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  1. Stu007, many thanks for all the attachments you posted. Really helpful. ericsbrother, I thought exactly that. It's an AXA policy but as you say, whose pocket is the (presumably massive) broker's fee going into? I need to take some advice and see if I'm entitled to ask for evidence of other quotes. I'm also having my lease checked again legally as it's a little woolly as to whether they can even enforce a block policy rather than just request evidence that a comparable level in cover is in place. Average_Joe sorry to hear of your similar troubles. I have had some luck as after sending a v
  2. Thanks, Brigadier. As I thought. There's no such clause so I will tell them where to get off.
  3. Hi all, I'm new here so please be kind I pay a portion of a block buildings insurance policy for my leasehold maisonette. The premium is very high (£375 per unit), but until I get round to taking proper legal advice I will continue to pay it. On receipt of the latest demand, I requested a copy of the policy itself, to which I am entitled and which I have previously received. I called the managing agent, expressly said I was willing to pay, but wanted a copy of this first for my own records. The agent who deals with my property was on holiday, I was told a message would be passed on. 14 d
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