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  1. He did apologize. I just said he may want to train his staff with regard to cancellations and refunds to prevent this from happening again. Thank you again
  2. Thank you all for your help! Very much appreciated
  3. My lba was issued on the 10th Jan. I have done all of the online court stuff as advised and am ready to click the button on the 24th if the money hasn't arrived. I have had another email this morning apologising and saying about a problem with online banking so have to go into branch which they say they will do by midday day today. I have replied stating if the funds are not in my account by 24th I will be proceeding with court action
  4. I emailed them yesterday as no money appeared in my account . I was told "the funds will be with you by tomorrow" I emailed again today at around 3pm asking for thrm to confirm the funds would be returned by the end of play. I received no reply and no funds.
  5. I have just received an email from the managing director asking me for my bank details so they can repay the full refund.
  6. I intend to. I wont let it slip, I need my money back as I have just paid out for flooring from B&Q which incidentally, is the same stuff for £1300!
  7. I emailed the owner as I said I would after doing the online thing. I gave him 14 days before I submit my claim. He responded straight away saying the matter is in hand and I will be hearing back from him early next week
  8. I have put in a timeline of events Just asking for thr full refund So the date it was ordered and paid for The date the wrong stuff was delivered The date it was collected Then the dates of our conversations Is that all I need to do?
  9. Is this ok to send? I am formally writing to request a full refund for my order to (my address) Under the CRA 2015 I am entitled to a full refund and should not be charged any cancellation charges. I am also entitled to have the delivery charge refunded as the delivery that was made was incorrect. Payment for both the order and delivery made to you totalled £2166.66 Should this not occur within the next 14 days I will be taking this matter to the small claims court Yours
  10. Not at all. I found them through Facebook ita called L D James Contractors http://Www.ldjames.co.uk
  11. I havent yet as I am abroad on holiday. I did message again yesterday stating that under CRA they cannot charge a return fee and have had this response By the box being opened the goods have been devalued. We just want confirmation from them that they will accept the return and A timescale on refund. We have 14 days from when you request to return the monies to you. It will be done within that period. Please email any further queries
  12. I have done that. I really appreciate all your help
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