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  1. UPVC - made by a local company (we had ALL our windows replaced by them after garage conversion). H
  2. Hi We had our garage converted into a habitable room (9 years ago). They installed a new side door. The door has 'warped' and won't open/close properly (can't simply re-align/hang) . 10 year warranty says conversion company is responsible except for third party items which are covered by manufacturers warranty. The door company also advertises a 10 year warranty BUT when we asked them they said they only covered items that they installed themselves. So we have emailed the garage conversion company and had no reply. We have phoned the company twice (over 3 weeks) but there is no
  3. Ta - I don't seem to be able to edit original subject heading to include RESOLVED (or whatever you prefer) - can someone else do that please ?
  4. Hi We emailed the company using one of the templates from the site suggested above. -------------------------------------- Dear Customer Care at Shedstore On 19 July 2014 I placed an order for a Cabinet with divider 3x2 Garden Storage unit and received it on 24 July 2014. I have discovered that the unit has the following problem: it is NOT suitable for outdoor use as it lets in water when it rains. I notified you of this problem on 25th July 2014. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit f
  5. Thanks for replies - I will draft some emails today. (My husband has just been diagnosed with cancer, so we have had frequent hospital visits - hence delay in replying to your helpful messages - so the shed problem is something we could do without!) Thanks all, H
  6. Hi WOW - that was a quick reply - thanks. We purchased it via their web site. We paid using Paypal (which,in turn, is paid for by a credit card). - £114.99 We bought it on 19 July and it was delivered on 24th July. We assembled it and emailed them about the problem on 25 July (ie immediately) We had to wait for replies as a few emails went back and forth (but they are now not replying). The cabinet 'clicked' together and would be very difficult to disassemble to get back into box. Thanks, H
  7. Hi We recently bought a plastic garden storage unit from shedstore. (can't post link as too few posts) They desribed it as " suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, garage or patio." The box it came it stated "Weather proof for outdoor use" However, the doors only touch at the top and bottom and there is a 4mm gap in the middle that lets rain in (the doors would need to overlap to be rainproof) We contacted shedstore (by email) who then contacted their supplier. They suggested that we add some additional door seals and they stated that the product is not waterproof!
  8. PS Wanted to edit title to include "RESULT" but I can't see an edit button ?? (is it because I am a new user??). If someone else can edit it appropriately, please do so. H
  9. Hi cancelled DD. Sent letter Recorded 1st class - checked after 2 weeks if it had been delivered and signed for - post office have no record of trying to delivery it and don't consider it to be lost until 15 working days after the expected delivery date! So printed duplicate and got friend to hand in to gym. Later that day, they phoned to say they'd cancelled the contract !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked for written confirmation which they sent. So am very pleased - when arm more better and I'm more 'with-it' I shall be making a small donation to this site as a thank you so
  10. Hi Letter sent last friday (recorded delivery) - simply cut&pasted your suggested text (thanks) Am having Operation on elbow tomorrow so will be 'off-line' for a few days but I will let you know if/when I hear anything. Haven't cancelled DD yet but can do instantly. Thanks for all your help, H
  11. Hi, More info as promised. The T&Cs state "8. At home membership. The at home membership allows you to suspend full membership provided that this is due to illness, injury or pregnancy and is at the managers discretion. A payment of £5 per member per month is payable when activated. The at home option can only be considered if you give us at least 1 months notice in writing before it is required." No mention of the 3 months referred to in the email. I can't see anything about cancelling on ground of illness - the only things about termination are a. within the first 10
  12. Thanks for reply. Its my birthday today so doing more fun stuff than dealing with them! Will sort it tomorrow and reply more fully to you. Many thanks, H
  13. Thanks for swift reply. When I left work in March 2011, I started playing badminton 2 or 3 times a week at Parklands Leisure Centre, in Oadby, Leicester. I was paying as I played (at group sessions ) The centre is run for the council by Harpersfitness (can't post url]) On Thursday 23 February 2012 I was cold-called by the membership ‘officer’ saying it would be cheaper for me to join and pay monthly. She said she couldn’t explain the deal over the telephone and that I would have to meet with her on Saturday 25th Feb if I wanted to get the deal as it was the last day of the deal (I
  14. Hi Question 1. I've just been looking at the sticky above (Sticky: Ashbourne Management Services Ltd - Contracts longer than 12 months(1 Viewing) ) which seems to say that all gym contacts over 12 months are unfair - is this the case ? I ask because I was 'pressured' into signing an 18 month contract with my local gym (not AMSL). Question 2. I KNOW I should have read ALL the small print but there was so much of it!............. I had to sign-up 'there and then' as it was (supposedly) the last day of the membership deal. I specifically asked about suspending membership
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