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  1. Hi All Just received PCN by Brighton and Hove City council for being in a bus lane Have I any hope of appeal? By the crap picture it looks like I am trying to get in the queue of traffic, I wouldn`t "drive" in a bus lane I was in Private Hire Vehicle.
  2. Hi all Sadly we have a family death but pension payment 15/7 to 22/7 date of death 26/7 Surely the pension paid weekly but in the event of death, they wouldn`t begrudge not paying the 4 days she was alive and also the attendance allowance gets paid saturday and death on friday so they want the weeks worth back!!!
  3. yeah scared of court, which I can understand but I mainly helped out of principal(probably wrong spelling)! I save dash cam when I go in there but the garage have lost £100/week customer through greed. another one!
  4. Oh well, thanks for your help people, he paid it. Not gonna help anyone else, they can do it themselves or pay these rip off people if they can`t be bothered. Andy
  5. ok My friend is not willing to go to court and I can understand this with confidence issues so he has a week to pay the reduced amount or send a letter. Any recommendations on what to say, he spoke with the garage and it was a case of nothing they can do! susprise surprise! I spoke to him thursday and he was ringing planning at the 3 councils to check and also to motor fuels group which I contacted on facebook.
  6. I am thinking but trying to help a friend, literally just got off the phone to him and he is ringing the 3 councils about planning tomorrow about the signs and anpr I didn`t find anything and searched today again under exxon. So if HE also can`t find anything about planning for the above is that enough to make the contract void and a simple letter or ignore, good enough. OR do you mean that they don`t need planning PP for such items??? as was suggested that they do above?
  7. Permission is sought for a single storey extension to the northern side of the building to allow the creation of an accessible disabled toilet. A ramp to the main door will also be created along with alterations to the night pay point to allow disabled access. The proposed extension will be 0.8 metres That was under crawley council planning!!! The bollards one was Reigate and banstead council.
  8. If I am doing it correctly I can only find one planning for esso and that is for stand alone ATM machine and 2 bollards.
  9. Yes before we had proof it was false info. Have to pay for land registery info. I will get friend to ring planning.
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