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  1. As promised, an update on the freehold garage situation. We now have the contract from our solicitor and all's in order. We have a "right of way over the area coloured brown on the plan which has access to the garage". Everything else is in order. Thanks all for you input.
  2. The only bit in the covenants that stands out (to me) is "that he the purchaser will on demand pay a fair proprotion of all charges for renewing or repairing the ..........Road pavements, sewers and drains which shall be used in common by the occupiers of the land hereby conveyed and of any adjoining premises until such road, pavements, sewers and drains are taken to by the proper authorities the amount of such proportion to be fixed in default of agreement by a sole arbitrator to be appointed under the Arbitration Act 1889 or any statutory modifications or reenactment thereof for the time being in force PROVIDED ALWAYS that in assessing the sum to be paid by the purchaser rgard shall be had to the frontage of the land hereby conveyed on .............Road and the extent of the use of such road by the purchaser to the intent that the purchaser shall not be called upon to pay for wear and tear of the road caused by building operations therein by any person or persons. The road in question above is a public side road which I imagine is adopted by the local council. PS I don't think there is any chance of the garages being knocked down to make way for a dwelling although it does state that one "not of less value than one thousand two hundred pounds" Hah.
  3. It does say "The land has the benefit of the following rights granted by a transfer of the land blah blah blah TOGETHER WITH a right of way at all times in common with the transferor and all other authorised by it with or without vehicles over and along the roadway shown and hatched brown on the said plan" I will however update you on what the final verdict is once it's in the hands of my solicitor.
  4. Thank you ericsbrother. We have a good solicitor so it will be interesting to see what she says. The title from the land registry is, of course, very confusing to a lay person.
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I have now purchased the documents from the Land Registry (I'd forgotten I could do that).
  6. Garages don't come up for sale very often round here but there's a freehold one for sale just now. It's at the back of a block of flats which are leasehold and the driveway / tarred area to the garages would come under that leasehold. The seller hasn't paid any fees or service charge for the past 6 years. Can anyone give me advice please without me going to the expense of hiring a solicitor? Thank you
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