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  1. Took delivery of a brand new E-Pace and initially all was good until 6th June was drive on a dual carriage way and the front collision detection system triggered incorrectly. The car was bought to a stand still, the hand brake applied, and engine switched off, no vehicles or obstruction in front of car. Luckily the lorry and car behind our realised there was a fault and avoided a collision, wife and daughter very shaken. Reported to dealership who were very concerned and asked to bring it into dealership, they inspected the car found errors or logs relating to the time of the incident. Dealership said we could not have our car back it was too dangerous hire car was provided. were hoping there was an identifiable fault that would be quickly fix but after a week still investigations were ongoing we therefore rejected the car as ‘no fit for purchase’ Initially dealership were onboard and told us to report the issue to Jaguar Finance stating we were going to reject the car. Dealership the found a replacement car but delays started to happen Main issues were the replacement car was £600 which I wasn’t prepared to pay but also I’d used Jaguar Privilege staff discount which caused problems I continued to chase and was told ‘we have to follow process’. By this stage I’d already escalated the issue to the Jaguar Executive team. 2nd June still no updates chased and was told still waiting for report from engineers at which point I expressed concern and threated legal action. Magically a few hours later I received a call from dealership, no Jaguar stating that no fault had been found and as a result they could not replace my car and I’d have to have my original car back. I have stressed that no fault found does not mean the incident did not happen, in theory it is now more serious as Jaguar are aware of an issue and have been unable to identify the cause. Weekly summary of the events below, I have a very detailed breakdown of events Is there anything I can do, my wife now does not want to drive the car, she did feel happier knowing the car was going to be replaced. Now she will be concerned if it happens again. 25/05/2018 1 Delivery and handover of E-Pace 01/06/2018 2 Identified faults, rear fog light wiring, alarm triggered, 3G Issues 06/06/2018. Collision detection system triggered incorrectly 08/06/2018 3 Car returned to Marshalls due to serious fault, refused to return car as logs found, too dangerous 15/06/2018 4 "Asked to call Finance company and inform them car is not fit for purpose and is being rejected. All ad-min good and complete and everyone had approved the replacement. Christian had identifed a suitable vehicle but due to additional cost it needed approval but shouldn't be an issue." 22/06/2018 5 Replacement vehicle hadn't been approved, must follow process. 29/06/2018 6 "Issue relating to Privilege voucher resolved Christian working to locate suitable replacement car. Additional £600 reguired for new car, unwilling to pay extra, Marshalls unable to cover costs. Potential issues with Q3 pricing in comparison to Q2, need to wait until next week." 06/07/2018 7 Q3 SE Specification changed, Drive Pack now an additional £700 cost option.
  2. Back in January 2017 I switched banks. Everything seemed to transfer over with no issue until July 2017 when I received a letter from Kwik Fit Insurance Services saying I owed them £107 for a home contents insurance policy. On checking my direct debit list I discovered that no payment had been taken for the direct debit. I had two direct debits with Kwik Fit insurance at the time, one for car insurance the other for contents. I rang the bank who confirmed that Kwik Fit had never applied for the payments to be withdrawn from my account. I sent a recorded delivery letter to Kwik fit and followed up with another letter (again sent recorded delivery) three weeks later after I had heard nothing from them. A month after my second letter I received a letter from Resolvecall to recover the debt on behalf of Kwik fit. I telephoned Resolvecall and explained the situation and asked them to look into the matter. The girl I spoke to said she would and would email me within 14 days. I heard absolutely nothing and (stupidly) assumed it was the end on the matter. Four weeks ago I received a letter from Arc Europe who have now bought this debt and now a letter from Major Law with fees added. They are now asking for £130. Can anyone suggest how I should handle this? I am not denying that this money should have been paid, albeit by monthly direct debit, but I tried to communicate on several occasions first with Kwik Fit and then Resolvecall only to have my requests ignored. I can't take the chance that this could go to court as my job relies on me having no CCJs on my credit file. If I have to pay the money I will (though I wouldn't be able to pay all at once) but I don't think I should have to pay costs. Would it be worth sending a letter to my bank under the bank account switch guarantee? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Hello, A few months ago I started having my Boots.com orders cancelled for unknown reasons - in the end I gave up and used my husbands account. Then Argos started repeatedly cancelling my orders and so I used my husbands account. Now my husband is being refused orders from both of these companies for unknown reasons. Even if I try and set up a new account and get a delivery it comes back as cancelled. When we call the customer service team can’t tell us much it’s either our card/cards, names or address? Can’t seem to find much on this and what to do never returned an order or had any trouble with these retailers before this!???
  4. Hi All, my mother had a tripping accident in a major supermarket last week. A piece of plastic cabling that is used to hold boxes together was left on the floor, my mother didn't see it, got her foot caught up in it and ended up on the floor on her right side. The plastic cabling was picked up and remove whilst my mother was on the floor. The store staff were very good, but no details were taken and through embarrassment she was desperate to leave the store. The store's first aider was called but my mother said she was fine and refused to allow them to call an ambulance. However, she had great difficulty driving home and was very upset about the situation when reaching home. My sister insisted she attended the Infirmary Hospital near to us - she has fractured her shoulder which is very painful and she has to wear a sling. My mother is currently caring for my father which is proving very difficult as a result of this accident and is unable to drive for 8 weeks. Whilst two members of the public ran to assist her no details were taken. We have been advised that each aisle has CCTV and the accident would have been caught on camera, can I ask to see the store CCTV? Any advice or guidance on what to do now would be greatly appreciated.
  5. An investigation was underway on Friday night after the personal data of up to 44 million British consumers was feared stolen by hackers in a massive cyber attack. The information commissioner said it was investigating how the hack on Equifax, a US credit rating firm, affected UK customers, many of whom will be unaware their data is held by the company. Equifax and its UK subsidiary companies state on their websites that they represent British clients including BT, Capital One and British Gas. There are fears that customers of these companies could now be affected. BT said that "many companies in the UK" used Equifax services and said that it was "monitoring the situation closely". The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has urged Equifax to alert affected UK customers as soon as possible, and said it will work with the relevant overseas authorities on behalf of British citizens. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/09/08/equifax-hack-britons-data-watchdog-investigates-ukimpact-major/
  6. Hi All, A friend of mine is having a problem that I'm helping with. He purchased a secondhand Mercedes sports car for £26,000 from what he considered a reputable car dealer (not main dealer)it was delivered Thursday 13th July 2017. They are FCA regulated (Ref No 658267 ) and a representative of (MBI) Limited (Ref No 312143) He paid £10,000 deposit cash and the rest on finance with Close, the first day he noticed problems which were reported the second day, he thought there were gearbox problems and noticed the active intelligent lights were not working. He was asked not to drive the car and either get it brought back or taken to a local garage to see the problem, he managed to get it into a Mercedes specialist on the next day - there was a 9 page faults list including electronics, possible not Mercedes front lights and engine misfiring on some cylinders. He did not drive the car as advised and called dealer supplied the report and asked for a refund, the dealer said he would consider it, I helped him draft a letter Monday 17th saying under the consumer right act - right to return, he would like the car picked up, and a full refund based on the independent report and his right to return a faulty car. I listed the main faults, I also noted the cost he had incurred in taking the car to garage getting home then having to pick it up again, he also had to pay for engine oil and other expenses. I sent this to the finance company as well asking for acknowledgment, they haven't as of yet. So far the dealer has refused a refund and said they won't accept responsibly until they have an independent report done, I pointed out that they have had that for 3 days. it's nearly a week and they have the car, the report, his money and he doesn't have any transport. Thoughts?
  7. Bought a 56 plate fiesta diesel 14th July. 2016 First problem we had was the alternator failed. The dealer replaced it within a couple of days. Now we have a more serious problem where it appears that the ECU has failed. This was reported to them on the 18th November and they collected it on the 21st November. The car is still with them and were being fobbed off with excuses. I remember seeing something on CAG saying that any fault found within 6 months of purhcase is deemed to be there at the point of purchase and the dealer is responsible for the repairs. Is this still the case? When they come back with it finally repaired and they want to charge me, I will pay it to get the car back, but can I then start a small claims to reclaim the cost. We're also having to hire a car for the weekend. Boris
  8. A family member decided 10 months ago to replace his ageing car with a factory-ordered brand new one. He opted for a PCP deal having first undertaken extensive homework about total interest payable and likely future value etc. Of all the options open to him, the PCP deal together with further incentives he negotiated with the supplying dealership most suited his circumstances. Until recently, he had no cause for complaint. But then the symptoms of one or two faults (or a single inter-related fault) affecting engine and auto transmission became evident. The car has been into the supplying dealership which immediately sought the manufacturer's involvement. Some preliminary work was then undertaken according to the manufacturer's guidance, pending further work which will be carried out two months' hence at its first service. The car, which has one 9,000 miles from new, is said to be perfectly usable until the time of that service and that in any event, anything and everything is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Fair enough. Except: delving into the Internet to research his car's emergent problems, he has discovered dozens (literally) of posts on motoring forums going back over several years, all of them complaining about the same problem(s) and about the hoops it was necessary to go through to get them fixed. In some cases, the manufacturer replaced the engine and transmission under warranty -- though only at the end of protracted arguments where some consumers were concerned. Also in some cases, the vehicle was off the road for up to a month while those repairs were completed. What isn't clear from any of those Internet posts is whether or not the posters had financed the purchase of the car outright from their own funds; whether it was with a bank loan; whether it was hire purchase; or whether it was a PCP. That actually strikes me as being of crucial importance. Currently, my relative's car is still showing symptoms of inherent faults, albeit those symptoms are now less noticeable than originally. He is resigned to living with them and to abide by the dealership's / manufacturer's guidance. However, he is worrying about what might happen if it turns out that the vehicle becomes unusable due to failure, or if he is ultimately told that it will be out of his possession for a lengthy period due to the possible scale of repairs required. The word 'possession' prompted me to post this query on here, because it seems to me that he doesn't 'possess' the vehicle in a strictly legal sense (i.e., of ownership), rather that he and the manufacturer entered into a contract -- brokered by the supplying dealership -- via which he pays a monthly premium to the manufacturer's finance company and the manufacturer in turn supplies a car fit for purpose and usage. Am I right in thinking that in the event of -- and I must stress: 'in the event of' -- the situation becoming worse and the vehicle failing to perform / being unavailable to him for short periods or an extended period, the essence of the issue here is as more about breach of contract than anything else? Advice appreciated; though things seem to be under control at the moment, it's surely as well to be fore-armed by being forewarned of a consumer's position when it comes to the PCP of a new car and what happens if that car develops problems early in its life. Thanks.
  9. I purchased for 15,000 euros for a market sales wagon (a Fiat Ducato van, fitted with cooling units, shelves and such). Prior to the purchase I paid for a "car inspection" and purchased the van on the basis of a generally favorable review. However, the review missed the fact that the van was completely rusted underneath. It was purchased 2-3 weeks ago. I do not see how the inspection missed this. As the inspector's request, the van was taken to a garage so that he could see everything underneath (this was expensive as the license plates and insurance had lapsed, so needed to buy for short term transport). It is so rusted underneath, it is requiring 10 hours of welding work. On the report, it is stated that there is minor rusting under edge of one door. Not that the entire thing is completely rusted underneath. For what it may be worth, the garage has taken photos. All this was done in Germany by ADAC (local equivalent AA / RAC). I know that the forum is UK oriented, but I cannot post on the German forums (I speak almost no German) and hope that the advice for the UK is likely applicable to me in Germany. So, is this simply a case of bad luck for me or do I have any legal rights? Thanks for any advice on what I can or should do? Regards, Doug
  10. Hi folks, Mid-December last year, I bought a used car from a local dealer to replace our family car which was dying a death after many years of faithful service. The car looked to be in good condition (for a 10 year old car), full service history, 89k on the clock, just what we were looking for. I paid £1500 for the car plus £150 for a new cam belt and water pump as there was no evidence of this in the service history. they gave me £100 for our old car in part exchange. The car came with three months warranty. On 12th March (one day after the warranty expired), we broke down on the way to our son's birthday party in another town. The car reported "Low oil pressure" and proceeded to dump oil all over the car park of the venue. RAC was called out and they found a pipe that connects into the oil filter(?) was disconnected from its spigot and was basically just spraying oil all over the engine bay. he re-connected the pipe, washed out the engine bay, filled me back up with oil, I thanked him and we went our separate ways. On the way home from the party, we broke down again, this time no alarms or messages on the dash but we had a lot of white smoke coming from the back of the car. RAC was called again, they found that all that new oil the previous guy had put in was now gone, and this time they towed me to the garage I have used for years where it sat for the weekend and I phoned them to tell them what the issue was and ask them to take a look. I had a call back from them the following day and they've said that the engine is building up too much pressure and blowing out whichever pipe is easiest, causing the engine to dump the oil. they said the cause of this is something to do with the piston rings and I was probably looking at having to replace the engine. Best case scenario, I'm looking at approx £1500, pretty much what I paid for the car three months prior. I called the dealer to try and open a dialog to get this sorted. I was told to call back the following day and talk to the owner. I asked for his name three times, they wouldn't give it to me. I also asked for a specific time to call and they wouldn't give me that either. After speaking to someone the following day and getting nowhere, I wrote them a letter detailing what the garage had found, the estimate of repair and as the car was just outside of its warranty (and because of the previous conversation I'd had with them) some text regarding the Consumer Rights Act (taken from the gov website). I've received a response from the dealer basically saying it's not on them because a "full inspection" was made by us on the day of purchase (I know nothing about cars, which is why I tend to prefer buying from dealers :/ ), to their knowledge the car was in good condition, and the 3 month warranty had expired. They've also gone on to say the issues we mentioned are not covered by their warranty anyway, and as the vehicle was manufactured a long time ago, they "cannot guarantee something may happen" to it. They state that they performed a "standard vehicle inspection" and it has a "full valid MOT". I'm not sure what my next step should be at this point. Do I send them another letter arguing their points and suggesting a full diagnosis at their expense? Or do I go to small claims court at this stage? Any help (including wording for the next letter) greatly appreciated! If anyone can offer any advice on what's probably going to happen and my best course of action for if they refuse to do anything, I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum so please excuse any ignorance! So, I was under a 2 year contract with DL where I was paying a direct debit monthly. After 21 months of being a member, I decided to cancel my direct debit as I was relocating to London for a new job role. I emailed the club to let them know in advance, and then shortly cancelled. I cancelled in Sep 15 (my contract was due to expire Dec 15). Unfortuantely, I didnt provide them with "proof of relocation" untill now - after recieving letters from ARC and consequently Major Law Solicitors, telling me I owed the final 3 months fees etc. Having spoken to the manager at DL Derby, they are having none of it. The bottom line being, I am being summoned to court to pay the outstanding amount owed, simply because I provided the 'proof of relocation' a few months late (after my contract had expired).I agree that is through no fault than my own, as they had told me they required this letter. Will Major Law Solicitors continue to take me to court over this matter? I have proof of relocation and against the date I cancelled. I also emailed the club to let them know. So is this fair?
  12. Hi there, A while back in June i had a major water leak, basically 50 galls came through the ceiling at a great rate of knots causing significant damage to lounge and bedroom ceiling, subsequently I've had two new ceilings as the old was asbestos (apparently) ..a new boiler and other ongoing internal works.. as we speak. If It were not for that fact i was here at the time of the leak it would have been catastrophic not to mention the flat below, the firemen who attended were none to pleased and reported their findings to the HA as failure to reasonably repair previous damage and works to this property. .. yes the ceiling had been down two years previously.. I've been put out massively, moved my contents in and out of rooms/bedrooms, waiting in needlessly for workmen that don't turn up and been without ceiling x2, no hot water and cold water at various times. My actual expenditure has been 1 meal out due to the flat being uninhabitable literally, and paid for a few boxes i got to store all the clutter that comes with a lifetime, the HA has an online form that i need to fill out, any idea's please, I've lost three days unpaid hols, i definitely think these should be reimbursed. My question is how much compensation should i claim, if any? Thanks
  13. Hi guys, new to this but tried reading as much as possible on other threads to get an idea of what to do but my situation is slightly different so hopefully someone can help. Went into DW Milton Keynes back in August last year to cancel my membership. Spoke to just a young girl working behind the front desk who let me know what i already knew.. . its fine I've made a note of you giving your notice and 1 months payment will have to be taken still. AT NO POINT DID I SEND A LETTER OR RECEIVE ANY WRITTEN CONFIRMATION. Money was taken in September which was fine ...but it was also taken in October. I wasn't in a position to visit the gym at the time as i was in sheffield - tried calling a number of times to query but either was left on hold or the person i needed to speak to wasnt about to take my call. I decided to just call my bank and get them to cancel the direct debit so nothing was taken in November and they also got back for me the money from October. STILL NO WRITTEN EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND. I received emails over the coming weeks from DW saying they were unsuccesful taking direct debit from my account. I applied to these emails explaining my situation but heard nothing back. Then in December i received a letter from ARC Europe stating they were trying to take £94.00 on behalf of DW. Maybe foolishly ignored this letter but now it has been passed onto Major Law who are looking for £94 plus £25 court fee plus £50 solicitors costs and £7.52 annual interest. saying i have 14 days to pay or they MAY issue the claim. I feel foolish cus i signed no cancellation form when i went in or sent a letter to DW all i have is 2/3 unresponded to emails from the time they tried taking my direct debit again unsuccessfully. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello all. This is my first post but have been reading some other posts and been really impressed with everyones willingness to help so I am hoping some of you may be able to offer me some advice. I will try and keep as concise as possible! I bought a car at the end Dec last year, Audi A4, 55 reg with 98k on the clock with FSH. A week in brakes failed and I took it to my local garage who said brakes were only 50% efficiency and would recommend new pads and disks all round. Took it back to dealer bought from and they only agreed to replace front disks. By this stage I had also noticed that the heating system was not working which they said was working fine on all their tests (god knows how as it was on 29 degrees and blowing stone cold air). 2 weeks later car breaks down and recovery say that there's a major water leak. Goes back to garage again who say it's a water hose pipe cracked and they have replaced it. 2 weeks later and the car is still losing coolant and heating still not working. Goes back again at which point they say they don't know what it is and send it to an audi specialist (not main dealer). They find that the radiator is blown and that it needs new radiator, water pump and thermostat which they do. 3 weeks later still losing coolant the Audi specialists take it back again to look again, they find no leaks on external pressure testing and conclude that it must be internal, most likely head unit or gasket. By now I am hacked off and have been without the car some 20 days in 2 months and offer the dealer the chance to buy car back from us for £4500. They refuse and the original dealers then take it back from the independent people as they want to look for themselves. They then say it's a tiny crack in a pipe next to the head unit which they have fixed. In-between this front brake pads have shattered on me costing me £95 to fix. There's bit more to this but that's a brief outline. It's been back 5 times and still not fixed. Roll on 3 weeks and it's still losing coolant. They now refuse to discuss by phone and will only respond to a letter. I have just drafted a letter saying that there is still a problem and despite being given several opportunities they have been unable to fix it and giving them 5 days to offer me a suitable and positive resolution. Am wondering if we have a chance in getting our money back through SCC? I have lost faith in them fixing it so don't really want to give them a 6th opportunity to have it back (unless they sent it to main dealer at their cost maybe). Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated, and thanks for getting this far if you have.
  15. Hi all, I joined Virgin Active gym few months back, and after 2 months of joining I left because I ended up not going because of loss of interest and the price, so I cancelled the DD (the contract was for 6 months), and like a week later I received a letter from them demanding the money, and they sent me a few text messages too. After a few more weeks I received a letter from ARC demanding me to pay £210, they keep calling me constantly, sometimes like 10 calls; one after the other, which I ignored. After couple more weeks ARC sent another letter threatening court actions if the outstanding balance was not paid. 2 weeks later (today) I received a letter from Major Law solicitors threatening court actions as well, they have said I should contact ARC to repaid the debt. I have have had no contact with Virgin, Arc or Major sols yet, meaning I haven't spoken to them. Can they actual take me to court? I don't really care about credit ratings. I am 20, living with my parents, can they get the bailiffs involved? Thanks very much. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  16. About 1430 hours today, Monday 22 December 2014, a Glasgow City Council bin lorry was travelling north on Queen Street when it appeared to strike pedestrians outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) before continuing to travel towards George Square, when it crashed at the Millennium Hotel on Queen Street at George Square. Read More Here: http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2014/december/264461 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/11308468/Glasgow-bin-lorry-crash-live.html Very sad news especially at this time of year. I would like to wish those injured a speedy recovery and my heart goes out to those that sadly lost loved ones condolences.
  17. Hi, I hope someone out there will be able to help me - I am currently having problems with a local car dealership who are insisting I return my temporary car and take my original car back. However I consider it is unsafe to drive, following three major issues in a 5mth period. The engine blew up in Apr 14, then the car had complete brake and steering failure in Aug 14 while I was driving it which was terrifying. I have tried speaking & writing to the dealership, HP finance company and manufacturer however they are all passing the buck and its difficult to work out who is accountable. Effectively I feel the product supplied is under parr - not of reasonable quality & I now feel unsafe in it. A day after the full brake failure, I received a call from the dealership saying the car was tested and ready. Later it turned out that none of the work had been done on the car and the car was still unsafe/unfixed when I was told that. I voiced serious concerns about this communication and said that following that and issues with the car, I no longer had faith in either the dealership or the vehicle make. On this basis, I advised all parties in August that I was unwilling to accept the vehicle back however they fixed it anyway and tried to make me take it back - to date no reasonable offer has been made. I have received a number of letters stating they want the temporary car returned and mentioning police action, lack of insurance, my car getting vandalised at their premises. The dealership have phoned me on my work number numerous times a day last week, despite me asking them not to phone that number they continued to do so. I have continued to make my mthly HP payments on time every mth and have not breached any of the terms of my agreement. I wrote to the dealership, finance company and manufacturer recently and pointed out I was still paying for a car and therefore it seemed reasonable I keep that until I was made a reasonable offer of an alternative or compensation. As I was paying it seemed reasonable whilst negotiations were made. Throughout this, the dealership have continued to make approaches to dump 'my' car back with me and take away the temporary car - I believe this is now verging on intimidation as they're hoping I'll give up and just walk away. However I cannot now go to another brand as they have my deposit and I also haven't had the car I've been paying for during most of this year. The last response was that an independent garage (of same manufacturer brand therefore not in effect an independent) had inspected it and said the brakes were fine. Due to issues encompassed, I feel no more reassured about the car, brand or dealership. Just to clarify I am 18mth into a 3y HP agreement Mar13-Mar16 but as a result of the lack of faith I now have in the vehicle and dealership, I have requested they release me from the finance agreement and repay a proportion of the money I have paid so that I am not left at a disadvantage as a result of poor product supplied. I paid £1000 up front & 19mths x £283 p.m. I have stumped up quite a phone bill, taken a number of hrs/ days off work, had an under parr product since engine replaced Apr 14 (noisy, extras missing, poorer acceleration, poorer fuel consumption, was also advised replacement was hybrid of two brands as they couldn't source one - this has now been denied by the manufacturer.) As I've not had 'my car' at all for 4mth of this year I'm thinking I would like to seek compensation along these lines- Goodwill return of deposit £1000 for all the issues I've had to put up with + 1/2 the mthly payments (Apr-Oct 14) £994 because I haven't had the car I contracted to. Do you consider this is a reasonable request and if so, who should I hold accountable? I am prepared to take this to small claims if necessary and was thinking I may write a letter of intended action if someone can point me to who that should be against. thank you for any advice you may be able to offer. They've told me I'm no longer insured in the temp car so it's now sitting outside my house and I'm without any car at all despite fact I'm paying them £283 p/mth....
  18. Hi I recently let a section (shared space) of a commercial retail space. During the talks I asked if there were any major works planned as they had in my lease that I would be liable to share the costs if anything were to happen - I negotiated and capped it off at £4500 because something made me suspicious about it. Then 1.5 months into lease a tenant from above the shops who owns part of the freehold came in quite upset that my landlord was avoiding him - and he stated you've known this is coming for a long time - which she tried to hush him because I was there. This was in relation to the works on the building. Immediately my thoughts were - wtf - Ive been lied to - I asked. Then 1.5 months later I get an email stating that the freehold has voted and works are going ahead and I need to pay a portion. My landlord acted completely surprised and like we're devastated as well - and can't believe this - we may have to stop trade. When I know for a fact I heard the guy say they've known this was coming for a long time. Not only that but now scaffolding will be erected over my shop front for god knows how long. Due to being a new business this could cause me to go under. Do I have any recourse? Can I sue them for not disclosing major works and also get out of my lease? What rights do I have? Ive completely been taken advantage of and unfortunately its my first time at the rodeo and I completely fell for the nice charming lady act. Clearly just that.
  19. Hi all. As some of you may know I moved from JSA to ESA a few months back due to anxiety and depression. In addition to this I was also under a consultant who was trying to get to the bottom of a condition I had causing untold infections, fever and generally not feeling well all the time. Well, I had my results after around 6 tests and have been told I need surgery - it is a personal condition so won't go in to much detail but it is a 3-6 hour op under GA plus 5 days in hospital and 2-4 weeks rest with minimal activity. I was hoping to move back to JSA in around 4-6 weeks but this is now not on as I have impending surgery although no date has been set yet. What is the procedure for claiming ESA for hospital surgery and stays in hospital and rest at home? Should I just continue as normal or will I need to contact ESA with the evidence from consultant when I have it? Thanks
  20. Hi. Need some serious advice and help here. Closed my business down March this year. I was liable for business rates from sep 13 to march 14. Totaling about £3600. I closed the business as we were not doing too well and struggling to make the rent money let alone bills. (we had been trading for 3 years but moved to a bigger location - more rent and now business rates etc). I was aware of the business rates of course but with the other bills piling up of course the business rates bill went on the pile. It is now 6 months later and I am now receiving letters form the local council. At forst they said I owed £9000 but they were unaware I had moved out in March and were charging me for the year 2014/15 as well.. I also got a court summons in the post, it was due 1st October 2014, I called them and explained I have only just received their letters (they were locked in the old business premises) and they have now took back the court summons and will no longer have to go) (for now). I have emailed them to say that I am unable to pay the £3600 (year sep13/march14). As I am only surviving off the remaining stock I had form the business selling online. Spoke to one lady and she said if you can pay £600 a month until the end of the financial year then that will be OK. I said I cannot even afford this, more like £50 a month. They said they will have to issue another court summons and a liability order to get this money back, but I said why would they take it to court if I am on the phone looking to set up a payment. I am eager to get back in business, and any other money going out right now is going to seriously cripple my chances, I need as much money as I can to get me back into business. What can I do about this? Is there anyway i can loophole around paying the business rates? Is there anyway I can get them significantly reduced? Look forward to your replies.
  21. Hiya, So worried about a secured loan I have had with Welcome Finance since 2005 for 17k. To cut a long story short this loan was paid on time every month right up until about 2012 when I became very ill and also my salary dropped by 10k per annum due to no longer receiving a bonus at work. slowly since then I have got into arrears etc and bearing in mind these details my current balance is around 19k. They are such rip offs. in between all this I have suffered severe depression which they have only made worse through phone calls etc. They will not stop the interest at all, I have literally begged them. I'm now off sick again and receiving 50% pay for the next few months as I've just had a major back operation. What I'm asking is what can I do to stop them piling the interest on, Take my home etc? I really cant cope with this worry all the time. I have a slightly larger loan with Idem from the same period and they are great, They have permanently stopped the interest and take whatever I offer them each month. This is also secured. Can anyone answer my questions at all? All help appreciated.
  22. I can't stress this enough, under no circumstances can FIRST TRUST BANK be trusted, they admitted a massive breach of data protection leaving everything avialible for other customers to see, to which I took a photo, this included bank statements, cheques etc.... They then poss forged my partners signature for a credit card application... [removed] They left my partner stuck in Paris when their systems went down.... When we complained they made us wait the full 8 weeks, admitted the breach of data protection, told us we had no right to contact them again, here's 500.00 and told us to leave the bank. This bank already has a large history of dishonesty, please don't use, remove your money and bank somewhere else.
  23. Hi I do not know if in the right forum but I am a leaseholder of a flat from a local authority but has now been taken over by aprivate company , i put my own double glazing in and now they are doing the double glazing themselves and i think they want to charge me for the rest of the other properties but I am sure I was told by the local authority that mine had to be like for like and my only contributions would be for the communal stairwell windows and not my own and other properties, is this right. Thanks in advance Roy
  24. Forgive me if this has already been posted about but A couple of weeks ago Gothia Emailed me regarding my outstanding loan with PayDayuk (£100 loan - I was desperate) but they got the completely wrong details. Wrong name etc..They have since sent a weak apology for this admin error but I see this as a major cock up. I'm wondering how many other people were affected by this and how many of those people are allowing Gothia (BCW) to simply sweep the matter under the carpet as they are trying to do. It's been a while since I was very active on here but my CAG senses still began to twitch when I received the Email with the incorrect details in it. I have sent an Email to them asking what they intend to do about compensation, how they intend to reassure me that my details are safe with them in the future etc etc. This matter will need to be reported to FCA etc, unless they see fit to 'shut me up' by writing off the debt that is
  25. Since last year June I have been having continual problems with TNT Post who are unfortunately delivering some of our domestic mail. They are choosing to dump them in a communal hallway and not in individual letter boxes. I have complained to various managerial employees who always apologise and say it will never happen again, which it does. Also complained to POSTRS who were useless. All TNT Post had to do is their legal team sent a letter stating they have all these wonderful structures in place apologising and that it will not happen again. In short the same incident happened yesterday. Really at my wits end as mail could be stolen. Has anyone else had issues with this companies delivery methods and what did they do to solve the problem? Thank you.
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