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  1. Thank you so much for making me notice the not-so-much-friendly wording I use. Please forgive me. I am under strong distress because I became homeless at the beginning of January 2015. In brief I lost my home and I am homeless now after a decade of living in my home constantly affected by flooding from defective roof and pipes. Here a short video of the sort of leaks I lived constantly for 10 years. When I bought this leasehold flat the structural survey I had arranged suggested to double check with the conveyance solicitor that the building had full building regulation approval. But wh
  2. The purpose of exposing the truth about this story will contribute to finding the truth so that justice can finally achieved for us and for other people in the similar situations. I do not have a big group of leaseholders behind me and hence I am completely isolated and silenced. My home has been flooded for 10 years. I was deprived of any dignity in my own home. I experienced that silence to which I was constrained after a decade-long attack on my dignity as a human being before I was removed from my home with my evidence being ignored. The only objective of any exposure is the sea
  3. Dear andydd, I will start a new thread as suggested, I am in a full emergency as I am practically homeless after a sequel of scams - any advise is urgently required, belliyjane thread is very interesting and I would welcome any opinion from her or anyone else
  4. Excellent work bellijayne, I am now on the verge of becoming homeless due to leasehold fraud aided by conveyance and mortage deception
  5. Dear friends, I have a similar situation as above. I would be more than happy to keep on using Virgin broadband service. Do you have any happy ending to the story above? Any update with advise?
  6. Dear friends, I am moving home and I want to take my virging broadband with me but I found out that there is no Virgin Media cable broadband in the area where I am moving and I have still many months of contract. So there is quite a lot of money to pay according to them without any fault from my side. Apparently, there is no service that they can offer at all and if I want internet connections I will have to pay for another company despite I am already paying for them. What can I do? Do you any have any knowledge of what happen to the stories above? Any update or advise?
  7. Thank you dear friend, However the LVT determination is based on a complete disregard of the evidence presented and on the expert opinion 100% biased on one side. Where there is an alleged tort, there is an alleged liability and where there is liability there should be a remedy. I was denied the remedy and a 146 Notice must be valid. The notice served to the lender is undated, unsigned and it was never served to me. it was a (big) mistake of the lenders who took the responsibility to pay without consent and without investigating the matter (plus the incomplete lease and misrepresentation
  8. Dear friend, In relation to the above, when someone receives a forfeiture notice (also known as 146 notice) should him be given the opportunity of a remedy to either pay or contest the alleged charges? Please note that: A) I have never received any forfeiture notice and this was sent directly to my mortgage lenders who paid against my authorization. Question: Shouldn't I receive the 146 notice as it will affect me, why the notice was sent to the bank? Also, a 146 notice must be a VALID notice which mean it must be served correctly. As far as I know the arrears must be older than
  9. You are correct dear friend, the cost were not assessed and what's the point to come back for the legal expenses against the same tribunal (LVT) who awarded the cost against the victims and refused to reconsider the case by rejecting the appeal? the repair bill (outrageously) reversed over the victims of the disrepair was roughly £85,000.00 but then as if the injustice was not enough, the LVT added the freeholder legal expenses to pay as well simply because we wrote 'too many times' after we were left with a defective building in disrepair for over ten years......so the legal fees bi
  10. Dear friend, JR has been rejected, and yes, you are correct the claim was against the tribunal which rejected previous appeal. I am left with loads of unpaid damages and the hefty bill to repair the building after over 10 years of disrepair, The summary of the story is in this post above. Really disheartened and disappointed
  11. Dear Caro, there are 8 flats in the block. The bills were sent with letters rather than invoices. There is no wet signature and no personal names, just the name of the company of solicitors used (and owned) by the freeholder. I contested the bill and refused to pay as the £20,000.00 was the result of a scandalous LVT's determination plus £96,000.00 legal fees added by the freeholder for a 1 day hearing just to get a scandalous decision against the victims of 15 years of disrepair. There are clear indications that the joint expert appointed by the LVT and by the RICS was either b
  12. -QUOTE-.....Are there any clauses in the mortgage documents about the freeholder? Are there any clauses in the Title Deeds for the Property to do with the freeholder? -QUOTE- Dear friend, I went through the documents and I cant see any particular clause about the freeholder. In brief my conveyance solicitor confirmed in 2013 that response to my conveyance survey in 2005 was mentioning that 'no major works' were planned at the property so I was told that there was nothing outstanding to pay for repairs. As soon as I moved in 2005 I was left under a defective roof with heavy
  13. Dear friend your case vs HSBC is very interesting and the advises I found here on this thread are excellent especially those of CitizenB on BCOBS - HSBC is pushing me to initiate court proceedings against them as they charged my mortgage with an extra £20,000 to pay fraudulent charges but they are refusing to show any lawful evidence for doing so. If they have made the unlawful decision on the ground of their evidence they claim they have why are they refusing to show it then? Simply because they DO NOT HAVE IT! I will not waste time with the Financial Ombudsman but I will take them
  14. ]This is a very interesting post. Well dear friends consider me in as I have a mountian of problems with HSBC. The bank is acting as a bunch of pirate of the worst kind. My problem with HSBC begun last March 2013 when they send me a letter stating that they would add £20,000 to pay for service charges claimed by that fraudster of the freeholder. these the steps I took so far: 1) Asked the bank to show me the lawful evidence which should authorise their enforcement of the Mortgage Deed terms and conditions with 3 Letters of Conditional Agreement (e.g. I agree to pay if you
  15. After reading this post and the related replies so why wasting time in using the FSO? Simply prepare your own case and present a county court claim or to the High Court of Justice depending on the value of your claim.
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