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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I've lived in my house for 4+ years now but for the past 10 months or so, every time we have torrential rain, the garage, which is at the bottom of a slight slop, floods up to 5 inches deep. We've had loads of stuff ruined, as like many people use the garage to store the usual garden paraphernalia along with freezers, the tumble dryer, kids bikes, tools etc. It looks like the storm drain just outside the door isn't up to the job and when I spoke to my LL before he didn't show any interest. Is this our or his responsibility for the garage flooding? It doesn't state anywhere in our tenancy contract about flood risks to any part of the property. Thanks Lisa
  2. Please can you help confirm something for me regarding a back garden boundary with my neighbour of 35 years. The boundaries were old stlye and marked out by hedges, not long after we moved in we asked the neighbours if we could cut them and put a fence in instead. They understandably wanted to keep the hedge. So we put the fence up on our side. Now my beautiful neighbour is moving. I have started getting anxious over the boundary because my deeds are not ckear on that side and show nothing. I do not want the hedge row cutting down because it offers a countryside feel, height, privacy. We have been maintaining the hedge on our side throughout the 35 yrs. If I recall correctly from the party wall act, puttung that fence up does not mean losing the shared boundary? Is this correct? I am only interested in truth, not trying to claim anyting that is not mine or be awkard, only peaceful. If this is correct was wondering what folk do. Ask their neighbour for a letter stating these facts? Ask them to make it clear to new owner? It is important that I minimise stress due to health and I am not bothered about a foot of boundary but the privacy the hedge currently privides if cut will make it difficult to enjoy my garden anymore. Peace Clear33 thanks in advance
  3. My DH owns a sunbed shop. With the rain in the winter his basement became flooded, he lost a sunbed (the entire basement destroyed) and lost business as a result of the lost sunbed. He has recently put in a claim with his insurance company for loss of earnings and loss of sunbed (the other damage being claimed through his landlords building insurance). The insurance broker has now responded saying he is 30m from a river and to provide a response to why his policy states he is at least 250m from a river. DH says his broker is the one who sorted his insurance out for him and he signed nothing stating he is more than 250m from a river. In addition to this, the flooding that he incurred was not from the river, but from the excessive amounts of rain. What does he need to do? I have told him to contact an insurance assessor to help him. Is this right?
  4. Hi, there is a drain on the road about 2 meters from the end of our driveway, it is slightly above the level of the road and so when it rains the water builds up around the drain and floods our drive, this has caused it to sink where the car is parked on it. Only the wheels on the side that is flooded has sunken, not the others. Our waste water is supplied by southern water and I have contacted them several times over the years but no response or resolution of the problem. What can i do? Thank you for your help in advance. Kind regards, Andre.
  5. Hi, Last Saturday 27/07/13 my front room flooded due to a freak storm and a blocked drain in the road just outside my house. An expensive rug was ruined and a few of the laminate flooring slats have started to bubble where the water started to soak in. We are going to be selling the house very soon so the affected slats will have to be replaced but my question is; if I claim on my home insurance will it show up that the property has flooded when the buyers solicitor carries out the local searches or not? Many thanks in advance! Jegs.
  6. Our road was recently adopted, but as part of the adoption process the council insisted on the dropped kerb next to our drive being replaced. There used to be a 40mm lip on the kerb, but the council wanted a kerb that is flush with the level of the road. The problem with the new dropped kerb is that the camber of the road means that water is now directed down our drive and into the garage rather than to the drain in the road further along. The garage flooded earlier in the year, so I phoned the council and asked them to raise the kerb to prevent this from happening again. I first phoned in July and was told that someone would inspect the kerb and get in touch. I phoned the council every month and was assured that someone would get back in touch, but no one ever did. Last week after particularly heavy rainfall, the garage flooded again, but it also came through the connecting door into the house. There has been substantial damage to the ground floor of the house. Neither the house or garage had ever flooded prior to the raising of the kerb. My husband wrote to the CEO of the council explaining the situation. She replied telling us that the kerb had been inspected in September but was not considered a high priority and with the current economic climate they didn't have the money to do it. Can we claim any compensation from the council?
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