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  1. Thanks for that, I'm not a co-op member but I will go in and ask them re the contract. I'm not at all bothered about it alike the last one I will totally ignore it, I think thats the best policy and after 4 months of sending crap they give up.
  2. Oops got another parking charge now, this time from Horizon parking in Okehampton Co-Op, think i'll ignore this one as well, anyway are DVLA allowed to give out owners details now with the new data protection act in force?
  3. I am now regarding my case as having died a death, nothing from the idiots now since 9th April, until then it was on average once a month since Nov17, all very entertaining and I have collected quite a file, they haven't been able to collect anything from me as I never scribbled a single word or took the effort to phone them so as far as they know I don't even exist!! Maybe as someone in this thread mentioned the new privacy laws have messed them up more than they were already. Oh well I suppose I better keep my file for a while yet incase they start squealing about a
  4. Its sinking in, it was just a loose comment really and maybe like you mentioned back in mid April, maybe this charade won't carry on after the 26th May. It was with that in mind really that I posted my comment.
  5. The last time I heard from Gladstones was on 9th April, this is the longest time its been without hearing anything, up until now it had been about once a month since the original DRP Nov 17 letter. Maybe they have given up??
  6. Roll on May then as I expect I will still be receiving similar drivel by then, its been going on since Nov last year so far.
  7. Thanks for the reply, you always make it very entertaining. BUT surely then by using others firms letter heads illegally they would fall at the first hurdle in any unlikely court case?
  8. I did:-D They really don't seem to realise how limp wristed and pathetic all these letters make them look. IF it had been from the police it would have all been done and dusted months back! The government really should do something about it as its such a waste of paper!
  9. Sorry to be a pain, I have it in PDF format(145kb) but can't drag it from the box in the top right corner, I am on a macbook, don't know if that makes any difference.
  10. I have my latest offering from the lunatics at Zenith. They are being very nice and giving me yet more time to pay, the deadline is now 02/04/18 and then yet again they will consider legal action. If they do decide legal action the solicitor off the court will write to me to let me know! I did try attaching the letter in the advanced section but didn't have much luck.
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