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  1. Hi ericsbrother, Thanks. He purchased the car with a bank loan. Does this make a difference?
  2. Thank you for your reply. The car is a 2009 BMW I am not sure of the model it is a small two door hatchback 2L. The car is sending out white smoke which it did previously when it was repaired so think it is the same problem and that the job wasnt completed properly but without the details on the job it isn't possible to have this confirmed. My son is going to seek advice from a solicitor in order to get the details of the work completed and by whom.
  3. My son bought a vehicle approx 6 months ago. After 1 week the vehicle broke down and it was returned to the dealer for repair under the warranty. They had the vehicle over one month and then it was returned. The same problem has occurred. The warranty has now expired but the fault on the car was quite a major one and I believe the work should have had some form of guarantee but the dealer is refusing to provide information on the work carried out and where the repair was completed staying that due to data protection they can not provide this and that they do not keep records. This all sounds dodgy and I would appreciate some advice on where to go next . Many thanks
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