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  1. I've now used another company called ParcelCompare and they have done the exact same thing Have said they came twice at 7.30am and no one was in when I was How on earth can I get this mattress collected???? Amazon are saying they cant arrange collection, Silent Night say it is nothing to do with them
  2. I bought the mattress from Silent Night on Amazon, it was a memory foam mattress and it didn't expand as it should. I contacted Silent Night and was told I need to go through Amazon to arrange a return. They gave me the names of 2 collection companies as it is such a large item. I have since rebooked with Parcel2go at a further cost of £50 to me and have been waiting in all day for them to collect. I now need to go get my mothers medication so checked online to see when they were coming and the site tells me 1. it was refused at 7.37am this morning (no one came) and 2. when I try to rebook it it says it's been collected! WHat is it with these companies?
  3. Hi there I booked a collection of a faulty double bed memory foam mattress, I gave the sizes and weight of this and paid the amount required The courier arrived on the day but refused to take it saying it was 'too big' I told him I had put the right size and weight but he refused and drove off. I contacted Parcel2go who apologised and rebooked for the next day The next day, no courier arrived. This is a double mattress which is causing an obstruction in my hallway as I was told if I leave it outside I would not be covered on insurance and the courier may even refuse to collect it I am also having to take days off work unpaid for these bookings. It was re-booked for the 3rd time which was today and when I contact the help team on line earlier, I was told it would definitely be collected today. Yet again they didn't show I have now cancelled and will re-book with someone else but have been told I have to wait 5-7 days for my refund? Not only am I 3 days pay down, I have to wait a week for my money back? Surely that cant be right?
  4. Hi My husband of 18 years and I have decided to separate. I have a son of 20 who still lives with us who is not my husbands but he has brought him up as his own. He is on an apprenticeship so very minimal income. We inherited a large sum of money last year from his parents estate who sadly passed away, all of which we paid off our debts and invested into renovating our house of which was totally my design, interior and build. Now we are separating I have offered to buy him out of the house as I earn more than him and he is self employed and only has been for just over a year but he is saying that he wants an extra 20k on top of his share of the equity as it was his inheritance. Is this right? I told him he was being unreasonable as I have my son to think of too, his response was that that my son doesn't come into the equation and if he doesn't get the extra 20k from me, he will insist the house is sold and we split the profit. I don't want it to get nasty but my heart and soul went into my house when he had no input.
  5. Yes I am doing that My worry is though that I have recently obtained my full credit file and this doesn't appear on there at all surely if there was an outstanding debt from 2017 it would appear on there?
  6. I have recently been bombarded with correspondence, phone calls and texts from a company called Robinson Way chasing me for a debt that I dont believe I owe I had a Halifax One card years ago which I believe I paid off years ago (my memory is terrible so cant remember how it was paid off, probably by a balance transfer with another card) I called Robinson Way today as I had no idea what this debt was and was told the last payment I made was back in August 17 which has led me to ask why they have left it so long to chase me if I actually owe this money. I have been all through my other credit card statements to see if this was paid off but no longer have access to a few of them as we inherited a sum last year and paid off all our debts. Is there a way I can find out if this was in fact paid?
  7. Thank you all He is seeing a solicitor
  8. Hi all I wonder if there is someone who can help with some info for my brother? He has been with his partner for 10 years, they have 3 young children together. ages 3, 5 and 7. The relationship has fallen apart unfortunately. They live in a mortgage-free house belonging to my brother His partner has unfortunately turned nasty and is threatening all sorts, she said she is entitled to 25% of his earnings as spousal support as well as child maintenance. We do understand he will have to pay maintenance for his children and he has no problem with that but he is worried that she has been having an affair and is reluctant to continue letting her live in his house and she move her new partner in. He obviously doesn't want to leave his children with nowhere to live either so is absolutely torn as to what to do for the best. He doesn't want to finance her to take his children and make a new life with her new partner and he is in bits
  9. I did think it would be a long shot. Thank you for your advice
  10. I was made redundant a couple of years ago, the owner of the company had closed down quote a few companies before, he wasn't paying our pensions and the company went into liquidation soon after my redundancy which meant I never got my redundancy pay from them. I took him to tribunal and won but of course will never get anything cos the company no longer exists. The owner of the company I worked for was proper dodgy and one of the reasons the company went under was that he was fraudulently uploading invoices to the factoring company for one of his biggest clients, they knew something dodgy was going on and removed all their stock, refusing to pay any more of his invoices. This was going on whilst I was still there and a court case ensued after I had left. I stayed in touch with the woman at the clients company. During the case, she has given me a copy of the court papers submitted by my ex boss where he states my name and says that it was my fault that these invoices were wrong and that I was subsequently dismissed because of my errors. This is an absolute lie. Once I saw that I requested all of my personnel records of which I now have and it clearly states that my redundancy was in no way in reflect of my performance. My question is, can I take my ex boss to court for defamation of character? It is beyond belief that he is allowed to keep running companies into the ground, making people redundant and not paying them, stealing their pension contributions and getting away with it Scott free time and time again. I don't want to sit and do nothing when I feel he is due some punishment for his wrong doings
  11. Ok thanks. I did think that would be the case but needed to check Thanks again
  12. Hi all Just a quick question If a company has gone into liquidation, are they allowed to delete all personnel records held on file? Internal emails, external letters ect?
  13. He did apologize. I just said he may want to train his staff with regard to cancellations and refunds to prevent this from happening again. Thank you again
  14. Thank you all for your help! Very much appreciated
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