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  1. hi all, i need some help with solicitors fees. i took my civil claim for a used car i purchased to a solicitor as i was not getting anywhere with the car dealer i purchased from. long story short, the solicitor had my file for 3 years, ran the case into the ground, i paid £17k in costs, the solicitor then came off file when i refused to pay any further money. now the solicitors firm want another £8000. in the end the solicitor did absolutely nothing for me, i didn't win the case nor did i lose it. the dealer in the end repaired the car and gave it back to me, for the privilege i pai
  2. i think i am going to write to the ombudsmen, i do feel let down and conned by the AA.
  3. AA did not cover it in the end. below is the reply i received. AA inspector came out and advised the same. no sufficient oil supply to the turbo, could not definitely say it was due to a blockage. this grey area is used to the advantage of the AA to get out of paying the full $465. i feel Conned. Dear Mr Hussain Thank you for your email to our Executive Chairman, Mr Andrew Goodsell. Further to our conversation today, I have reviewed the details of your claim with the information provided by the garage and by our technical team. The terms and conditions for your Breakdown
  4. i only mentioned the previous claim after they had already advised they would not cover this repair. they advised that was under a different policy and were not really interested. he advised that if the cause of the turbo failing was an oil blockage stopping oil getting to the turbo then it wold not be covered as this is a new amendment in the T&Cs. any oil blockages in the engine are not covered. They have not advised when the inspector would call. each day is costing me money without my car as ai have to use public transport to travel, im not on the best of jobs and these unnecessary cos
  5. thanks rebel, i have read the terms and conditions, from what i understand they should cover the fault. 1. Features and benefits of AA Breakdown Repair Cover AA Breakdown Repair Cover will cover The cost of repair and/or the cost of replacement of certain parts when your vehicle has suffered a breakdown and you are unable to safely continue your journey. In order for cover to apply the vehicle must: a) breakdown as a result of mechanical or electrical failure, and b) as a result, be prevented from continuing its journey safely, and c) have been attended by the
  6. from what i have learnt, if AA send out an inspector then they pay around£150, they would rather pay that than the full £465. i feel totally let down by the AA.
  7. you can try email the CEO Chris Jansen
  8. Hi, i was wondering if someone could help me. i am sure I'm not the first or last to report such a problem. i have been a member of AA for about 6 years and have the additional breakdown repair cover. i own a vw golf 1.9tdi 2005 model last week i broke down whilst driving, i lost total power however it was intermittent, even with the full foot down on the accelerator. i suspected it was the turbo or MAF as the warning light appeared on the dash board. i parked up in a safe location, called the AA and they sent a patrol, in favour of the AA, the patrol did arrive within 20 minutes.
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