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  1. My husband and I have recently separated and I have bought him out of our house. The house is now legally mine and he has moved out My question is we have some debts, some in my name, more in his and none in joint names. He is expecting us to pay half each towards the joint amount of debt as we were together when the debts were incurred but if we divorce will this be right or will we be responsible for our own debts? And will I need a solicitor for this or can I apply for a divorce myself?
  2. Thank you I asked him again if I could have it and he’s reluctantly let me keep it thank you all for your advice
  3. When she died us 3 wives of her sons were offered to choose a piece from her vast collection. I chose this piece. When I told my husband I wanted out, I asked if I could keep the piece and he said no. He still has a key to my house and I did say he could come whilst I am out to collect his things but I may just rethink that!
  4. My husband and I have recently separated During our 16yr marriage, his parents unfortunately passed away and after his mum died, I was given the option to choose a piece of her Swarovski crystal which I have had in my possession for the last 4 years Now the marriage has broken down and I have bought my husband out of of home and paid him a sum of money for the contents He is now telling me I am not able to keep this item or crystal as it was his mothers. We have a shed full of all of her other collection which we inherited which I have said he can have it all - I would just like
  5. Further development He has now signed the TR1 form which is the transfer of equity, a copy for my solicitor and a copy for his We have argued tonight as he is refusing to leave until he gets his money so an argument has kicked off and he’s told me he will now refuse to sell the property to me and that he has emailed his solicitor to tell them to stop everything Can he do this??
  6. Yes sure the wedding venue was Villiers Barn in Thorpe-le-Soken Essex Yes once restrictions were announced my friend couldn't whittle down 200 guests to 10 so decided to cancel until further notice then decided they would use the rest of their savings to put to a house instead, asked for a refund and was refused This has been the same with the florist, the photographer, hair and make up, and the DJ they have all refused
  7. Hi A friend of mine had booked a wedding back before Covid hit and was due to get married May this year The venue she booked took a £500 deposit and they had paid a further £2000 towards the final bill of some extortionate amount of about £15k Obviously, Covid hit and everyone was told no more than 30 people at funerals and only 10 or something at weddings. This wedding was for 200 people so they decided to cancel theirs and start saving for a house instead but when they asked for a refund of their money, they've been told they are not entitled to any of it because they
  8. I contacted a mediator who gave me their prices of £99 per person for the first session, £180 per person for each session after and then a further £180 per person for the paperwork ... which IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING Think I'm in the wrong job!
  9. He is entitled to half of the equity, not half of the value as we have a mortgage on it
  10. No we haven’t mentioned divorce yet The fair split is I give him half the equity and anything he wants to take from the house I just feel he is now being unreasonable because I won’t change my mind and take him back
  11. I forgot to say he keeps trying to make me feel bad as well about it being his mums money that went into the house saying he should be entitled to more of a share because it was his mum who left us the money that done the house up
  12. Hi all I’m hoping for a bit of advice please My husband and I are separating after 20 years together, been married 16 years this year I have a 21 year old son from a previous relationship who still lives with us in our 2 bed house which we bought in 2015. We inherited a large sum of money back in 2017 after his mum passed away and we invested a lot into the house had it completely renovated. The marriage has been more like a brother & sister relationship for many years and although I’d threatened to leave before I always just gave in and carried on
  13. Hi My son has received a parking fine for parking on the road where there was a break in the painted line there was no sign near the break but one further down the road saying No Waiting at anytime but there was nothing where he parked. He took a photo and submitted a dispute but has had a response saying there must have been a car parked there when the lines were being painted and it doesn't mean there is no line there?
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