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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all Just looking for a bit of advice please. I own and live in a house which I bought in 2003 on a 25 year mortgage. Since that time I have been paying a tiny ground rent (it’s about £4 semi-annually) to a property management company. I have received an inheritance recently and decided I would try to find out how much it would cost to obtain the freehold on the land my house is built on and how long is left on the lease. This weekend I sent two separate enquiry emails to the property management firm. The first reply I received contained a letter saying they want £90 t
  2. New crackdown on rogue agents to protect renters and leasehold homeowners READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-crackdown-on-rogue-agents-to-protect-renters-and-leasehold-homeowners
  3. Hi this may not be something you can comment on but will try it anyway! I own a 999 year lease(virtual freehold) on a cafe and just recently the landlord asked me if I would like to purchase the freehold on the cafe and the 8 flats above, in other words the freehold of the whole building. The 8 flats are mostly sold on a 999 year lease. We didn't discuss a price but I don't think it would be a frightening price and would be based on the yield the flats generate which is around £5000 pa in ground rent. My question is would it be beneficial to own the freehold or more bother than its
  4. Hi, The managing agent of my leasehold property has passed my details to SLC solicitors to pursue payment, I was about £4400 in arrears. I have paid the amount along with around £400 added for interest and legal charges, I want to know how I can recover the same. The backstory, from the managing agent I was receiving postal and email communication until Dec 2016 for payments due, but from Jan 2017 I did not receive postal communication anymore. Apparently, they were emailing me the information, but as my email hasn't be working reliably I didn't receive the serv
  5. Garages don't come up for sale very often round here but there's a freehold one for sale just now. It's at the back of a block of flats which are leasehold and the driveway / tarred area to the garages would come under that leasehold. The seller hasn't paid any fees or service charge for the past 6 years. Can anyone give me advice please without me going to the expense of hiring a solicitor? Thank you
  6. Hi, We own a flat which is 1 of 4 flats that were converted from a single large detached property in 1953. The flats are freehold flats. The maintenance agreement was with a named person on the deeds. That person died years ago, and so the maintenance agreement died with him. we have a situation of 4 freehold flats and no proper maintenance agreement. Over the years not everyone has been in agreement at the same time in getting any work done on the property, and also in getting an agreement sorted out. Recently we have had to get the building re-roofed
  7. I own a long leasehold flat in a building containing 15 flats. My lease (and the lease of 13 other flat owners) states that we are each responsible for 7.1% of the service charge costs. We queried with our managing agent whether this made our leases defective since 15 x 7.1% would come to 106.5% and we are aware that if the total service charges collected at a development is greater than or less than 100%, this renders the leases defective. To our surprise, our managing agent informed us that one flat owner had noticed this anomaly a few years ago and had approached the freeholder to agree a l
  8. An interesting scenario for some advise please: Completed on a property end Jan 2016. At the bottom of the property is a garage which was within our boundary and part of the premises on the land registry search. The property was being sold as leasehold. When coming up to completion our solicitor told us that the garage was not being sold as part of the property as the seller had already promised it/sold it to the neighbour. The seller had done this without completing any of the required legal paperwork with the land registry. At completion we were told that as a condition for the
  9. I sold my house because I was made redundant in my mid-50's and was stuggling to get another job. I did eventually get another job and after three months I contacted my mortgage lender, First Direct, and asked them if in principle they would give me another mortgage if I downsized, with the idea being I would reduce my mortgage from £140k to around £80k. They said they would, so I went ahead with the sale. When I contacted FD again they said they would not lend as I hadn't been employed for at least six months in my new job. So I ended up renting. But was laid off again after another few
  10. I need urgent advice on a major issue I am facing with the local authority and need urgent advice on the best way forward. I bought a council flat on a right to buy several years ago. In the last 4 years there have been several works the council have done and the charges were quite substantial. One the first invoice I was given an option to spread the payment. On the others no such option was offered, although they claim it was offered. The charges in addition with the annual service charges, it became quite difficult to keep up. In February 2014 the council
  11. Hello All, I live in a London council flat purchased a year ago (2014), there is a roof space size of a bed room that i want to insert a roof window. Also In 2009 I inserted a full size door to lead to the roof space.This wasn't discovered when purchase survey was carried out. Question is what do i need to do to get the permission? and also do i have to apply for a retrospective permission for the door or has this already passed a limit? Thanks in advance
  12. The purpose of exposing the truth about this story will contribute to finding the truth so that justice can finally achieved for us and for other people in the similar situations. I do not have a big group of leaseholders behind me and hence I am completely isolated and silenced. My home has been flooded for 10 years. I was deprived of any dignity in my own home. I experienced that silence to which I was constrained after a decade-long attack on my dignity as a human being before I was removed from my home with my evidence being ignored. The only objective of any exposure is the sea
  13. I wonder if there is anyone among you, who have experienced Leasehold Fraud. The point being, in that some may have been Repossessed due to Service Charges, even when they've redeemed their Mortages for the considered sum. I'm looking to speak to anyone who fits that specific criteria. It appears that Leaseholders are being deemed as Tenants.. . This is a sufferance & not to be mixed up with actual Tenants. Even RICS have stated that Managing Agents in particular are the wild west of their industry. Also how many have the statement: "the lessor is seis
  14. Hi This is a long one!! Sorry in advance My husband and I purchased our leasehold property 9 years ago come this November. We have had a constant problem with damp, especially in my sons bedroom. I've contacted the company who carried out the damp course over the years as in our leasehold contract it stated there was a 30 year guarantee and twice they have been round to re do it only the damp keeps coming back. I had them round for a third time and was told that the black mould growing up my sons wall was only condensation and told to move all the furniture away from the walls!
  15. Hello I am hoping someone could advise me. A few years ago we bought a shop from the owner who also owned the freehold of the whole building which included our shop, another shop and several flats above. We have a standard commercial lease, we are the first tenants of the shop so we hold the head lease. Since then the landlord has sold the freehold to an investment company but our landlord took a 999 year lease on the ground floor of the property which is basically the 2 shops. The landlord was paying a peppercorn rent to the new freeholder and we paid our rent and service charge to
  16. Good Morning CAGgers, I'm after some info please. My wife and I are purchasing a flat and we're unsure about whether we have to pay SDLT or not. The purchase price is £125,000 which according to gov.uk and HMRC website falls below the SDLT threshold, but I'm also starting to find things about because it's a flat and a leasehold property there may be SDLT to pay on the lease. The flat was built in 1979 with a 999 year lease so that leaves 964 years left (long after I'm worm food lol). The rent on the property will be £150 twice yearly. Please can anyone help as to whether SDLT is p
  17. Hi I do not know if in the right forum but I am a leaseholder of a flat from a local authority but has now been taken over by aprivate company , i put my own double glazing in and now they are doing the double glazing themselves and i think they want to charge me for the rest of the other properties but I am sure I was told by the local authority that mine had to be like for like and my only contributions would be for the communal stairwell windows and not my own and other properties, is this right. Thanks in advance Roy
  18. I have a sorry saga to tell about a relationship between some leaseholders & “Countrywide property management” It will be interesting to hear if any members here have also been victims of these people. There have been many issues in the 20+ years we’ve had to endure their “services” but I will start with the most profound that is coming to its culmination. We had an elderly gentleman with us who owned his basement flat in our converted Victorian building. He had not lived here long till he started to complain of water ingress into his dwelling from above & below. He t
  19. Hello guys. There is a thread in the legal forum asking for advice if anybody knows about this please. Here's a link. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?404531-Lease-extension-costs!!!&p=4355610#post4355610 Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. My best, HB
  20. Hi all Im having a real struggle with the sale of a leasehold masionette I own. So I originally purchased at the value of £175k as a leasehold. As it was my first ever purchase I wasnt exactly "street wise" when it came to the buying. The leasehold currently has 71 years to run but at the time of purchase I was not informed that anything under 80 years would have serious issues when it came to either extending the lease or selling the property. Neither my financial advisor, estate agent or solicitor mentioned the potential costs (being quoted £13k to extend by 90 years!) and th
  21. Hi all, I'm new here so please be kind I pay a portion of a block buildings insurance policy for my leasehold maisonette. The premium is very high (£375 per unit), but until I get round to taking proper legal advice I will continue to pay it. On receipt of the latest demand, I requested a copy of the policy itself, to which I am entitled and which I have previously received. I called the managing agent, expressly said I was willing to pay, but wanted a copy of this first for my own records. The agent who deals with my property was on holiday, I was told a message would be passed on. 14 d
  22. Been a while since I've been on here. Hope you are all still as friendly. I bought a number of ground rents about 20 years ago. Most are 999 years and some pay some don't. The rents are only nominal of a few pounds a year. The problem is on one in particular. It is vacant and getting vandalised and has been for years. I have no idea who owns it and it hasn't been sold in the last 20 years to my knowledge. The council are getting onto me as I have my name on the Land Registry as there are drug users/ dumping etc and they are clearing it up and slapping charging orders on the hou
  23. I have had my 2 bedroom flat repossessed by Leeds Building Society. There are 3 flats in the converted house. I own 33% share in the company which owns the leasehold of the property. Can the bank sell this with the property? I want to sell it, and make some money out of it, is this possible after 14 years of owning it and investing in the property. Please advise on ways to stop the bank selling my share and how to go about selling my share.
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