to pay off the default amount, which I did that same day and up my monthly payments to £231 a month and my account will still be paid off in November. I checked my credit report and the balance owing was higher than it should be, I contacted them again and spoke to my "account manager", at first he was
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