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  1. My solicitor has confirmed following: The land included on the Title plan within the red boundaries belongs to you. You are permitted to park on the land as it belongs to you, and I cannot see any restriction within the Transfer prohibiting this. The Transfer makes reference in Schedule 2 paragraph 3 to a right over the forecourt coloured brown, which is reserved for all other persons entitled to. This is likely to be the owners of the other garages but without seeing all the title documentation for each property, we would not be confirm the specifics of each person and their right. Ho
  2. All 5 garages are owned by the freeholders and the "forecourt is a shared right of way" according to the deeds
  3. If I install a bollard they could park their cars outside their garage and I'd still be unable to get my trailer past their vehicles.
  4. Ethel, yes, there is a row of 5 garages, my neighbour has the one directly next to me. I will get my Solicitor to check whats on the Land Registry. Its crazy that people cannot use a bit of common sense and be more considerate. The neighbour said she could park "where I f.....g want to" and made a racist comment about my girlfriend. We walked away at that point. It surely should be clear about access to the garages/right of way and ownership of land. Some posts on here and other sites say people can park where they want, while others seem to suggest an injunction could be obtained to sto
  5. The issue also with them blocking my garage is that I store a 2 man dinghy in there which I wish to use from time to time. There is no way I can get the trailer in or out of the garage if they park their 2 vehicles so close. Last Saturday I went round to ask them to move one of the cars only to find out that they were away for the weekend. Why is it not deemed as trespassing? There is ample parking on the street 20 yards away.
  6. I have checked, and the land directly in front of the garage belongs to me as per the Land Registry document. By parking there what laws are they breaking? I assume that if I parked behind them and blocked then in they would be within their rights to have my vehicle towed away?
  7. I assume that we all own the land directly in front of each of our garages.
  8. The Land Registry file show the attached image as my boundaries
  9. My neighbour has parked their 2 cars as per the attached photo so that I can not access my garage or park outside my own garage. I own the garage. Legally what can be done about this please?
  10. Update: I approached the Council and offered to pay them direct as the Bailiff had not turned up to collect the money on 2 separate occasions. The guy at the council took the balance due to them. He confirmed that the balance for 2012/13 was now zero. That was on the 17th October. He did advise that the enforcement officer may pursue his £235.00 charge. I received a letter recently from the council who said there was still a balance as they had now transferred the amount that I had paid to the enforcement company and in turn they had apportioned the money partly agains
  11. Bizarre twist - having received a text message demanding payment in full by phone to the office, I received a letter from another firm of Bailiffs for the original amount the sum of £62.00 ( the balance I agree that I owe ).
  12. The council tax debt was originally £167, the compliance fee was added in February making a balance due of £242. Deducting payments I have made so far £180.00 the balance at the end of August 2017 was £62.00. I offered full payment of the £62.00 on Wednesday but the Bailiff refused to accept it. He ordered me to pay £297.00 by debit card the next day. I am unable to find this amount in one hit. My daughter lives at home with me and she is currently on Maternity leave. I do not want the Bailiiff turning up at my property again while I am at work and haras
  13. Thanks for the reply. I don't believe I should have to pay more than I can afford nor take out another loan to pay off the debt. Just to clarify and earlier reply I am not disputing the £75.00 Compliance Fee and that is being paid back as part of the current monthly repayments.
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