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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I was completing a credit check after being refused to get a specific type of finance and to my horror I found out I had been issued a CCJ on the 2/10/18. After ringing Northampton they informed me that the CCJ was issued over a parking ticket issued on the 30/01/17 by JD parking. correspondence to do with this had been sent to a previous address, and even when I was living at this address at the time of the alleged incident I never received any letters about receiving a parking ticket. Now the location that this occurred was at my friends flat where he has a parking permit that was in my car at the time. I have received the evidence from JD parking's solicitors and there are a few reasons why I think their evidence is not credible, firstly the photo of the windscreen is not a full photo and has clearly been taken to omit the parking permit from the photo, the timestamps on the photos have also clearly been manipulated and added after they were taken - the timestamps state it is 22:45 yet in the photo you can tell it is the middle of the day, not that the time makes a difference to being allow to park there it just shows they are not credible. (if anyone wishes to see the photos I am more than happy to share them). I am on the electoral role and I pay council tax and many other utility bills so I feel like they have not even tried to find me in my absence of a reply and just let it all happen. I know I need to fill out a N244 form but I need help to make sure I complete all the sections correctly and that I have a strong chance of being awarded with it being set aside My hopes is that I can get the money for the N244 for back from either JD parking or their solicitor and also having their claim thrown out for being absolutely false. After reading the guide on this site I should also contact JD parking and ask for their consent to set aside? this seems bizarre because they are surely going to say no? I am looking to be applying for a mortgage in the next few years and fear that this will seriously affect my chances of being successful, so thank you for all and any help. This is a template letter I am going to email to JD Parking to get their consent to set aside the default judgement. "Dear JD Parking, Reference: Claim xxxxxxxxx JD Parking v xxxxxxxx Your Reference: parking ticket ref from POC I have recently become aware of a County Court Judgment in Default obtained by yourselves/your client on 2nd October 2018 for an alleged private parking charge from 30/01/2014 for Vehicle Registration xxxx xxx. I am writing to request JD Parking/your client consent to set-aside the Judgement. I am currently drafting my formal application to the court to request the judgement be set-aside pursuant to CPR 13.3 for the following reasons; 1) According to your Particulars of Claim in the case the alleged incident took place on 30/01/2017. At this time, DVLA records would show that the vehicle xxxx xxx, was registered at my current address, with myself as the registered keeper. 2) I have never received any communication from JD Parking and was entirely unaware of any Private Parking Charge being made against my vehicle until finding the CCJ registered against me when checking my credit file, and obtaining copies of the original claim and judgement document from the court. 3) After reviewing the evidence received from your solicitor it is clear that I should not have been issued with a private parking charge, I had a permit to park where I did but that was blatantly omitted from the photo taken of my car parked in the bay. The time stamps have also been manipulated and added on after the photos were taken, there is no seconds displayed and the time stamps state it to be 22:45 which is clearly wrong as it is broad day light outside, this proves your evidence is not credible enough to have served me with this private parking charge. According to publicly available information my circumstances are far from being unique. The industry’s persistent failure to use correct and current addresses results is an unnecessary burden for individuals and the justice system across the country. This is a topical issue: I note that the Justice Minister The Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP announced on the 23rd December 2016 a consultation and information campaign to help protect consumers from debt claims. The consultation will look at ways to; better protect consumers who are sent mail to inaccurate addresses and verify addresses again before a claim is sent. The Minister added that In the digital age, we must ensure companies pursuing unpaid debts make every reasonable effort to contact individuals, rather than simply relying on a letter to an old address. I therefore request you/your client consents to set-aside the judgement and provides me with all documentation / information relating to the original parking charge so that I may consider my position. Had I received the original charge it is likely it would have been settled immediately. You will be aware that this application without consent will cost a £255 court fee. As it is your/your clients failure to take reasonable care that any letters and the subsequent court claim were issued to the correct address I will be asking the court to order you/your client pay the costs of the application along with any further costs allowed by the court. I look forward to hearing from you/your client within 7 days after which time I shall be submitting my application to the courts. Yours sincerely xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  2. Hi, i used to work for a company and when I left i was deducted £750 for "training", this was stated in the contract. I tried to fight it at that time, as I was not given any specific training other than by other members of staff. I should of taken it further at that point but due to health issues I was not in the right place to fight it. Today I was sent a link by someone pointing out that the same company has now lost a tribunal for exactly the same reasons and the company was forced to repay the with held money. the data with in the tribunal is widely available on the internet, the company love throwing law suites around but on the day of the tribunal the director that was due to attend was "ill" any advice please.
  3. Hi everyone! we bought an Audi A6 auto in September 2016 with a known gearbox problem. We found a gearbox on eBay (rare gbox code), and had it sent to us and fitted by our mechanic. It wasn't right and was leaking, the supplier took it back, repaired it, and sent it back out to us. It still wasn't right. Eventually the supplier said to send him the car (To Essex, we're in Birmingham) and he'd fix it free of charge. By this point we had paid him £1000 for the gearbox. He then said the ECU was a problem and to send him £350 to have the ECU repaired. He has now had the car since April 2017. I've called countless times, and when I eventually do get hold of him, he either says they're busy, or the latest one was that they've changed 3 gearboxes with no luck. I managed to get someone from a nearby garage to go and check that our car is still there. He said that it is, but that we should go get our car as it will just rot there. He said we're not the first to threaten the guy with legal or police action, and that no one has ever had any luck getting money out of this guy. Apart from our mechanics' labour, we're out £1350 to this guy. We obviously didn't know who we were dealing with initially. We have bought many gearboxes and engines from eBay and from breakers, and never had any issues. Paypal won't cover the money, as the transaction is over 180 days old. And it wasn't paid for by credit card, so I'm not sure what happens with indemnity. Do any of you have any experience with something like this? Is there any way of getting our money back? Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, We bought an xbox for the children in December 2014 which we're having problems with - it keeps switching off randomly. I would imagine the warranty was 12 months, so it's expired. This 'turning off' issue seems commonplace - is there any chance I'll be able to do anything under the Sale of Goods Act with Argos? I've tried with Microsoft, but after 40 minutes online chat we're barely beyond 'hi'... I'm still trying now! Any ideas?
  5. Hello, Been following your forum on Wonga loans and wondering if any had any advice? My PDLs started back in 2011 and I have been reliant on them ever since. I have only used 1 lender wonga, during the years taken out over 50 loans. Only occasional during the years having a few months when not applied. A lot of loans taken were straight after repaying a previous, otherwise I couldn't of survived the month. ..and a few times were I couldn't afford to repay on time I rolled them over. I was surprised everytime I was acceptes as unfortunately my credit rating is in a terrible way. (Which I am hoping to try and sort) Surely 50 loans over this amount of time is irresponsible? Or I am wrong? Many thanks for any advice Oh and not a refund of loans lol....just on interest I repayed
  6. Hi, I have recently checked my credit file and I have got 3 defaults. One from Active securities Ltd for £270, date of default April 2013. Another one from Think Finance for £305 in April 2013 and another one from NatWest for £913 default date December 2013. A few years ago I had gambling problems (thankfully I got help and I no longer gamble) which led to me taking out payday loans. I paid some off but the first 2 defaults must be for 2 payday loans I never paid. The NatWest default was from a basic cash account I had with no overdraft feature, I had £900 in there, lost it on a betting site and when I checked my account, the money hadn't been taken or frozen I transferred it out obviously when money went to the betting site, it took me £900 overdrawn. I opened an account elsewhere and have never used NatWest since. I am in a better position now with a decent job and spare money each month I could afford to pay them all something each month but I was wondering if there was anyway I could have any of the defaults removed. I don't remember getting any of the default letters but to be honest I was hiding everything from my partner at the time so tended just to throw letters away without opening them. I have moved address nearly 2 years ago and never told any of them and I haven't received any correspondence from them at my new address. Thanks
  7. Hi there. Finished work today and found that when I walked back to my car I had been given a ticket. The place I had parked on had double yellows but I am wondering if there are any grounds for an appeal. The lines were only added about a week or two ago, it isnt like a proper street and looks more of a car park, before these lines it was used as a car park essentially. This is the location on google maps. 52.4119603,-1.5061521 I am posting the information on the ticket as well and am wondering if anything seems incorrect to anyone on here as this is my first ticket ever.
  8. Hi, I was hoping to find a little advice on what to do with my defaulted accounts. I have 4 defaulted accounts that were passed to debt collection agencies after I lost my job and buried my head in the sand. I have been paying a token amount to the agencies to stop the letter. The defaults are as follows: Bank Account: £1083 - Defaulted 21/06/2013 Bank Account: £1399 - Defaulted 27/06/2014 Phone Contract: £420 - Defaulted 05/03/2013 Student Credit Card: £415 - Defaulted 27/08/2013 Total Amount: £3316 Experian Credit score: 502 - Very poor Recently I have had some good fortune and I able to pay these debts in full but I am confused as to whether I should or not. The questions I have are: 1.Will paying the debt in full mean it changes the default date and pushes me back in terms of getting a clear credit rating? 2.If I pay the debts in full am I able to improve my credit score within the next 5-6 years ready for when the defaults drop off my account or is there nothing I can do until they do? 3.When is it likely I could be accepted for a mortgage and are there any steps I can take that will help? I'd appreciate any help you guys can throw at me.
  9. Let us imagine.I hear many things. In my day,when you bought a house you did it up over time and that was that. Looked for a cheap house perhaps a little run down and bought it. Then spent many years saving a little and spending on your home. But i hear whispers,ok cannot be proved and i have not the time to delve to deep. Many landlords may have contacts and when a cheap house comes up puff,it is bought as quick as that. The first time buyers have no chance.Does this happen,perhaps you can tell me. I am not in a big town but i spoke to one landlord who had one hundred properties. And another who together with a few others connected to estate agents had 400 properties. Rents for some of these properties make me laugh,and because these are so high i have heard some landlords get ripped off,take anybody who says they will pay the rent. Instead of lowering it a touch and getting decent tenants. When finally many weeks later and the house is wrecked,just brush it off. Has many properties so perhaps expected. And if what i have heard is true,word gets passed round and the same happens again. And one is doing this over and over again.Now this part i can not understand at all. Maybe he is just stupid. So many will hopefully read between the lines of this short thread and say what you think of modern day living. And first time buyers and landlords in general.And tenants and rents that many must find it is hard to pay. And if first time buyers who deserve their chance in their local towns and cities are losing out through underhand practices this should be sorted by some sort of law,or changes to how houses are sold.Do you think this is reasonable. What can be done. Something seems to be building. Do you know strange things that are going on in your town,city. I will be very interested on what you will say i hope of your experiences in your place you call home. If renting for six months perhaps.You never know. Some places i believe in France have 10 year leases.At least you would feel secure. And am i imaging how run down the outside of many tenanted properties are. Inside maybe ok,or maybe not. But outsides that many you see are clearly not maintained. Not the gardens the properties themselves. Do councils have to check these out when let. Have a team to check this ,the property is in fair shape for letting out. Independant people.And teams. Things need improving. But that is my view,and expect some reaction. I feel some thumping at the door. Come on in and introduce yourself.
  10. A report by Citizen Advice found that people were tempted into free trials for slimming pills or similar health supplements, often by online pop-up adverts or across social media sites featuring celebrity endorsements. People thought they were simply giving their debit or credit card details to pay for the £5 postage and packing. But, if they’d read the extremely long small print, they would have discovered that they had signed up to a monthly subscription for these products unless they cancelled within a set period of time. What can you do to about it? Always read the terms and conditions of any agreement and be wary of any ‘free’ trials that ask for your debit or credit card details. If you do find yourself unwittingly signed up to a CPA the law says you can withdraw your consent and stop a future payment at any time up to the end of business on the day before the payment is due. You can do this by contacting your card issuer. Don’t be put off if they tell you to contact the retailer. It is your right to cancel with your card issuer, and in the case of subscription traps the companies involved are often based abroad and are hard to contact. https://blogs.citizensadvice.org.uk/blog/think-youre-getting-a-free-trial-fat-chance/ s...jpg"]
  11. Hello everyone, I will be leaving the UK soon to move to Australia and set up a new life with my partner. I have debt on credit cards and loans with a few different banks. With circumstances over the next couple of years probably won't be in a position to pay them back. As I need to move to Australia soon I was just going to move and then when I was in a position to pay them back personally and financially in a couple of years get in contact with the banks then. My question is, is it better to: 1) Just disappear and not tell the banks I have moved to Australia so it reduces the chance of debt collecting agencies chasing me in Australia or 2) Tell the banks I am living in Australia so they cannot get a CCJ against me at my last known address in my absence. To be honest I was just going to move without contacting the banks and deal with it all down the line. However I have read on here that Australia has a reciprocal enforcement agreement that could be enforced if a CCJ is logged against me. Therefore am I better telling the banks I am outside the uk so they can not give me a CCJ as unless I am mistaken the only way I could get trouble in Australia for my outstanding debt is if the CCJ is given then enforced. But if I tell them where I am living will I not just get bombarded with calls and letters harassing me?? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for any advice. I work in an organisation (ok, the NHS), at a large general hospital. Over the last 5 years, we have been merged with 2 other, similar sized hospitals, each 30-40 miles from us. This has produced 1 very large organisation to replace the three previous bodies. We are in the process of standardising pay, structure and conditions across the board. This has led to the creation of 3 new junior management jobs in each of the three areas, in my specialism. I work as a supervisor, so these new jobs would be the natural next step for me to take. My problem is this. These jobs require a qualification higher than I (or anyone else in my part of the organisation) hold. The custom has always been, to apply for the job, and if successful, be awarded the job on condition of obtaining the qualification as soon as possible. I assume this was to save money on training/educating people further, who then may never seek promotion, or even leave the organisation with their expensively provided qualification. So I applied for the jobs, only, to my surprise, to receive a letter at home from my boss, saying he regretted he couldn't offer me an interview. It turns out that one of the other organisations HAD been sending their employees to college routinely, and many of them, even on the shop floor, were qualified already. Their boss insisted, apparently, that no-one should be interviewed without this qualification. As we are 'harmonising', that meant that this rule had to be applied across the board. As a consequence, only people from from one area of the organisation are allowed to apply for any management jobs. These jobs in my area have now been awarded to people from that area, while we are prevented from applying. The posts will not be filled for two more weeks though. It seems very unfair that, due to operating under different protocols for the last 15 years, we are disadvantaged in this way. It feels that the goalposts have been moved at the last minute, and all the knowledge and experience gained here over the years count for nothing now, through no failing of our own. I am a union member, but they have been no help so far (too busy, seemingly). Ideally, I would like the appointments to be postponed, and the interviews re-run including those of us who were unfairly (to our minds) excluded last time. Does anyone have any ideas how I might go about achieving this? Sorry for the long post, but it is a complicated situation, and the disappointment is crushing. Thanks for your patience, if you have read this far!
  13. Hello all, just wondering about something. Last week I had an accident which caused my arm to have a deep cut. I was taken to my local hospital who at first told me it just needed stitches. Shortly after they said I had cut tendons and needed to travel to this hospital in another town to have it operated on. They gave me a 9am time slot, didnt bother asking how I was due to get there. My only method of transport is train. I found out after that the hospital is 2 hours on train and an hours walk from train station... First train of the day is 6am. No chance of getting there. I phoned and said I couldnt make it. Was delayed til the next day. I got trains that day, many were delayed so I couldnt make it on time, phoned and they arranged it for last Friday. I got there, they finally saw me, just by doing some simple hand exercises they said it isnt my tendons that are cut, but my nerve in my arm. They said I will need an op to be done under local anaesthetic to repair it. So booked me in for yesterday (weds) to have it done. They made me sign consent form and it was agreed I would have it done. When they phoned to confirm a time I told them I could not make it for 9am due to trains and they said to come in for 10:30 or after that as I will be waiting all day for it to be done anyway. Yesterday I got on train, hoping to get there by 11:30. I had a call off my mum at 10:30 saying they called the house phone saying I should of been there at 10:15 and was late. My friend phoned them saying I was told to go there after 10:30 and I was not late. They said its all fine and they would see me shortly We got there for 11:45 and the rude woman on reception said I should of been there at 9am according to her sheet. Completely wrong. I was finally seen and told it cant be done under local anaesthetic but has to be done under general. Again they refused to do it that day claiming they had a lack of beds. We were told they would call us to come down Friday (tomorrow). When they phoned they said I would have to be down at 8am, impossible for me, since even 9am was impossible with the earliest train of the day. They then said about Monday but warned that it will be left too long by then and the chance of success will be greatly reduced. They finished by asking me if a neighbour could take me... No neighbour would take me that far of course. They wrongly diagnosed things... At my local hospital to start with and there after (once saying it needed an op under local anaesthetic the next saying it needed to be done under general anaesthetic). They also mixed up appointment times and pretty much wasted my time going there twice, costing me and a friend £35 each for a return on train each time we went. They knew we relied on trains and still messed me around for this long, which has now ended in having to go at 8am tomorrow which is impossible, or going Monday but having a decreased chance of them repairing it as its been too long. In legal terms im thinking of actual damages due to negligence? So far they have had 2 chances where I was told prior to going that they would operate, but they didnt, and now its the first I have heard about the chances of fixing my arm are reduced as its been left this long. Any advice?
  14. Hi Everyone, I have answered the “questions for new posters” below and added a bit more info regarding my specific case. If anyone has had a similar experience and is willing to provide some feedback or advice I would truly appreciate it. Thanks • Whether the tenancy was granted verbally or in writing - It was a verbal agreement • If it was granted in writing, state the date on which the tenancy began, and the length of the initial term if any. - it was not in writing but tenancy began on 1st of October 2011 • State the amount of the original rent and how often the rent is payable (e.g. per week, per calendar month, per quarter, etc). If the rent has been increased, for each increase state the date on which this occured and the new rent. - rent was £700 and no increase was made • If the tenancy has ended, state how it was ended (e.g. notice by the landlord, notice by the tenant, agreement of both parties, etc), and state the date on which the tenant moved out. - It was ended by me the tenant and I gave the landlord 1 months notice prior to vacating the room. Notice was given on 1st of December 2011 A bit more info: I had to give notice to move out as the property was infested with rats that were everywhere in the kitchen. Another thing happened where another tenant gave notice a few days before us and the landlord waited for her to pay the last months rent as agreed and once she was out he went into her room and put her belongings in black plastic bags plus he told her she had a day to leave the house. The police was called after he tried to take the keys from her by force and once the cops arrived they gave him a grilling and took all the spare keys from him and gave them to us. I had already given notice at this point but he left me alone and promised to give me the deposit back once he found someone else for my room. The landlord actually lives in the property with his girlfriend and rents out the other 2 rooms. He does not provide any services to tenants and the bills are all included in the rent. Since I don’t have a tenancy agreement what are my chances of recovering my deposit through small claims court? I have already sent him a few letters asking for the money and told him I would take legal action if I am not paid, I have done this just to save time in case I do have to go to court if I have a case that is. Any help or input is appreciated thanks in advance. Vic
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