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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, It will be 8 weeks next Wednesday since I drove from Newcastle on Tyne to South Yorkshire to have a new stainless steel exhaust system fitted to my Mazda MX5. They offered to send my old system back to me by courier at no extra charge which I thought was great as it is a lot to fit in a small car. They have not returned it, when I call the owner says he will look into it and call me back but never does, then he said it was because he lost my address, then it was promised for last Friday delivery, yet again , after I sent an email to which his reply sounded genuine and very apologetic ( I had threatened legal action) My question is what do I do now? the parts that came off would cost many hundreds of pounds to replace. Do I get a solicitor involved or go to small claims myself. Do I start drawing attention to my plight on his business Facebook page and on mx5 forums? Thanks in advance
  2. Creating this post as a just-in-case if things don't turn out right. The car exhaust was brand new, the seller seems to sell a lot of them. It came, we took off the old exhaust (at the cost of my arm dislocating! ). Then it became apparent that the new exhaust didn't fit on to the manifold, I took many pictures with proof, also of the mountings in the wrong place. The seller first told me to bodge it to make it fit, but eventually agreed to a refund, and that he would arrange for APC to collect it. Seemed genuine enough. They collected it Friday, but now the seller doesn't respond to any messages. It could be that they haven't gotten around to opening the box yet to inspect before issuing a refund, but I'm getting worried as the response time was very fast up until now. I can't open a case with eBay as that functionality no longer exists with them, I merely have to request a return and post it back, however I cannot do this since it's already been collected.
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]52842[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]52843[/ATTACH] Have a major issue with the local Kwik Fit. Found that the exhaust had split at the tail. Took it into Kwik Fit and of course they came back with "it will all need replaced". I should have got it checked properly and got it significantly cheaper but I was due to take the kids camping within a couple of days so it kind of forced my hand. Kwik Fit is also literally round the corner from my work. get the car back and head home. I stay literally 10min walk from the Kwik Fit garage. It sits in my drive way the following day. The next day I get a phone call at work from the missus saying there is oil coming from the car. She had taken the kids around the town for school gear and found it when she pulled into the driveway. I head home and right enough there is a good bit dripping down. I decide to take the car back to Kwik Fit as immediately I was thinking "hey they were the last ones in there". Start the engine and the oil literally starts flooding out. I am on my way to Kwik Fit and decide best to get a second opinion quickly to ensure I have some back up - head to Halfords. Its roughly the same distance. I get there and ask if they could go out and check for me and they were quite accommodating. The chap goes to start the engine to get it up on the ramp and again the oil starts flooding out. They cut the engine and he sticks his arm up and finds that the oil filter is really loose. I call Kwik Fit and they tell me they want to have a look before discussing further. I agree but they ask me to drive the car to their station. Now that I have time to think things through I refuse as I am not comfortable driving a car that could potentially cause accidents with oil on the road and more than likely kill the engine in the process. I tell them they will need to send someone up. Some hours later Halfords calls and tells me they eventually picked it up. I get a call from the Kwik FIt duty manager telling me that he has discussed it with his Area Manager and that they don't believe that they are culpable. I went down to discuss the issue with the Kwik Fit duty manager. He gets it up on the ramp and acknowledges that the oil filter is close to where their guys would have been working but that with all the training and checks etc that it would be unlikely their chaps who caused this issue. When its up on the ramp and he shows me where they were working and the proximity of the exhaust to the oil filter I burst out laughing "you have just proved that your people were working right next to this filter". To be honest I think he knew the score here but advised that I would need to discuss with his area manager as it was his call. I go home and call customer services as for me the area manager has already made his mind up so I want it escalated to the customer services manager. She tells me it "has" to go through the area manager. I get the area managers number and discuss the issue. He tells me that now "he will need to see it". Fair enough I said but I want this resolved ASAP as I am going on a camping holiday tomorrow. He hums n haws about the when/where and with some probing he suddenly admits that he is actually at the station I was at!!! I tell him to stay there and I will be down in 5min and he responds "I have a flight to catch" .. .. to which I reply "and yes we are all at an inconvenience today as I have had to take a half day off work and I am supposed to be driving this vehicle on a camping holiday tomorrow". I get down there and he starts coming out with all sorts of crap and excuses. He gets it up on the ramp and literally spends nearly an hour looking all over the engine bay. As you can imagine it is covered in oil. He comes back to me with some pics on his phone showing a bit of oil surrounding a wee seal at the top of the engine. He also shows me a picture of some oil residue on the engine. When I say residue I mean residue i.e. its not fresh oil. He barely looks at the engine filter area and all the oil everywhere around it but spends most time looking for "something .... anything". His stance from there was that the engine has a leak. I point out that what I observed on my drive way and what Halfords had to clean up on their forecourt was not a "leak" but a "flood". Halfords also confirmed that the oil filter was loose. I pointed out that given Kwik FIt had just done £500 of exhaust work right next to the oil filter and nobody else has been under there that 99.9999% of the population would rightly be pointing the finger firmly at Kwik Fit. Obviously this chap is in the .000001% category and still refuses to admit its their fault. During our discussion I find out that he said no to their culpability to the duty manager even though he had not seen the vehicle or discussed the issue with myself. Again I ask how the hell can he come to a conclusive stance without seeing the evidence and discussing the matter with myself first. He then of course denies that he is saying no. So I challenge him to either say Yes or No. He will now do neither as he clearly knows he is on the ropes but refusing to accept this is their issue ... .. I think they would have had I not mentioned my "driveway is ruined". They had said "we will flush it through and re-fill with OEM oil and make sure its safe to drive" so clearly at that point they were going to take the hit .. .. that is until I said the issue here is the drive way is destroyed. He "advises" me that I should get it steamcleaned and he will take another look. I am stunned and ask how he thinks that I should pay £500 for the pleasure of them ruining my driveway and somehow have to foot the bill for more delaying tactics. When he said it he even said "now I don't know where you can get it steam cleaned, I can get one of our guys to google it for you". At this point I ask for his bosses number. He tells me that I will need to call customer services. I tell him I want the customer services managers number of which of course he doesn't have. I then ask for his line managers number if it isn't the customer service manager to be told that his line manager doesn't deal with these issues. Like you I am thinking "is there any such thing as customer services at Kwik Fit because clearly I am not going to get this resolved with this guy and the infrastructure is clearly disjointed. So I am now back from my holiday. Not sure what to do. £500 down on an exhaust I probably didn't need A ruined driveway - its pink monoblock btw Half Day off work to deal with mopping up the oil and trying to clean it Kwik Fit refusing to accept responsibility Kwik Fit suggesting I get steam cleaned even though they know there isn't anywhere to get it done and at my cost before they will discuss further I am just flabbergasted at how they are treating me and they think its perfectly acceptable to take my money and then insult my intelligence on the matter. At one point one of their chaps said "I know m8 I would be the same in your position .. .. its not like your an 18 year old lassie". Now that really jumped out for me as clearly if I was an 18 YO girl they would be taking advantage of experience and sex obviously from the perspective of pulling the proverbial wool over the eyes. I am thinking of using social media as its a small city and given my work place is right next door to the Kwik Fit and have hundreds of colleagues who probably use them that I should throw off the gloves and really go at them on this. Any advice gratefully received on this. Apologies if anything is incoherent or confusing but its l8 and struggling to maintain my energy level with this now. P.S. It rained almost everyday for a week on the camping trip .... funny init !
  4. Hi, I'm hoping the collective wisdom and experience here may be able to help me with a problem that has become quite major rather quickly. We have a 2005 VW Polo 1.4 Petrol which has been running poorly for the last couple of weeks. Upon inspection by a VW dealer yesterday the diagnosis is low compression on cylinder 2, leaking (burnt, worn, cracked? I dunno) exhaust valve. The quote for repair is £3000, the value of the car is about £3000. Some history on the car: 2005 55 Reg, 84,000 miles, kept under extended VW warranty until mid 2009, full VW main deal service history. In 2009 it had a coil fail, which by the time it was diagnosed and repaired by the dealer (rather than just 'clearing the fault code') it had destroyed the catalytic converter which therefore needed replacing under the warranty claim too. My nagging suspicion is that the damage to the exhaust valve could have all stemmed from that coil failure in 2009. If the unburnt fuel igniting in the exhaust can destroy the cat, could it also have damaged the exhaust valves too, starting the problem that we're now faced with? The main problem is that this is my girlfirend's car and through her work car allowance she needs to change the car when it's 8 years old. Therefore we're faced with the dilemma of spending £3k now to sell it for less next year. Unless we can get this fixed under a retrospective claim on the old warranty or get significant (90%) goodwill from VW our only option is to scrap the car and get a new one. Any thoughts and advice will be massively appreciated.
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