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  1. Guys, I won a Mk4 Golf Gti with 8 months MOT on Ebay for the princely sum of £50 last year. At MOT renewal I booked it into a local garage who failed it on corroded brake pipes and a few other things coming to a grand total of £600. Now I like the car, it's never let me down so I agreed to have the work done. Next day, garage rings to say they've lowered the petrol tank and found further problems with the brake flexible hoses and it would need a new rear caliper because they'd broken the bleed nipple on the old one, price now £950! Needless to say I wasn't going to
  2. Unfortunately, I had to drop everything due to unforeseen work commitments and was unable to check back in due to not having internet access so panicked a bit hence the poor defence!!
  3. Thanks Andy, basically 2 points: The Defendant denies the claim as the Claimant has failed to provide evidence of the alleged debt despite several requests. 3. It is averred that the Claimant has already issued a claim for this alleged debt (Claim number ********* in the Northampton County Court) which is now stayed. The Defendant is of the opinion that this is an abuse of process. And the Defendants, 4. Respectfully request the claim be struck out or dismissed as the Defendants consider it to have little or no chance of success due to the obvious abuse of process and
  4. Quick update on this guys, submitted my defence on 24th November which basically stated lack of itemised bills and the fact that they had already litigated for this account. Heard nothing else so presumed the claim ahd been stayed until this morning when I received a letter from the local courts with a hearing date of 16th May allocated to the small claims track. Date for documents and witnes statements is by 21st April so any help or input will be gratefully appreciated?
  5. Thanks Andy, I was going to keep the defence short and sweet and rely on the abuse of process unless you have something up your sleeve? As usual, any help gratefully appreciated.
  6. I spoke to an oik at SWW yesterday who said that the litigation would proceed regardless and the only way to stop it would be to pay the full amount of the claim including their costs. So I'm looking at putting a defence together, will CPR 38.7 be the way to go?
  7. Would it be worth mentioning CPR 38.7 in a defence or just write to them "without prejudice" and explain the error of their ways?
  8. Still have details of the original claim, I submitted a defence and they did nothing so it became stayed after the 28 days.
  9. Hi Guys, me again. I've had another claim form from South West Water this morning for this year's amount and for last years which they have already litigated for. That particular claim is currently stayed. I have been in correspondence with SWW requesting a breakdown of the bill and they replied with a letter before action which had the wording "Letter before issue of claim" clearly displayed in the window of the envelope. I took offence to this and complained but to date have received no reply. Can they litigate twice for the same amount? Any advice gratefully
  10. Surely a claims company taking 25% is better than doing nothing? After all, 75% of something is better than 100% of nothing. I'm in the same boat with Idem (was Picture loans) and like you, haven't got the time to pursue it so I am going to leave it with a claims company to sort out.
  11. Brilliant, thanks for the advice, guess I still have to pay last years bill though?
  12. Hi Guys, We missed several payments last year due to a direct debit being cancelled (not by us but SWW deny it was anything to do with them either!) which resulted in a claim form being issued for the outstanding payments and also the remainder of the year. We defended the claim as no pre-action protocols were adhered to and SWW refused instalments, insisting on the full balance for the year or nothing. The claim was originally stayed but has now disappeared when I try to log in to MCOL. This years bill arrived this morning and as well as this years outrageous figure,
  13. Guys, The wife and I have each received claim forms from South West Water after missing 2 payments which were missed because the direct debit was cancelled (but not by us!!!). We've had no correspondence from them whatsoever regarding the arrears which we're more than happy to pay but they're claiming for the whole year's payments upfront. Now I'm not sure what to do about this claim, I can't afford the full year in advance so I presume I'll have to fight this. I've acknowledged the form so have to think of something soon. Any ideas gratefully appreciated.
  14. Hi Guys, Received a claim form from these Jokers last month for a Barclaycard debt which would have been Statute Barred in July!! I acknowledged and entered a defence that the debt was subject to a S78 request in June 2009 and as no satisfactory documentation was received, the debt could not be enforced. Yesterday right hassle sent me what they say is a reconstituted version of my original agreement and that unless I cough up the full amount they will continue litigation. Now this is the best bit, the card was originally from another Creditor who Barclaycard took over and t
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