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  1. 'On November 25th 2015, my vehicle was dropped off to the Lion Garage of Leicester to have my uprated fuel pump fitted. Prior to making the booking, I had spoke to a senior manager or manager of the Leicester branch called 'Martin'. Martin had advised me that they are 'capable of doing anything' which assured me that my vehicle was in the right hands. Upon collecting my vehicle, it was returned to me in a non roadworthy state. Martin and his 'mechanics' assured me everything was alright and nothing to be alarmed about. The vehicle was then inspected by a specialist of Volkswagen and his findings were somewhat 'dangerous' as advised. I have an independent engineers report to clarify that the Lion Garage of Leicester had incorrectly assembled my fuel pump with little or no care was taken to ensure quality of workmanship whilst working on my vehicle. My bank had advised me that the Lion Garage of Leicester tried to call me and promise me some sort of refund. I've received nothing but broken promises.' Amin
  2. I have a independent engineers report to back up my statement. Like I said earlier, I went in like a civil person and explained what had happened and handed them the engineers report. I only lost my temper, because I had the paper literally chucked back in my face and to be told it was a load of 'bull****'. I tried to remain calm...
  3. Hey Andy. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. I am out currently and will be back home this evening. I will post up the sheets and hopefully you can assist me before I post it off. Kind regards As far as I am aware, the defence have made a counterclaim to my original claim. I will post up the papers tonight for you to have a look Andy. Best regards Hi Andy, Should I post them up?
  4. Hey Andy So to clarify, I am not required to write anything in section 3 'defence' correct? I see that you have mentioned, that because they have not directly responded to my claim, but instead made a ridiculous counter claim, I am not required to respond?
  5. Thank you Andy . I don't mean to be a bother buddy, but I just want to have a strong case so the court throw the garages story out!
  6. How does this sound... The counter claim which has been received by the defendant reveals no cause of action and is totally without merit. My claim value consisted of a new fuel pump as the one damaged by the garage was beyond repair and I was advised by the 2nd garage, that they would not tamper with it as it was in such a poor state. The sealing O ring had not been seated correctly and the push rod was damaged due to possible excessive force/incorrect installation. The garage who have damaged the original fuel pump have stated, that the push rod represents I quote '£45-£50 of the total invoice amount' but then also mention, I quote once again 'The fuel pump push rod is not available from VW', so where have they got this magical figure from may I ask. They (the garage who damaged my vehicle), also state that in the defence letter that I quote, 'we do not encourage the fitment of modified, non standard fitment', however when I had initially made a call to The garage, the director Martin had told me that they have not done any before, but can undertake any job and are capable to do I quote 'anything'. If they were to advise me otherwise, I would have simply taken my custom elsewhere. The garage also state in their defence letter that, they have 'made no promises through any third party's' which is correct, however my bank had advised me when I queried about the charge back, that the garage had mentioned they have tried to contact me but failed to do so which they didn't. The garage director promised me directly, that he would get back to me once he has read the 'file' and discuss matters, but never did so which is why I have decided to take the small claims route. How does this sound guys?
  7. Hey guys! Good morning I was just wondering if anyone could help me please as I don't know what to write for the defence on the counterclaim section. Any help would be greatly appreciated Kind regards Amin
  8. I tried to get another chargeback when I initially discovered, that the original one was returned and I was advised that only one per transaction is permitted. Andyorch- Thank you so much. I just want to get over this as soon as possible as I don't really like the hassle
  9. Will I be allowed to post up who it is, as they've already said I've tried damaging their reputation? Its a large chain of VW specialists in the UK and apparently, they've got loads of branches around the UK. I don't understand why I am required to fill in the 'DEFENCE AND COUNTERCLAIM (specified amount)' , when I originally made the claim. Thank you as well for your help, I really appreciate it.
  10. The defence looks like to have come directly from the director as his name has been filled in. I've got quite a few forms to fill in such as the 'DIRECTION QUESTIONNAIRE (small claims track) and the 'DEFENCE and COUNTERCLAIM (specified amount'. Reading the papers again, it looks like mediation will most likely sort things out, but the question is how much of the money I am owed will I receive back. Kind regards Amin
  11. The original claim is for £535 which is inclusive of the £35 moneyclaimonline fees. Can I agree mediation over the telephone to the relevant department or would I have to send back the load of papers they've sent? Kind regards
  12. I can not thank you enough for helping me in this matter. Thank you so much. I wanted to walk away from it, but the attitude from the director is disgusting. The reason for my obscenities was, when I handed the director the engineers report to read, he took one look at it and I mean literally, chucked it in my face and said something along the lines of 'bullsh** , what a load of rubbish'.
  13. The letter states the below; 'What are your reasons for making the counterclaim?' THE CLAIMANT HAS DAMAGED OUR REPUTATION, CALLED US VARIOUS OBSCENE WORDS AND MADE US DEFEND OUR POSITION AGAINST CREDIT CARD PROVIDERS AND NOW THE COUNTY COURT. THE CLAIMAINT IS NOT A GOOD CUSTOMER TO ANYONE AND SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ACTIONS'. Those are the exact words which were used by the defence. The funny this is, I had a 2004 Audi A4 1.8T cabriolet the year before (2014), and they carried out the oil pickup pipe repair and oil pump but did a great job, with no problems at all, hence why I returned to them!
  14. Thanks buddy. I feel slightly more confident now. Which route should I take? I was thinking of the mediation route, but would like peoples opinions first before I make the wrong decision. Kind regards Amin
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