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  1. thank you silver fox and all of you who read and commented. best wishes
  2. Please offer me some advice if any body has any experience or expertise. My problem is that I bought a chandelier from Chinese seller on ebay on 4/12/17. I received message soon after I would receive parcel between 4-11 January 18 but was not given any tracking number. Parcel did not arrive by 11th January. I assumed because of new year there would be delivery delays. By 20th still no parcel. On 21/1/18 I raised an issue with the seller. He sent me a message that supposedly Parcel Force had attempted to deliver four times, the last time being on 20/1/18. There
  3. Abdel

    Medical Negligence

    So, you reckon I ought to consult another doctor for a second opinion ?
  4. Abdel

    Medical Negligence

    Thank you for this very informative piece. With regards to risks I can't remember what they explained. However I would not imagine that causing damage to an organ i.e my tongue, which was not at all part of the operation would constitute acceptable risk. The operation was meant to be on the side of my mouth internally to get to my salivary gland. I would value your opinion on this
  5. Abdel

    Medical Negligence

    Dear Caggers, Last year went for a simple operation on my salivary gland at St George's hospital, London which was meant to be a one night stay job. I ended up being in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks two weeks of which in an induced coma. The reason being that whilst operating inside my mouth some damage was cause to the underside of my tongue which swelled up and necessitated my return to operating theatre for a second time to repair my tongue. Then i needed to have a third operation to have a tracheostomy (neck) done to allow them to ventilate me through it. The experience
  6. please advise. After searching internet for a cheap legal company to do my divorce papers, i settled on legal &Co based in Wiltshire. I have already paid for a fixed fee divorce at a cost of £460 plus another £400 for doing a consent order. They have hardly started doing any work for me when i have been shouted this afternoon 11/714 at by the case manager (john) simply for requesting an acknowledgement email for receiving my docs posted to them two weeks ago. I find the man John hyper sensitive and rude and now blaming me for rudeness. He so far as went on to say th
  7. Dear Caggers, I have worked for NHS as a community nurse for nearly 30 years now. Last financial year (April 2013 to end of march 2014) I had two major operations. The first operation was in may 2013 and I took 4 weeks paid sick leave. Then I had a second more complex one in October which landed me in a coma for 10 days. I had 3 months sick leave. I went back to work on 20th January 2014. I was put on a phased return for 6 weeks ( which incidentally was pretty much full time work) . My Case load was very busy and no one at work mentioned to me I ought to use up my annual leave b
  8. Today they called again from collections and left a message. I called back. They tell me they are investigating my complaint of six months ago and has now passed my file to their compliance team. Said they have removed my name from the auto caller. About the threatening legal notice letters said these are computer generated and can't do anything about it. I have quoted the case mentioned by rebel11 and told them am preparing a case against them.
  9. Thank you. i do have a worry that they may claim that i have led them to pursue a claim which was already settled and hence want me to pay their fees. as i said previously i did not actually ask them to work on this but they did so on their own after sending a DSAR and finding out there was a loan with ppi on it.
  10. Dear CAggers, wonder if any one has some advice. i have been harrassed on an almost every other day basis by Claims Guys ( CGs) for payment of 'due fees'. This relates to a case they pursued for me on a 'no win no fee basis'. In fact, this particular case ( a loan from NAT WEST BANK, which as it turned out had already been dealt with succesfully by a differnt company a few years ago) was 'dug out' by CGs after they sent a DSAR to RBS concerning a different case relating to some credit cards. I was pleasantly shocked to hear from Claims Guys over a year ago now that
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