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  1. does anyone know who is the body, and address responsible for the county courts. we have a problem here in plymouth where they have no counter service, the phone is always engaged and they never respond to emails........... cheers
  2. just logged onto noddle, before i paid for experian and i remember there were other debts on there which are not showing on noddle!!!!
  3. unfortunately not currently subscribed, i will have to wait until saturday!!
  4. hi everyone just when i thought i had dealt with the last stat demand and their subsequent failed court action i have just had a 'appointment letter for statutory demand' posted through the letter box. they say they will return and serve it. there are no details of the debt or creditor on the letter at all. i therefore will have to wait and see what it is for???
  5. thank you andy i understand that! the court ordered i pay theri fees within 14 days which i couldn't. i am now on jsa, can i apply to the court and inform them i can't afford to pay the sum in full?
  6. thanks sabre. i read post #3 but are there any further guidelines to simply a N245 or having the other sides costs assessed. i.e. with their costs should i be going to the other side for a detailed breakdown of their costs or i do i make an application to the court first?
  7. they had filed their defence and then their solicitor applied to strike out the claim. the hearing was set for 2 hours, i did not attend. prior to the hearing they had offered me a drop hands offer which i did not accept.
  8. yes sols applied to strike out on limitation, and they succeeded, i missed a deadline but the actual date of knowledge was well before that date so even of i had made the deadline i would have failed. i am therefore in damage limitation mode as per my initial post, hopefully you can help? cheers
  9. hi, brought a claim against solicitors for professional negligence but the claim was struck out on limitation issues.
  10. i recently had a claim struck out due to limitation issues. the other sides costs were ridiculously high at £17,000.00. the court order was for those costs to be paid within 14 days. i am currently on tax credits with a very low income, i have no savings. the property i am living in is mortgaged and is in negative equity. firstly how do i apply to vary the order so i can pay over time. secondly can i apply to have their costs assessed? cheers
  11. hi andy that was my thinking but if there was an unless order and their claim would be struck out by the court why can't i leave that up to the court. if i agree to the consent order i am in effect agreeing to the counterclaim being dismissed. where would i stand if i then issued a claim afterwards. finally if it against the original creditor or the lowell? cheers
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