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  1. Hi again I've just had to have the brakes done again on this car after a strong smell of burning coming from the back wheel I have paid out another £320 to have the back discs and pads replaced, also whilst it was in the garage they called me to say that the battery had become flat, the engine light had come on and the acceleration had ceased. I'm still within 3 months of buying this car!
  2. I've had a letter from the legal team stating to go ahead with the claim and they will defend robustly. I had a few days away booked over Christmas and had no car to get there so have had to use the Honda. I also now have no funds to pursue the claim as it will cost me to put the claim in therefore I have had to come to the conclusion that I will have to keep the car and just try to sell it as I do not want anything to do with this guy or his company. I am gutted that he has gotten away with it but I was left in a situation where I had no choice but to use the car or lose the £600 mini break away Thank you for all of your help throughout. It really is appreciated. Happy New Year to you all
  3. Hi Today is his deadline, I haven't heard a word since the last letter from his legal team I will be going ahead with the claim after today
  4. I agree 100% I really cannot get over the fact he thinks he can get away with this
  5. Thank you I will get that in the post first thing tomorrow Is it usual practice for them to withdraw the offer of 50% then re-offer it? Or is that them having a wobble?
  6. Do I need to respond to these letters advising I am not accepting or just go ahead and wait until the 21st December and proceed with the court? I also note they say the car passed the MOT on the 3rd November, it didn't - it failed on the 3rd and passed on the 17th - not sure that makes any difference?
  7. I have had 2 letters through from the companys 'legal team' We write to you on behalf of the above-named client in response to your letter dated 7 December 2021, the content of which is noted. Please ensure any future correspondence is sent to Lawgistics directly and not our client, save for any service of court proceedings. Your unduly discursive correspondence does not detract from the fundamental fact that the vehicle was fault free at the time of sale, as evidenced by the MOT which passed on 3 November 2021 with no advisories. To be clear, the dangerous an major defects listed on the MOT failure dated 3 November 2021 were promptly repaired. Such repairs resulted in the subsequent MOT pass. Should you wish to question the validity of this MOT, we suggest you contact the DVSA and or the MOT test station concerned. However, our client is confident that the MOT station carried out the MOT and repairs to a satisfactory standard. The repairing garage, Rickarl Motors, has been established for over 30 years and has a reputable reputation with an average google review rating of 4.8/5*. As previously explained, since you have chosen to repair the vehicle on your own accord, you have waived your right to reject the vehicle. Since the vehicle does not currently have any faults present, our client is not liable to accept your rejection of the vehicle As regards the text messages sent after sale, we can confirm that we are in receipt of all text messages. We note you initially stated to have heard a slight knocking noise and your son suggested it could be the anti-roll bar link. You intimated to our client that you would book the vehicle in for a check. Your suggestion that our client’s silence to one text message implies liability is completely without merit. If our client intended to conceal a fault, which he did not, he would not have suggested to take the vehicle for a diagnosis. For the aforementioned reasons, we see no grounds for rejection and our client will not be accepting your rejection. You must do as you see fit. Take notice, any proceedings will be robustly defended and any defamatory comments posted on any online platform will be subject to legal action through the High Court
  8. Thank you I will I do want to go ahead with the case as I feel he has done wrong and I am out of pocket and without a vehicle which I bought in good faith I am sticking with the advice from you guys, you are right, I am totally under confident when it comes to the legalities but know what he has done is wrong and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it
  9. I shouldn't have asked but he was there when I was explaining to my assistant why I couldn't drive my car home that day. Thank gawd for that!
  10. Because I had the work carried out without giving him the option to fix it himself We use a guy at work to collect bad debts and I asked his opinion this was his response so he agrees I should go ahead but doesn't think I will get anywhere
  11. I am just worried that's all. I have spoken to a few people in work about this and they are under the impression I wont get anywhere with it but I am sticking with your advice and pushing ahead as I feel I am right to The only other expense I have had is the train ticket for myself and my partner to collect the car on the day of purchase which was £5 each and I no longer have the receipt for these but for the small cost, I am willing to let that go I haven't hired a car or been to work since as I am lucky enough to be able to work from home whilst I am off the road, it's just a pain as I could do with going into the office My mother has had to rely on someone else for shopping which I presume I would have to have fuel receipts or something and I am not sure the third party would have now
  12. I also have to pay about £200 for the claim to go ahead, that is collectable from him as well isn't it?
  13. I agree with your changes, I will implement them now I wouldn't want to push anything further charges wise as he seems adamant that he is not liable to pay anything, it's just so frustrating!
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