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  1. I am a small independent skincare maker. I purchased the service of MyHermes to collect and deliver 4 parcels of wholesale skincare goods to a stockist, and 3 were lost. * 2 parcels had their last scan at the Hermes depot Jun 1st '18, and haven't been seen since. * 1 parcel made it to the destination OK. * 1 parcel was said to have been delivered but was never received, and at some point I was told the delivery scan happened on the other side of town to where the parcel was supposed to go. MyHermes say they've conducted multiple sweeps of the warehouse and can't fin
  2. I need some advice. My partner had an operation a week ago on his foot which went well however when they put a back slab (plaster) on his calf to support his foot, they did not put it on properly and he ended up having a deep chemical burn from the plaster. After the operation, he continually told the nurses that he felt that his calf was burning but was told, it is part of the surgery. The nurses did not bother to check his calf. As a result of this, he now needs a skin graft due to chemical burns from the plaster and the burns being so deep. I tried to contact the hospital who did the
  3. I have had a problem with the Norfolk and Norwich hospital, in brief I had pains in my chest and couldn't breathe and pain in my left arm and went to the A&E on Tuesday the 8th may in the evening I was left for 6 hours and was told nothing was wrong to go home and take paracetamol, myself and my wife argued that I was in pain and couldn't breathe, I had a chest X-ray and a blood test and was still told nothing wrong so I went home, I had the same pain on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th but didn't bother going back to A&E, on Friday 11th in the morning I
  4. Does anyone know anything about medical negligence? My family is at the beginning of a possible negligence case. My brother was taken by ambulance to hospital because he was taken very ill with a violent headache and vomiting. He was kept in the A&E department overnight and diagnosed with migraine. No CT scan was given. Only blood test and pain killers. Even though it was obvious he was very ill, we were called to take him home. I argued with the staff he wasn't fit to go. However I was told he has been cleared to leave. So he has to leave. He was unable to walk to the car p
  5. Hi, Last year in May I badly hurt my ankle. It was massively swollen and bruised (I can upload a picture if required). I had damaged my right ligaments in the past and had gone to the hospital and been told just to rest it for a few days. With this in mind, I did not go to hospital for 4 days assuming it was just ligament damage. However, after 4 days the pain was much greater than previous + was much more swollen and bruised. I decided I would go to hospital. Note, I was able to limp on it, but not put much weight at all on it. I went to Accident
  6. Firstly, I need to say that I live in Scotland, in case this makes any difference to the law involved. I own a flat in a tenement building that I rent out. Common charges are dealt with by a factor who then bills the owners. My bills are sent to my home address for my attention, so it is clear that the factors are aware that I don't live in the premises & have my home address. Some time ago, the factors got in touch with all owners to advise that major work was required on the building & each owner would have to pay around £3900 in advance to have this done. I pai
  7. Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to establish whether my solicitor has acted negligent by not following the pre-action protocol in respect of a Disrepair claim which has now been settled, after 6 years of my local council denying liability under the OLA 1957. I had an accident during the period where liability was being disputed but my solicitor is claiming that he did not have the funds to pursue a PI claim but never advised me on this, and on checking the pre action protocol under Disrepair claim there is reference that would suggest that in any event, a claim for PI aris
  8. For over 5 years Myself and my Son have attempted to bring a case together for Medical Negligence against an Hospital in Sheffield from the time frame of 1996 -2010 where my son suffered terribly and was in critical conditions on 3 occasions. We appointed a solicitor back in 2011 to deal with this matter, In 2016 this firm of Solicitors went in to Administration, and we were passed on to another firm to carry on our case. It is a very complex case we as there are many issues dating from 1996-2010 with 3 Hospital stays. We have recently received a letter from this new firm of Sol
  9. hi all, i need some help with solicitors fees. i took my civil claim for a used car i purchased to a solicitor as i was not getting anywhere with the car dealer i purchased from. long story short, the solicitor had my file for 3 years, ran the case into the ground, i paid £17k in costs, the solicitor then came off file when i refused to pay any further money. now the solicitors firm want another £8000. in the end the solicitor did absolutely nothing for me, i didn't win the case nor did i lose it. the dealer in the end repaired the car and gave it back to me, for the privilege i pai
  10. Hi, I'm a First Direct Customer and have had a mortgage with them for over 15 years. I am so impressed with their customer service, that I bought their buildings insurance. I've had the policy for donkey's years. In May 2015 I had a leak which came in from the next door neighbour. The ingress of water stayed well below the joists and never damaged any flooring or contents. I repeat, water never ever at any point damaged any of the building or my personal belongings! Asprea, which is a claims management company which is owned by Aviva, assigned a surveyor to manage the claim. How
  11. Dear all, I was involved in a car insurance claim and had been told to discontinue my claim by the solicitor. From the letter solicitor sent me, I found few points of my solicitor's statement are wrong. For example, (1) they claimed I did not go to GP but I went, I took the Gp record and sent to solicitor,(2) the specialist who examined me recommended physiotherapy for me but the solicitor did not follow and did not refer me to physiotherapy, and the other party picked on this (3) car repair invoice is £700 but they put £850, although I had 2 quotations I went for the cheaper one which in
  12. Hi All, Everyone I tell my story to is telling me to seek legal advice and look to make a claim for what has happened to me. In November last year I damaged my knee and immediately went to the local community hospital who referred me to A and E at the bigger hospital. The doctor greeted me and went over my X-RAY which showed no signs of bone breakages or clear damage. He then did a few other tests asking myself to move in different places and after the normal ligament tests he then said to me 'he hopes its not meniscus damage and then proceeded to get another member off staff,
  13. Hi all Can anyone recommend a good solicitor who specialises in vet negligence claims? Thanks Foxy
  14. Royal Mail has failed to forward post from a PO Box (a service we paid for). This is despite being made aware of a problem several months ago. I want to know what recourse we have against them, if any. Firstly, this is a business-business transaction. We have a small company and have a PO Box mailing address which we pay for. This was setup in September 2014. We paid an additional fee to have all mail sent to this PO Box forwarded on to a physical address. In November 2014 we became aware of an issue whereby our clients (other businesses) would attempt to return signed contracts for
  15. I need some advice for what steps i should take in pursuing my insurance company for high risk of loss of life due to negligence. I will be vague on the dates/times/full details due to this potentially being a high profile case. a few months back i had an accident and damaged my car. No other parties were involved just myself. The insurance company did the usual protocol and recovered the vehicle and sent it off to garage 1. Garage 1 quoted the repairs and carried them out, on collection of my car i noticed the steering was not correct and there was a loud kn
  16. In 2010, my local Council issued an ASBO against me because I had a dispute with a neighbour. My barrister tried but in vain to raise in Court that the Council had failed to follow its own procedures when the asbo was applied for. When Council's apply for an asbo they need to meet certain criteria which they failed to do so. Before an asbo is issued, you are supposed to receive a verbal warning, then a written warning, then you are asked to sign behaviour contracts; I was never sent no warnings etc etc. Does this make the asbo legal? The asbo has since expired without
  17. Hi can anyone help me? I transferred my British Telecom line rental account several years ago when I moved home. The account was transferred to my brother's name after he became the sole occupant of my old house. The transfer was effected over the phone with BT, and it seemed to go smoothly. A few months ago I learnt that BT had sent a bill to my old address, in my name, I emailed them via their website and told them that the bill was erroneous because I ceased to be a BT customer years before. This email went without reply. I then phoned their customer ser
  18. Hi. The following is an account of pain frustration & as yet unresolved problems with legs. Last October 2013 I started to get inflammation in both my legs, this became cellulitis (noticeable sores and swelling) for which I was prescribed antibiotics. At this time, close to the end of 2013, I knew there was a more serious problem here than just the outer signs. There was a horrible taste of bile in my mouth, like poison and there was some major infection going on down there somewhere. The legs still bad as we broke into the new year:- (picture from Jan2014 - both legs in sim
  19. Abdel

    Medical Negligence

    Dear Caggers, Last year went for a simple operation on my salivary gland at St George's hospital, London which was meant to be a one night stay job. I ended up being in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks two weeks of which in an induced coma. The reason being that whilst operating inside my mouth some damage was cause to the underside of my tongue which swelled up and necessitated my return to operating theatre for a second time to repair my tongue. Then i needed to have a third operation to have a tracheostomy (neck) done to allow them to ventilate me through it. The experience
  20. Can anybody clarify whether any of the following incidents would be seen as medical negligence and can any claims be made if they are? Had an annual check up in a specialist centre, reported to the doctor that some palpitations had occurred. He noted only one occurrence but there was one long one and several shorter occurrences which he was told about. Information was only partially recorded Had a 24 hour monitor but didn't receive results so thought everything was OK. Regular annual check 12 months later and was taken straight into hospital as an emergency but there was no recor
  21. ive been advised by my doctor to make a claim for clinical negligence, on 21st april I suffered a massive heart attack . my wife phoned 999 , when I had been complaining of chest pains for approx. 20 mins . I don't like hospitals so for the 20 mins I kept sayin no ,till the point I could no longer speak . she spent 15 mins on the phone to the 999 operator explaining my pains ,struggling to breath going blue , twice I stopped breathing for approx. 30 seconds. my children witnessed it all plus another family member and a life long friend. when the param
  22. On the 2nd of April I became homeless due to eviction by virtue of section 21. In November 2013 my ex partner started to have problems with her boyfriend and with the help of the social services I became guardian of our 2 years daughter. Less than a month later on the 8 of December my ex partner was victim of attempted murder and suffered horrific injuries caused by her boyfriend. My daughter started to live with me permanently. On the next day the council stopped paying me my housing benefit as result of me applying for Income support which I didn't get because I wasn't receiving Child
  23. I have a sorry saga to tell about a relationship between some leaseholders & “Countrywide property management” It will be interesting to hear if any members here have also been victims of these people. There have been many issues in the 20+ years we’ve had to endure their “services” but I will start with the most profound that is coming to its culmination. We had an elderly gentleman with us who owned his basement flat in our converted Victorian building. He had not lived here long till he started to complain of water ingress into his dwelling from above & below. He t
  24. Hello Friends, I have had a recent bad experience with council. I had some overdue council tax, which I cleared upon being brought to attention, back in November. However by then the council had passed on my name to a debt collection agency. I explicitly asked them to inform the debt-collection agency that I have cleared the payment and there is no outstanding any more. Due to council's negligence, my name was not moved and the debt collection agency continued to send their threatening letters. It was so scary for me and my wife to read the letter.
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