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  1. Q1 2007. The lease ends May 2084
  2. I paid for the full survey but only included the lease term, nothing about the fees if left longer etc. How would i pursue a claim? Not even sure where to begin Thanks again
  3. Hi all Im having a real struggle with the sale of a leasehold masionette I own. So I originally purchased at the value of £175k as a leasehold. As it was my first ever purchase I wasnt exactly "street wise" when it came to the buying. The leasehold currently has 71 years to run but at the time of purchase I was not informed that anything under 80 years would have serious issues when it came to either extending the lease or selling the property. Neither my financial advisor, estate agent or solicitor mentioned the potential costs (being quoted £13k to extend by 90 years!) and th
  4. Hi All... I started my claim against M&S in June 2009, Ive just rcvd the following reply from the FSA: Dear Mr X Your complaint is currently waiting to be allocated to an adjudicator. I'm sorry that you have been waiting a long time, but as I'm sure you are aware, the ombudsman service is dealing with a very high volume of complaints about payment protection insurance. I'm afraid I cannot give you an accurate estimate of when your complaint will be allocated, but as soon as this happens, the adjudicator will make contact with you. The fact that Marks and Spencer
  5. Livingstone phoned me up yesterday saying they would honour the letter they sent me and change the rate now. Really suprised, first good news from a financial company for years , there is hope
  6. The contract contradicts itself There is a section where it states "this fixed term will run for 2 years and 11 months and after that you will go onto our SVR". In a section further on its states the mortgage will end June 10. They said they were putting it through thier comlaints procedure and "see what they could do internally" ( i threatened to take it to FSA if not ). They will right to me and get something out in two working days so I guess I go from there.
  7. And sorry for the spelling mistakes just noticed, must be the rage
  8. Ok, need to blow off some steem here ! Took my mortgage out with livingstone mortgages (used Victoria Mortgages as a broker) in Feb 2007 on a 6% 3 year fixed rate. My original contract stated I would have to finish paying in June 2010, im guessing this is a extended offer period due to being on a sub prime deal . Back in September 09 I recieved a letter from Livingstone stating my mortgage would be going to 3% above LIBOR variable rate at the end of FEB 10, the same happened a couple of months later. Great I thought, mortgage gets slashed in half, i can finally get some of my d
  9. I recently wrote to EGG for details of a loan agreement I had with them 6 years back as I beleive I had some mis-sold PPI. Before doing so I rang them and asked how I go about this... they told me I had to send a £1 cheque with a return address. So i did as they asked but then rcvd the following letter: Dear Mr ***** As the account you refer to is now closed I have to inform you that EGG are under no obligation to comply with a request for a copy of the executed agreement under the consumer credit act as we are no longer have a relationship relating to this account, nor are we seekin
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. What would be the best way to follow this through now? Shall i go straight to the FSA with all my information? I dont really see the point in going back to M&S after the 2nd rejection. Thanks edit - looking at the appliaction form now it has my signature but NO tick box for PPI anywhere That must work in my favour ?
  11. Hi guys, well ive recently had a reply back from M&S, there latest repsonse was also a rejection and they have pointed out the following: "I can see that your original application was completed on the internet. As there is no advisor present to inform customers about the insurance and as this is actively requested, any insurance sold in this way is deemed as "non-advised". The information was available on the Website and application form for you to view before you completing the application." If i can remember right i did apply through the internetthough 7 years was a long time a
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