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  1. No didn't feel any play in the steering at any point, in may the EPS light came on a few times and lost power steering. Took it to the Kia dealer and was advised the rack needed replacing. Any advice on what I should do now?
  2. Asked for a copy of the report and was given this - Report says carried out road test found noise from steering area, placed on ramp and inspected all suspension upon inspection discovered excessive play in steering rack Does this sound right why would the EPS light come on in the first place then?
  3. Just had this back from the dealer - I have checked the job card and with the Kia master technician on site if a fault code would be stored from your visit to us earlier this . As the fault is mechanical there would be no stored codes for your vehicle.
  4. I did check but not the best with mechanics and didn't really understand them, taking it to an indi Kia garage on Tuesday for a second opinion
  5. The Kia dealer told me that the column needed replacing and those were the codes found, hence I don't believe them about the first issue
  6. I know this is why I am asking, seems coincidental that two seperate faults relating to the EPS so close together though and maybe the rack didn't need replacing the first time
  7. These fault code relate to the diagnostic on Wednesday when they told me the steering column needed replacing, I had asked for the codes for the may work when the steering rack was replaced which they say may have been archived but they don't normally keep them. Sorry for not being clearer
  8. I'm taking about the fault codes for Mays work to see what initial faults wer
  9. Yes I did post on another forum but wanted advice on the section 75 issue that's all
  10. Yes I paid by credit card
  11. Hi guys would like some advice please and will try to make this post as short as possible. 1. In may this year the EPS light came on my Kia cee'd 09 plate. Took it to the Kia garage and was told the steering rack needed replacing which they did at a cost of £800. 2. On Monday the EPS light came back on again and on Tuesday I took it back to the Kia garage. Wednesday I got a phone call to say the steering column now needed replacing at a cost of £1800 plus vat. I told them to not do anything and I would collect the car. 3. When I got there I asked if the problem in may was actually fixed and was told that the steering column and steering rack are totally unrelated issues and it was a different problem. I asked for a copy of the fault codes and was told they are not allowed to give it out. As a compromise after much arguing I was allowed to take a picture. 4. I contacted them later that day asking for a copy of the diagnostic report and fault codes from the repair in may and was told they would get back to me on Thursday. Nothing on Thursday so today I asked the Kia customer services to contact the dealer to get the report. Was told they don't keep them and if they did it would be archived and the person is not in. I feel the original fault was not fixed in may and now they are trying to fleece me again. What is the best course of action to take regarding this?
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