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  1. I wish they'd trawl through this one, I've only been able to put a fraction of what has happened on this thread but the incidents and complaints stretched to a full 7 sides of A4 paper from doctors messing up, admin mess ups - too numerous to mention - down to ridiculous events on in-patient experiences. Incidents that were all brought to the attention of those in charge happened again and again each time followed by an apology with a promise of 'it won't happen again' If we couldn't have laughed about it at times, we'de have gone mad. Perhaps some of the journalists can't or don't read everything, a lot of the admin staff in the NHS certainly can't or don't read and their catering staff definitely can't read. Example big sign 'Nil by Mouth after midnight', so on the day the sign is in force breakfast patrol standing right next to the sign says 'what would you like for breakfast'. You just couldn't make it up. As for the GMC,I think they may have made some enquiries and if they found out what I think they may have found out, there may well be one doctor who isn't doing too well at the moment. Well they asked if they could 'share' my comments with the trust to, in their words, confirm this was not part of a pattern after they said they wouldn't investigate. I said yes knowing full well they would find out there wasn't just the one problem. Obviously I could only give our experience and couldn't infer anything else but we knew there were problems. Not my fault the trust tried to cover up and didn't succeed. I only reported my bit but I think the true extent may have been uncovered and I really hope it has. I made sure everything was in writing with phone calls recorded, the trust has been apologising and giving excuses for months now it looks like some of their 'manipulations of facts' just may be coming back to bite them on the bum. Pity it can't be the rear ends of the overpaid CEO and Chairman. At least that would get them up off their a****s to earn their extortionate salaries. As for the form they sent and demanded a signature, they are now saying perhaps it's not the right form. I told them it wasn't in the first place and they've had to confirm they can't remove patient rights of complaint so why give the damn thing out in the first place. Just trying it on again and not getting away with it this time although they probably have in the past.
  2. Brian48, you're not the only one who can't take any further action. I can't either unless I want to spend thousands on a solicitor. Still waiting for some twit to call me back. If these people have a complaints procedure why can't they actually do something for the patients instead of paying some top bod with a fancy title mega bucks or our money to sit on his a*** and let his so called admin staff lie, distort, fob off, make excuses and give out meaningless apologies. Not too sure how it works in Scotland but you should have a good case through a solicitor. There should be some sort of Ombudsman there, not really sure other than that try going to the newspapers they may well help you they seem to have a go for people who live in Wales so may be worth a try. Good luck anyway, I'm not giving up until these incompetent twits get sorted out, just wish there was a decent solicitor around who would take the case on without charging me an arm and a leg. I know any compensation wouldn't be mega money but this lot won't even refund us any of our out of pocket expenses caused as a direct result of their useless staff.
  3. Still going on. I agreed to accept their so called goodwill offer on MY OWN behalf to cover MY OWN out of pocket expenses caused directly by maladministration which they've admitted to - several times - but still haven't put it right. Finally got the letter I was expecting, only 3 weeks late so that's an improvement on 2 months. They sent me a form to sign for this so called good will payment, would you believe a 'release from any liability of this Trust in full and final satisfaction of any claim arising from the care of your son' form and they're wondering why I won't sign it. That form is effectively taking away the right of complaint for any patient and/or their representative. They really have got to be joking and on top of that the administration is STILL making mistakes. My son should have been given a further appointment but then the excuses started as to why that didn't happen. They damn well forgot again, why can't they just be honest. The 'so called' CEO signs these letters, oh how I'd love to get hold of the silly man and tell him just how bad his admin lot are, just how much they try and distort what happens and just how much they try and fob people off hoping they will go away. I'm not going away, deal with it. I'm going to be a pain in his rear end until he gets up off his a*** and does something for the patients instead of covering up for his incompetent admin staff and managers.
  4. Oh what joy, here we go again. Letter promised, not received, not done, forgotten about by the looks of it. Phone call promised, not received. On the plus side I have been offered a gesture of goodwill payment to cover what all this lot has cost me trying to support my son during discussions of more possible surgery. My son, having been ignored, forgotten, not treated when he should have been, hospital in patient treatment not being particularly good, being messed about with appointments etc., has been offered absolutely nothing. He lost earnings, potential earnings and had a fair few out of pocket expenses because this lot couldn't be bothered to get things right and he's expected to just accept an apology and told it won't happen again. The mistakes made have already been happening again so that's a load of eyewash. The MP can't be bothered to reply either. He, or one of his office lot, has sent one reply apologising and saying they never got previous emails. They did, they'd all been read. Strikes me there's someone in their office as well who just doesn't bother to read anything then ditches emails as well. Must be the latest criteria for getting a high paid job, if you can't read then you get the job. On we go, I'm definitely not giving up until my son gets the treatment he should be getting, that still isn't happening and I'm getting very p***ed off with excuses and everything being twisted around and dumbed down to make them look better. It isn't going to work, deal with it, get a grip and do things properly. Can't these twits understand if they do things right first time they'd save millions for the NHS? It's not rocket science, some 5 year olds could do a better job than some of these trust management teams.
  5. Well, my son wasn't 'damaged' so the solicitor says they won't take on the case on a no win no fee basis probably due to the fact that any payout wouldn't be high enough for them and there's no way we could even consider taking on the NHS other than on a no win no fee deal. On the plus side, the GMC haven't ruled out making a report to the Trust and asking for clarification although they have said the information given didn't meet their criteria for an investigation. The GMC asked for my permission to 'share' the information to make the Trust fully aware there had been a complaint and to get the doctor's view on what happened. I emailed the Trust to see if they were happy for me to allow this or did they want me to tell the GMC to forget it altogether. Their reply was interesting to say the least. They said after discussion they felt they had no right to ask me to deny any permission and that they were now willing to fully co-operated with the GMC. Reading between the lines, it looks to me that I was right all along. There was a cover up which included the previous consultant and I think after making the Trust investigate for a second time, they've now found out there was more to it than just one patient complaint. It was disclosed that absolutely nothing was recorded on my son's medical file in 2012, no wonder he didn't get any monitoring or treatment. All very strange. I wouldn't like to think I was responsible for jeopardising a doctor's career but I get the distinct impression more incidents have been discovered so whatever happens now to this errant doctor won't be down to just me. We'll wait and see what happens next. I wrote to my MP, at first got replies and a request for yet another permission form which was sent but the MP hasn't contacted since. I emailed yet again the other day, nothing-but we'll keep plodding on and see what happens next.
  6. The GMC are NOT going to investigate this doctor anyway and even though their leaflet clearly says a doctor must make clear, accurate records so what is the point of the GMC if they don't do what they say and don't take any disciplinary action unless more than one issue is highlighted. Don't they realise that patients are reluctant to complain in case it affects their on going care? We only complained after a catalogue of complaints this was just one of the incidents but it was one of the more serious ones. Yes my son's health was put in jeopardy. He had undiagnosed arrhythmia or flutter for 12 months which when he already had a heart defect probably wasn't the best thing to have. It seems to be one thing to get the doctor to admit a mistake and quite another to get something done about it. The GMC said that as the incident happened in 2012 it wasn't possible to determine what he was told at the time or what action he proposed to take. I would have thought the fact that there was nothing on the medical records would have been some sort of pointer to the then consultant who has since left that there was a problem. It's a case or our word against theirs even though it's been admitted by the doctor concerned there was a mistake. All we can do is wait and see what the solicitor says now but the doctor involved will NEVER be involved with my son's treatment ever again we'll make sure of that. I just hope he's not let loose on any other unsuspecting patients with on going problems.
  7. Hi Bazza and thanks for the information. The errant doctor did apologise but it was unclear from his apology whether he had in fact put anything on the medical notes. From his apology letter it was very clear he had no idea that the test result was not available or certainly wasn't reviewed 12 months later. Treatment my son had from July 2013 was entirely down to what was found on tests carried out in July 2013 and certainly not 12 months before that. It was confirmed that my son's notes were certainly not completed and the information given to this doctor in 2012 was not recorded at all. I agreed not to continue with the GMC because the consultant was genuinely unaware that the trust, who had been trying to cover up and who had been dealing with the whole complaint, had skirted around giving details of this doctor. The trust in the first place said they were unable to contact the doctor as he no longer worked for the trust and that's in writing in their first response 4 months after making the original complaints. They were told at a meeting in April it was rubbish and to get hold of the doctor. Communications continued and I asked at least 4 times for the GMC number. In July the trust said they had spoken to the doctor but no details were given so that's when I pushed again for his number and it was finally given in mid September. I have great respect for the consultant which is why I agreed to halt the report. The problems after all were not of her making in any way. I certainly did not feel unduly pressured into agreeing to drop the case with the GMC but it has to be said I did think that if I had continued how would that have affected my son's care and treatment so it was a bit of a catch 22 situation. The trust have admitted the doctor made errors. It was said that he had 'issues' and needed extra support but that was the only reason given. It still has to be said that as a direct result of this doctor with his 'issues' my son was left with no on going monitoring or treatment which was definitely needed for 12 months. At his annual check up in July 2013 it was very quickly realised there was a big problem and he was given medication immediately. He should have been given that medication in 2012 not 12 months later. There is apparently an offence of improperly completing medical notes so to there is an offence of maladministration so we will see what the solicitor comes up with. The trust has consistently tried to cover, twist and whitewash issues raised. Fortunately it's all in writing and there's absolutely no doubt that everything in the complaints can be very easily verified even if bits do go missing from from various files. I have all the copies, recordings, you name it I have it.
  8. Well we have a sort of result after a second investigation was carried out by people who know what they are doing. We have an admission that a doctor didn't make any notes on medical records and an admission that the trust was guilty of multiple administration errors. As far as the GMC is concerned, I was asked by the medical staff not to pursue complaints with the GMC relating to the errant doctor and out of respect for the medical staff I agreed not to carry on with that. Unfortunately the GMC may not take the same view, they have said they may need to contact me again as they feel the situation may need further investigation so we'll just have to wait and see what happens next. On the plus side, my son is now receiving the treatment and monitoring he needs so that in itself is a good result but it took 12 months of complaining, pressure and getting stroppy to do that but it has all been worth it to have some peace of mind. He now has a direct contact point in case he feels there is a deterioration in his health and we now have a little more faith in the system. A solicitor is now looking into the case and may well take things further so that again we'll have to wait and see. I think this trust will be a little more careful in future when they try and fob us off with excuses, ignore some issues and only partially deal with other issues. They should have done a proper investigation in the first place and been more honest with us then we may not have even considered consulting a solicitor. We don't want mega bucks, just reimbursement for our own expenses, my son's loss of earnings and a gesture for compensation but the trust is still considering that at the moment. They have made an offer of a small amount which at the moment we have declined as it just about covers my son's out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings and potential loss of earnings, it doesn't even take into consideration any compensation for the upset and stress he's suffered and the fact that his care and treatment was delayed for 12 months. He has a heart condition which he was born with, it isn't anybody's fault but he should be entitled to proper care and treatment, is that too much to ask, and is it too much to ask not to have to be out of pocket when proper care and treatment is considerably delayed through avoidable errors?
  9. We now have a partial admission that my son's notes were incomplete and we have yet another statement that there is a 'robust' system being put in place to ensure tests requested by doctors are actually recorded. A bit late and it's another one of those 'not holding my breath' for that to be done. What an absolute shambles. The Ombudsman isn't doing a fat lot and as far as the Department of Health and the 'wonderful' Health Secretary is concerned; their response to a complaint is it has to go to the Trust concerned, they are not prepared to do anything. What the **** do they think we've been doing? It's just a case of going around in circles. The GMC want details of the incidents relating to the doctor who started all this in the first place. I bet they don't do anything either other than trying to do another cover up job. We will be seeing solicitors and see whether they can get the Trust to divulge the rest of the fiasco. I know there's been a cover up, it's now more than obvious, and I want to know who did, or didn't do, what and when. Why can't these people be honest instead of writing pages of utter rubbish to try to put complainants off. It isn't going to work, get used to it. One way or another I'll find out who's covering up and why. Heaven help any of them if I find out that by making very valid complaints it has affected any of his care. On to the next meeting, should be interesting if nothing else. I have a nice page of questions and I'll make my own recording this time without the editing.
  10. A response from my email about their rubbish admission letter. They're going to do a second review of the case. Wonder if they will be able to read it this time or will it just be a case of 'losing' a few more bits out of the file. Oh, and no signed hard copy of this admission letter as promised either, what a surprise. I think I may have caused a slight degree of panic, not sure, but it looks that way. Not only have I kept all the paper trail but unfortunately for them I have also recorded some of the phone calls as well especially the ones where they promised to call back and didn't then told me that wasn't what they said. I could play them back if they want. There are some really good medics dealing with my son's treatment it's just a shame they don't have the back up they deserve. It's a shame these good medics feel duty bound to cover up for the odd one or two who screw up big time. It shouldn't be up to the patients to sort this out, patients with serious complaints don't need this, we certainly don't. On we go hey ho
  11. Oh how I wish these people would stop messing about and realise I don't appreciate being messed around by incompetent twits. I got this wonderful copy letter via email from this doctor through the Directorate of Management. He met with the Directorate of Management, fancy title, loads of money, no idea what it's doing, and he said, I'll quote the first bit you couldn't make it up: Thank you for meeting with me to discuss Mr.XXX care. Following a detailed review of the case, it is clear that a 24 hour tape was requested in clinic and performed in August 2012. Regrettably the result was not reviewed until the next appointment in July 2013. The next paragraph had more lines in it about the discussion to ensure robust systems were in place to stop this happening again and there should be support for clinicians from administrative staff. They discussed a new system that has been developed. The final paragraph apologised for any inconvenience and distress his action MAY have caused and he would reflect on all feedback to continue to improve as a clinician. This was sent to me by email with a signed hard copy in the post apparently. The cheeky fancy title who sent it as an attachment asked me to let them know if I needed to discuss it further. I wouldn't like to say what I sent back on a reply email. Needles to say yes I will be discussing it further. I don't think I have ever seen such a load of utter c**p and been expected to accept that as a statement of admission. Do they really think we are as thick as they are these so called managers? Now I'm getting very cross and if they think for one minute I'm going to let go now then all I can say is get over it. Solicitor is the next step, and that's now in hand. Onward and upward
  12. It looks like things are moving forward, well a little at least. The doctor who messed up in the first place by leaving my son for 12 months with no monitoring, no care, nothing has now finally been contacted after a year of persistence. He has admitted he didn't fully complete my son's notes. He has admitted he didn't review a test that clearly showed there was a problem, this is on top of the admissions already made by this trust relating to the administration staff messing up big time. I am supposed to be getting a statement from the trust about this doctor's action, or in his case, inaction. Due to the serious nature of his actions this doctor has been advised to get legal advice and representation which just goes to show there was one mega cover up. Now other issues are beginning to surface relating to a keyhole surgery procedure carried out which was unsuccessful and may have been totally inappropriate for his condition. If this is the case then with the written admissions I already have, this may go a little further than just a complaint. The action of the negligent doctor in the first place caused a delay in treatment; now with this possibly unnecessary surgery which would never have been successful, I think this trust could have more trouble that they thought and all because they couldn't be bothered to address the complaints and concerns properly. They thought that by dumbing down, ignoring and trying to get away with not doing any proper investigations they could close the complaint as having being successfully dealt with. Sorry, wrong, it didn't work. As it is now, by trying to wriggle out of their responsibilities they have caused themselves far more problems. Tough, they should have dealt with the complaint properly in the first place. They should have contacted the doctor who made mistakes months ago and they should have made sure his consultant boss knew there was a problem. The trust have done nothing but cover up well now it's time to uncover this mess so that it doesn't happen to any other patient who has a serious life threatening condition. We continue, maybe with legal assistance this time; we now have more than enough proof positive that my son's treatment has been not only substandard but also quite possibly incorrect. We'll see what happens next.
  13. Don't get me wrong on this lot, my son has received some excellent treatment especially since one very concerned consultant started to manage his case. I can't praise this consultant enough. It was a combination of one doctor in the first place not fully recording what he was told. This was then followed by a sequence of administrative blunders which they have admitted - in writing - several times!!! But the one thing they are still being very cagey on is what this first doctor actually did, or rather didn't do and they're still trying to wriggle out of it so I have contacted the GMC to see if they can get some information. Ward issues are also questionable. There are some fantastic nurses on the ward in question but they are unfortunately overshadowed by those who really can't be bothered and there are a few of those. These staff are seen blatantly using their mobile phones when buzzers are going off and patients need attention. One was seen propping up the wall in the ward corridor playing a game on her mobile and totally ignoring a buzzer going off right in front of her. The employ ward clerks who quite obviously can't read. They admit patients under completely the wrong consultant then, rather than correcting the mistake, send the patient to a clinic appointment with completely the wrong consultant on discharge. They employ caterers who can't read either. Great big notice above a bed saying Nil By Mouth so what do they do? Offer breakfast on the morning of surgery, that's what they do. Incompetent or what? These administrators are there to back up the medics not to cause more trouble than enough which is exactly what has happened in my son's case. PALS on the whole, or rather up until now, have been quite helpful but now I'm stepping up the pressure in trying to find out exactly why my son had no monitoring for 12 months when it was more than clear this should have been done, they too seem a bit on the defensive. There's one big cover up going on and whether this lot like it or not I'll get to the bottom of it eventually. As for the senior management, well the phrase as much good as a chocolate fire guard comes to mind. I called the one I had a meeting with way back in April, 2 weeks ago on a Monday that was after leaving messages to be called back. I was assured I would receive a return call on the following Thursday. Good job I didn't hold my breath on that one; it didn't happen as usual so I called the complaints and PALS manager earlier this week. He's promised to get back to me or get this so called senior manager to call back. I'm not holding my breath on that one either. This so called director first told me they couldn't contact the doctor at the centre of the mess up as he had left the trust. When I told them that was utter rubbish they sheepishly agreed and promised to contact him, that was last April and I have that on a recording of that meeting. They still haven't done it and I'm still waiting for a call with an update - now 2 weeks late which I suppose is about average judging by previous promises. This is the first time I or my son have ever had any need to make any complaints but this one takes the biscuit. The vast majority of the fiasco has been directly caused by incompetent management and administration which has very definitely affected his care so they can get used to the fact I'm not going away so deal with it. There have just been far too many incidents to be brushed to one side. The odd one or two can mostly be accepted but when it runs into 5 A4 sides of paper, that's a different matter and I'm not nit-picking. They're all serious complaints and all easily verifiable.
  14. Shirli, just read your post and I couldn't agree more with the zero tolerance. The NHS expects zero tolerance from aggressive patients so they should also expect zero tolerance from patients who have been unmercifully messed about and badly treated. I now have some sort of final response but it hasn't answered one of the main questions asked as to what exactly did a doctor record, if anything, in July 2012. First I was told the doctor had left the trust and couldn't be contacted. Then at a meting I pointed out they had his GMC number so that was no excuse and was promised they would make contact. Apparently the spoke to this doctor when he was in the hospital but they still haven't told me what went on. Now I have yet another load of c**p telling me they'll contact him by the end of September. I phoned some director of management 2 weeks ago, was promised a call back which quite obviously wasn't going to happen so I've called again repeatedly. I was cut off, messages haven't been acknowledged and I've been promised a call back tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath for that one. All I've had so far is a rash of apologies, plenty of admissions of their errors, some complaints being 're-worded' by them to make it look like it was nothing serious, and some action plan, that hasn't been actioned, being classed as completed. I have found out though that the criteria for a hospital negligence claim has basically 5 elements. Failing to take a patient's history into account - the patient's history was taken into account but sort of passed over Failing to examine a patient properly or to note all their symptoms - all his symptoms were certainly not noted and they've admitted they've not fully recorded issues on the trust computers or in his notes Failing to carry out the right investigations - they did one test which they lost but nothing else for 12 months until it became very urgent Failing to interpret investigations properly - they couldn't, they lost the results of the only test they'd done for 14 months Making administrative errors - I think 5 sides of A4 sheets of paper full of administrative errors answers that one I contacted my MP who wrote to this lot. It took over a month for them to reply to him, that's how good they are. To say they cover up for mistakes and lie is an understatement, even when they've shot themselves in the foot by putting admissions of errors in writing, they still try to deny, twist, cover up and lie. I record every phone call, have done for ages. When my son goes into hospital I take the camera and record the absolute shambles of this organisation on the ward. I record incidents which happen on a pretty regular basis at outpatient clinics. These twits have lost his notes a few times, that gets recorded as well. For all this, some Chief Executive is paid £210,000 a year and is knighted for for being useless. He hasn't the vaguest idea what's going on. Just think what the NHS could do with all that money they're paying these twits to mess things up. Get rid of them, they're useless. Get rid of the other so called senior managers as well, they haven't a clue what they're doing. I wonder what they would do if these fiascos happened to them or their close relatives? Oh sorry, I forgot. They're creaming so much off the NHS for doing b***er all they can afford to go private. It doesn't affect them. I'm not giving up, I'll get things sorted however long it takes and however much trouble I cause them. They may as well get used to the fact I'm not going away I don't care how many times they put the phone down on me or try and ignore me. I will succeed eventually whether they like it or not. Nobody deserves or should have to endure this level of incompetence from illiterate morons. They need to employ people who can read for a start, that would at least be a step in the right direction. We continue.
  15. Shirli, thank you for your input. Still battling still seem to be getting brick walls but as for social media, I have no idea how to go about that. Now have a final response for what it's worth. They offered a small amount of refund for out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings etc but it nowhere near covers what this has cost. Added to that they sent an update of their action plan which was nothing short of a joke. They're saying everything has been completed which, after further problems, lost notes etc., is certainly not completed and I've told them that. They also wanted me to accept this compensation and sign a release from responsibility form. They're just having a laugh if they think for one minute that's going to happen. Meanwhile my son is at the moment fairly stable thank goodness but he is getting more fatigued which goes with the condition. It took the trust over a month to even reply to the MP and even then whoever replied, and it wasn't the Chief Executive, didn't look at the case. Whoever replied asked for yet another permission form to be signed, that would be the third one. How many do they need for heaven's sake? Can nobody in this trust read? Does anybody have any idea what they are doing? I doesn't look like it. The ombudsman is still involved, I think. Not too sure what's happening at the moment. It's an absolute nightmare and then we see people who've not contributed to anything in the UK getting better treatment than those who have serious conditions and contributed all their working lives. These so called managers should learn to manage, they should get their hands dirty, get off their backsides and actually find out what is going on right under their noses. They're getting paid mega bucks and have mega pension pots for doing diddly squat. Get rid of them. Employ people who actually know what they're doing, stop wasting money and treat patients as people not just a name on some list. Ridiculous.
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