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  1. Hi I've lived in my house for 4+ years now but for the past 10 months or so, every time we have torrential rain, the garage, which is at the bottom of a slight slop, floods up to 5 inches deep. We've had loads of stuff ruined, as like many people use the garage to store the usual garden paraphernalia along with freezers, the tumble dryer, kids bikes, tools etc. It looks like the storm drain just outside the door isn't up to the job and when I spoke to my LL before he didn't show any interest. Is this our or his responsibility for the garage flooding? It doesn't state anywhere in our tenancy contract about flood risks to any part of the property. Thanks Lisa
  2. Sorry its long just want to include all the details. On the 17th March I bought a 1.6 16v petrol Citroen Xsara Picasso 77k on clock from Trade Cars of Cleckheaton http://www.tradecarscleckheaton.co.uk/ for £1200 paying £700 cash and £500 on a debit card. On viewing the car when I first started it the car gave off quite a bit of smoke for about the first 30 seconds which cleared, the garage staff said, "it will be just condensation as its been standing for while". I test drove it and it drove ok apart from a front anti-roll bar needing replacing which I agreed to do so I bought it for £90 off the price. I didn't notice it giving smoke on first starting for first couple of days then when I did I monitored it for a few days and it was smoking quite heavily for about the first 30 seconds which then clears, and there was oil on the drive. I have monitored the oil level and it hasn't gone down. The oil leak was Power steering fluid coming from the steering rack. From Googleing the symptoms of the smoking I diagnosed it to be the valve stem oil seals, which when I got round to taking it to my mates garage he agreed and confirmed, he estimated about £650 to do the oil seals on that engine model, we didn't even discuss the steering fluid leak. He suggested trying some Oil Leak Stop fluid stating "it tends to either work or it doesn't with no inbetween" the can said it can take 200 miles to have its full effect. It was Thursday 30th March when I got round to contacting the garage after giving the fluid a chance (it didn't work). They insisted I contact Warranty wise and try and claim on the warranty, I told them they would not pay out but they still insisted so I submitted a repair request that was declined by Warranty Wise, the garage said they would now take it up with them and should get it through. This toing and froing took until Monday 3rd April when Warranty Wise offered me a goodwill gesture of £150 as they say the repair is not covered on the warranty I have been given by Trade Cars. At this point I emailed Trade Cars last night at 10pm stating I want to return the car in the morning for a refund due to it being of unsatisfactory quality and quoted the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I received an almost instant reply at the top in block capitals it said WITHOUT PREDUDICE, then : Dear Mr Leonard Thank you for your email. I will forward this to our legal advisor who will be in contact with you shortly. In the mean time we can not accept the return of your vehicle and suggest you await this response first of all. I telephoned them today asking when I can bring it back and the woman I have been speaking to said "we can't just take it back there's a process we have to go through our legal advisor should contact you shortly. One thing I am a little concerned about now is that when buying the car I was signing all sorts of stuff and counting money with a woman when a man came in and gave her a sheet which she asked me to sign and gave me a copy which I did not paying it much attention at the time it was a pre-delivery inspection sheet. Now the sh**s hitting the proverbial fan I have looked at it and most of the car is marked x for unsatisfactory, so much so it wouldn't get far at all if these items all had problems. I am beginning to get really annoyed about it and am thinking of taking it down there tomorrow and blocking the entrance to their lot with it until I get some satisfaction. Any advice appreciated thanks
  3. Hi folks, I hope you can provide me with some advice. I was visiting the Shell Garage on Salterhebble Hill in Halifax. I briefly pulled over to take a phone call and have a coffee. I wasn't aware the area was being actively managed, but I have now received a PCN claiming I "was parked in an area that should be kept clear at all times". Can anyone advise? I have completed the required information below: For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement: 02/12/2018 2 Date on the NTK: 07/12/2018 3 Date received: 10/12/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? No 7 Who is the parking company? HX Car Park Management Ltd 8. Where exactly: Salterhebble Hill, Halifax, HX3 0QE (Shell Garage/McDonalds) For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under: IAS If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here: N/A
  4. Hi guys would like some advice please and will try to make this post as short as possible. 1. In may this year the EPS light came on my Kia cee'd 09 plate. Took it to the Kia garage and was told the steering rack needed replacing which they did at a cost of £800. 2. On Monday the EPS light came back on again and on Tuesday I took it back to the Kia garage. Wednesday I got a phone call to say the steering column now needed replacing at a cost of £1800 plus vat. I told them to not do anything and I would collect the car. 3. When I got there I asked if the problem in may was actually fixed and was told that the steering column and steering rack are totally unrelated issues and it was a different problem. I asked for a copy of the fault codes and was told they are not allowed to give it out. As a compromise after much arguing I was allowed to take a picture. 4. I contacted them later that day asking for a copy of the diagnostic report and fault codes from the repair in may and was told they would get back to me on Thursday. Nothing on Thursday so today I asked the Kia customer services to contact the dealer to get the report. Was told they don't keep them and if they did it would be archived and the person is not in. I feel the original fault was not fixed in may and now they are trying to fleece me again. What is the best course of action to take regarding this?
  5. This one is mysterious: friend of mine has a vehicle service and MOT garage business and has received a letter through the post from the Police entitled INTENTION TO PROSECUTE. The NIP (if that’s what it is) states the offence as driving a mechanically propelled vehicle without due care and attention on the public road and it lists a vehicle that was brought into the garage but they did not work on. It is addressed to the garage business and not to an individual; it says to identify the driver or any other information In short the car was brought in and there’s a note in the garage log that says ‘vehicle details and EML’ which means Engine Management Light. No invoice was raised for the vehicle and no work was carried out, it’s only a small garage and neither of the 2 mechanics drove the vehicle. One of them remembers the person bringing it in, the mechanic had a quick look and said it needed further diagnostics and gave the customer a card and the hourly rate, the Customer then left and never came back. How do they respond to this? They can’t identify the driver as no one drove the vehicle, also a notice of this kind cannot be via a camera so surely the driver was pulled over at the time? There’s no photo evidence in the letter. I reckon the car driver was pulled over by Plod, then went to the nearest garage to log a visit so he could say it wasn’t him driving.
  6. Guys, I won a Mk4 Golf Gti with 8 months MOT on Ebay for the princely sum of £50 last year. At MOT renewal I booked it into a local garage who failed it on corroded brake pipes and a few other things coming to a grand total of £600. Now I like the car, it's never let me down so I agreed to have the work done. Next day, garage rings to say they've lowered the petrol tank and found further problems with the brake flexible hoses and it would need a new rear caliper because they'd broken the bleed nipple on the old one, price now £950! Needless to say I wasn't going to pay that amount so now we're at a loggerheads where the car is sat in his compound undriveable so I cant even pay him the original £600 and take it away to repair it myself. Any ideas please on how I should proceed with this matter?
  7. My neighbour has parked their 2 cars as per the attached photo so that I can not access my garage or park outside my own garage. I own the garage. Legally what can be done about this please?
  8. Hi All, I recently had my car breakdown and after being diagnosed by the AA as a fault that needed a garage to repair it the car was recovered to a local AUDI main dealer thinking i would be in safe hands. They diagnosed the car with a sensor fault to begin with and they replaced that at a cost of just under £500 including fault diagnosis, however, this never fixed the fault they said and the car still had the original fault. So they carried out futher tests and then told me after 14 days that the car and a major ECU fault that would cost at least an additional £1500 + vat and 8 weeks to get the part. All this time i required a hire car as they didn't have a spare courtesy car. Not happy with the service or the diagnosis, and the fact that i was expected to pay for the initial repair of £500 that they said wasnt the fault it was the ECU. I also at the time of booking the car in for the original fault explained i had AA repair cover and they said that fine, as this cover provides me with the ability to have upto £500 of repair costs meet for a small payment of £35 excess. but it has to be a reputable garage where to work is carried out, and the car has to be repaired to be able to claim. Having some knowledge of cars and car repair, i wasnt happy with there diagnosis or the initail treatment, and i said i would take the car elsewhere for a 2nd opinion. Knowing the car could originally be driven i aksed if that was possible but they insisted i pay the original bill, to which i argued and they reduced it to a still unsatisfactory £360. I asked if the car could be driven to a garage 3 minutes drive away and they said now, it now wasnt running, so i had to arrange a tow truck to recover it. This i did and when the tow truck got there and i went to collect the car the car did infact drive. We still recovered the car to the garage as the tow truck was they and the other garage started to fault find, and they sent the ECU for testing with a specialist company that after some time discovered infact there was no ECU fault as the main dealer had stated and after the ECU being placed back in to the car some 57 days later the car has run fine since. I would like to ask as i have directly incurred a substantial amount of cost (£2000) due to the inaccurate fault diagnosis which they charged me for, and i would like to find out if it is possible to take action against this garage for failure to diagnose the fault correctly? I havent approached the AUDI dealer or AUDI as yet, as i wanted to find out what rights i have before i go fighting this with them. For armed and all that! Thank you in advance for any advice. Mario
  9. Hi All, This is my first post here, so hi in advance. I am seeking some guidance on a issue I am currently experiencing. I purchased a used vehicle from a local, well known, dealership just shy of two months ago. I went to get the vehicle serviced yesterday from a garage I have used for many years, only to receive a phone call stating due to the car not having a service for a prolonged time, the oil had become tar and has affected some pipes, and the turbo is dead, or almost dead. The advice received was to get rid of the car or seek repairs through the seller. I have contacted the garage, only to be assured I would receive a phone call from the manager (has not happened). I have spoken to CAB Consumer Protection and have been advised to use their templated letter and allow 14 x days. As above I have involved CAB consumer protection and have been advised I am entitled to something (repair etc), so I guess I am just seeking further reassurance? Just wondering if anyone has any success stories, has their bank assisted (I paid with my savings via direct debit card) Thanks
  10. Hi My friend who lives over road went to local esso and got a pcn in the post for parking at the garage for 3Hrs 27 mins 37 secs to buy a newspaper!!! I have proof on my cctv (reg not readable) of him leaving at 06:37am and returning at 06:54am Is it best to just ignore it or send them a letter telling them where to go or see them in court as I would be willing to witness that fact that I know it was him that came home and parked opposite. I could save 2 weeks of footage of his 2 cars parked at home and photo evidence of me walking over and taking a picture on my cctv? Many thanks, Andy
  11. My son bought a vehicle approx 6 months ago. After 1 week the vehicle broke down and it was returned to the dealer for repair under the warranty. They had the vehicle over one month and then it was returned. The same problem has occurred. The warranty has now expired but the fault on the car was quite a major one and I believe the work should have had some form of guarantee but the dealer is refusing to provide information on the work carried out and where the repair was completed staying that due to data protection they can not provide this and that they do not keep records. This all sounds dodgy and I would appreciate some advice on where to go next . Many thanks
  12. I wonder if someone can help me. My car has been in the garage since April 2016. I have been given all different dates when it will be ready. I have whatsapp messages to say it would be ready in February this year. Let me explain because I really need to understand what my legal right is as I though garages had to carry out repair within a reasonable period of time. In April last year my BMW 325i broke down. I was told it was the head block. At first I tried with no success to find a head block and then decided to opt for a part worn engine. I ordered the engine but unfortunately they sent the wrong one which caused delays. However a head block became available in August 2017. Since this time I was told that they had to await pistons. I threatened to take the car back in February but was told that I would need to pay for the work that had already been carried out and they have ridiculous excuses. I have left my car with them but up to today my car is still not ready, they have caused extensive dents in the car which they said they would repair. However it has been well over a year and I am still without my car. Can anyone tell me what my legal position is. I have already paid them £500 up front. Mark
  13. Hi, I took my car in to a local garage to repair an oil leak around 2 months ago. From what the garage have told me, it looks like there was an oil leak on the car previously which had been badly repaired. It appears that the engine ran low on oil at some point and I've now been told I need a new engine The garage told me they would try to find a replacement engine but after waiting for a couple of weeks, I tried to find one myself. I've been able to find a reconditioned engine with 12 months warranty which can be delivered to the garage. I've confirmed with the garage and engine supplier that all required parts will be included etc. The problem is that the garage is refusing to provide me with a quote (or even estimate) for the work until they have the new engine delivered. As I have no idea what it could cost to fit the engine, I'm a bit hesitant to place the order for the reconditioned engine. The old engine has already been removed so I'm unable to move the car from the current garage. My only other option is for the garage to put the old engine back in the car and take it elsewhere, but this will still mean paying £600 labour for the old engine to be put back in the car. Is it unreasonable to ask for a quote (or just an estimate) before paying for the engine. I'm a bit concerned that the garage could charge any amount and leaving me with no choice but to pay. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone! we bought an Audi A6 auto in September 2016 with a known gearbox problem. We found a gearbox on eBay (rare gbox code), and had it sent to us and fitted by our mechanic. It wasn't right and was leaking, the supplier took it back, repaired it, and sent it back out to us. It still wasn't right. Eventually the supplier said to send him the car (To Essex, we're in Birmingham) and he'd fix it free of charge. By this point we had paid him £1000 for the gearbox. He then said the ECU was a problem and to send him £350 to have the ECU repaired. He has now had the car since April 2017. I've called countless times, and when I eventually do get hold of him, he either says they're busy, or the latest one was that they've changed 3 gearboxes with no luck. I managed to get someone from a nearby garage to go and check that our car is still there. He said that it is, but that we should go get our car as it will just rot there. He said we're not the first to threaten the guy with legal or police action, and that no one has ever had any luck getting money out of this guy. Apart from our mechanics' labour, we're out £1350 to this guy. We obviously didn't know who we were dealing with initially. We have bought many gearboxes and engines from eBay and from breakers, and never had any issues. Paypal won't cover the money, as the transaction is over 180 days old. And it wasn't paid for by credit card, so I'm not sure what happens with indemnity. Do any of you have any experience with something like this? Is there any way of getting our money back? Thank you.
  15. Garages don't come up for sale very often round here but there's a freehold one for sale just now. It's at the back of a block of flats which are leasehold and the driveway / tarred area to the garages would come under that leasehold. The seller hasn't paid any fees or service charge for the past 6 years. Can anyone give me advice please without me going to the expense of hiring a solicitor? Thank you
  16. Hi all, new to the forum and looking for advice. I bought a bmw 318d off eBay in February this year, within 2 weeks it broke down on me never to start again. I understand there is no comeback with the seller as it was a private sale but this where it gets complicated. I had been saving up to get a reconditioned engine as I'd been told by my own mechanic that the timing change had snapped. Looking through e-bay listing I'd settled on a company called automotive_shop. I approached them via telephone explaining my situation and the fact I was concerned that the listing stated they needed a serviceable engine in exchange of the recon. I told him it was a timing chain failure and he said that it was serviceable so I thought I'd go ahead with it. What followed the conversation was a quote emailed to myself stating the following: FURTHER TO YOUR TELEPHONE CONVERSATION, WE CAN OFFER YOU A ENGINE RECONDITIONING SERVICE WITH 12 MONTHS 12000 MILE WARRANTY, QUOTE BASED ON A SERVICEABLE UNIT INCLUDING RECOVERY AND LABOUR This was at a cost of £1795 and a small part at the bottom of the invoice that states: in the event of non payment received any costs incurred in recovering the amount payable by you the customer statutory interest shall occur. Please note; vehicle will not be released until full payment is discharged, any delays shall incur storage fees with legal costs. To kick off the process they asked for a deposit of £900 and recovery of the vehicle was arranged. Over the days it has been in I've been asking for regular updates and today I received one saying: Engine seriously damaged many parts not serviceable, and a number of pictures of the inside of the engine. I called the number on the invoice and asked where I now stood in relation to this. I was informed they'd never seen one as bad as this and he was getting me a price together for repair. A second invoice followed about an hour later to my shock which stated: DEAR MR THOMSON, FURTHER TO OUR TELEPHONE CONVERSATION AFTER I EXPLAINED TO YOU WHATS CAUSED THE DAMAGE AND THE NONE SERVICEABLE PARTS... LIST OF PARTS AND PRICES BELOW SIR Product ENGINE BLOCK 650.00 1.00 650.00 Product CRANKSHAFT 350.00 1.00 350.00 Product CONRODS 95.00 4.00 380.00 Product PISTONS 112.50 4.00 450.00 Product TURBO 475.00 1.00 475.00 Product HYDROLIC LIFTERS AND TAPPETS 14.95 16.00 239.20 Product INJECTORS 168.00 4.00 672.00 All this equating to £4,700 minus the £900 I'd already paid leaving a balance of £3,800. I was shocked to say the least, for that money I can buy a new car. So, as I haven't got that kind of cash, I explained that was way above my budget and where did I stand having the car delivered back to me without the engine and what exactly did the £900 deposit cost. Soon after I receive another invoice: Service ADMINISTRATION COSTS 295.00 1.00 295.00 Service RECOVERY 2.50 90.00 225.00 Service REMOVE ENGINE AND DISMANTLE FOR FULL REBUILD SERVICE, AFTER WE FULLY STRIPPED THE ENGINE WE DISCOVERED THE ENGINE WAS BEYOND SERVICEABLE REPAIR. THE CUSTOMER ASKED US TO CANCEL THE JOB AND PALLET ALL PARTS TO SEND BACK WITH THE VEHICLE 65.00 16.00 1,040.00 Service DELIVERY BACK 2.50 90.00 225.00 All this equaling £1785 (£10 less than original quote) and a balance still to pay of £885! I can't believe they're trying to charge me the price of the original quote to send a car back to me with an engine in pieces. I fully expected to lose my deposit but not to still owe them money! So I replied this afternoon saying can they explain what the admin costs are? They're charging £450 when their eBay listing says free recovery nationwide and £1040 for them to take the engine out, dismantle and tell me it's unrepairable? The figures just don't add up to me, they've done less work than it would have taken to recondition it and are trying to charge the same money. They haven't responded yet but I would like to know where I stand moving forward please? I'm reluctant to pay the full price for an engine coming back to me in pieces. I understand it was a non serviceable engine and I have to pay for some labour costs but the full amount is ridiculous. Thanks in advance.
  17. Ok, posting this on behalf of my soon to be sister-in-law. I've tried to get what I thought were all the pertinent facts but I'm sure there are things missing. Anyway, getting to the issue. On 28th April 2017 she purchased a 64 plate Renault Clio from a garage. When test driving the car it had flagged up it had a puncture via the pressure monitor, but the garage advised they would get this sorted. On picking up the car the issue had indeed been sorted so she drove away happy. 1 week later she took the car back to the garage for the first time due to a scraping noise when using the brakes. This issue was resolved by the garage and has not occurred since. 2 weeks after that the car once again came up that it had a puncture on the built-in pressure monitor. She took it to a tyre place to be checked but they advised all 4 tyres were fine and had no punctures. The car was taken back to the garage it was purchased from and then returned with the fault said to be resolved. Just yesterday however the same puncture notification has come back again, and so the car has gone back into the garage again. They've advised they'll check all the tyres and sensors to identify the problem and if needed replace the tyres. Obviously however she and my brother are losing faith in the car as it's now been back to the garage 3 times, twice for the same problem. The potential problem is that they're now outside of the 30 day rejection period. The car was paid for via trading in an old car, for which she was given £1,300, plus another £500 cash, and the rest is via finance. I believe this is Hire Purchase finance but I've not seen the agreement and I'm not sure who it's with. It's a type of financing where she'll own the car at the end without a balloon payment being required as you'd get with PCP. Basically I'm wanting to know what options she realistically will have on getting the car back if the issue happens again. Despite being outside of the 30 day window does she have any rights of rejection and to get a refund? If her traded in car has been sold would she be entitled to the £,1300 they paid her in cash instead plus her original £500 back? If they haven't sold the car and can return her old one, but she's offered less on trade in from another garage will this one need to refund her that difference?
  18. Hi. Looking for some advice please. I purchased a 2nd hand car on 14th March 2017. Once the purchase has been sorted I paid 6 mths Road Tax before I driving the vehicle. At the end of May I learned that in fact despite paying the garage the road tax the vehicle was actually not taxed. Obviously I immediately taxed the vehicle before driving it. I have phoned the garage to ask for a refund (have receipts​) of the road tax I paid them. I wonder if there is any other options available? I'm concerned that I've been driving a car with no road tax which apart from invalidating my insurance had I been involved in an accident, I could have been pulled by police too with serious consequences.
  19. we bought a car just before xmas within days it developed faults, we exercised our right to reject in writing to the garage at beginning of year and you guessed it they are ignoring us. we have gotten trading standards involved as they think there may be mis-represented laws they have broken such as saying it has warranty and it doesn;t and that there is service history which has never been received and failing to disclose where it came from when asked. this will not get us our money back so we are going down the route of S75 with credit card company only 2000 was put on card and remainder paid in cash a total of 17500 in all. What I wanted to know if anyone else has been successful in getting their money back through S75 and if so what happens to the car if we do prove successful and get our money back. At the moment the big hunk of junk us blocking my driveway as we had to sorn it get tax back this is now in the second month and doing my head in. any help. advice or experiences welcomed. If the credit card company pay up then effectively the car is now theirs, is that right, will they come and collect it. thanks tracey
  20. I also got a PCN from ECPs in july 16, for parking at the Shell garage, Gatwick. ANPR demanding £100 - £60 if i pay now On the advice of Money saving expert, i have ignored the letter Now its mid Nov 16, Debt recovery plus ltd have written asking for £160 on behalf of clients ECP, with 5 days to pay or they take to court On basis of what ive read here, im gonna gamble to ignore and see what happens.....am I right?
  21. Hi We had our garage converted into a habitable room (9 years ago). They installed a new side door. The door has 'warped' and won't open/close properly (can't simply re-align/hang) . 10 year warranty says conversion company is responsible except for third party items which are covered by manufacturers warranty. The door company also advertises a 10 year warranty BUT when we asked them they said they only covered items that they installed themselves. So we have emailed the garage conversion company and had no reply. We have phoned the company twice (over 3 weeks) but there is no-one to talk to except the phone operator - she promised they would phone back but they haven't. Any advice on what to do next and/or where we stand in this matter please ? Thanks in advance, H
  22. Hey guys and girls! This is my first post, so please be easy In November last year, I had some mechanical work carried out by a large franchise in Leicester and they 'damaged' my fuel pump. Upon collection, It was evident that they had damaged the fuel pump but weren't owning up. the morning after, I took it to a garage in Nottinghamshire which diagnosed it as 'incorrect installation' by the garage who worked on it. I paid for a brand new fuel pump etc and the garage in Nottinghamshire, provided me with a engineers report based on their findings and experience. I then took this document to the garage in Leicester who had worked on the vehicle, BUT they chucked it back in my face and said a few not so good words which worked me up a bit....... I then called my bank and did a charge back and provided the necessary documentation and they agreed and had then refunded me the labour which was paid to the first garage who damaged it. Just over 3weeks ago, the bank took the money back out and told me the first garage had challenged it etc etc so it went back. I then rang the garage and asked in a calm manner, what can be done to resolve this issue and was told, I would get a call by the end of the day but I didn't. A week later, I opened a case on moneyclaimonline and paid the relevant fees and submitted everything. Now today, I've received a letter saying, the defence have filed a counterclaim etc and is for the sum of my original case of £500. I've been really stressed out since I came home in the evening and don't know what to do. I've also thought about walking away from it now, but the letter states that it requires me to fill it in:( . There is also a letter about 'mediation' which I understand is a person who will be like a 'middle man' and will hear both sides before offering a resolution. I've even thought of walking away now and will happily let the garage keep my money etc and just take it as a lesson learnt, but what options do I really have? They filed a counter claim for £500 because 'damaging our reputation'. Surely, if their reputation was so important, they would have resolved it with myself before it got to this stage? Any help is most welcomed as I really am stressed:(
  23. Greetings everyone, I left my car with the garage for a repair (it was already paid for before the repair). The car was tolled by the council because they left it at the side road. Now the council is fining me for it. Should the garage be responsible for this penalty, as it was them that put it at the side road? What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, It will be 8 weeks next Wednesday since I drove from Newcastle on Tyne to South Yorkshire to have a new stainless steel exhaust system fitted to my Mazda MX5. They offered to send my old system back to me by courier at no extra charge which I thought was great as it is a lot to fit in a small car. They have not returned it, when I call the owner says he will look into it and call me back but never does, then he said it was because he lost my address, then it was promised for last Friday delivery, yet again , after I sent an email to which his reply sounded genuine and very apologetic ( I had threatened legal action) My question is what do I do now? the parts that came off would cost many hundreds of pounds to replace. Do I get a solicitor involved or go to small claims myself. Do I start drawing attention to my plight on his business Facebook page and on mx5 forums? Thanks in advance
  25. An interesting scenario for some advise please: Completed on a property end Jan 2016. At the bottom of the property is a garage which was within our boundary and part of the premises on the land registry search. The property was being sold as leasehold. When coming up to completion our solicitor told us that the garage was not being sold as part of the property as the seller had already promised it/sold it to the neighbour. The seller had done this without completing any of the required legal paperwork with the land registry. At completion we were told that as a condition for the sale to complete, the whole property would be transferred to us and we would then have to sell the garage back to the seller for a token 1 pound. Not overly happy with that but we really wanted the house and got a good price. The garage itself is in poor repair, but it is the land it sits on that we want. From what I understand, the leasehold has now been split into the garage and the property/garden. As we didn't own the land with the property being leasehold, we bought the freehold so that we now own the land, including the garage. Any ideas of our legal position now? * Are we responsible for the upkeep of the garage? * Do we charge ground rent? * Can we give notice to cancel their lease and take back the land? * Can we object to any improvement/change to the garage? Many thanks to all
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