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  1. I will talk to my insurer again as you suggest. I expect their position will be the same for this incident as it was with the similar incident 18 months ago. Another angle that occurred to me is the contractor's liability insurance. I believe it was their sloppiness that caused the leaks. I have an email where I implore them to cover the site with temporary tarpaulin roof, which would have prevented this leak. -B
  2. Thanks for you comments. I own the lease so I am an owner occupier, not a tenant. The freeholder is responsible for maintenance of the fabric of the building as set out in the lease agreement. I do have contents insurance but as the incident was due to neglect of maintenance on the part of the freeholder then I'm not covered. If this had been due to a burst pipe or a storm blowing of the roof then it would be covered. If my insurer covered this then they would be, in effect, covering another party's neglect of duty. I can't imagine that any contents policy would cover the policy hold
  3. Hello (and sorry for the long post) I am a leaseholder and I have had leaks in my roof for many years that have got steadily worse and worse - starting with damp patches and discolouration and ending with large dumps of dirty water at random places in the ceiling when it rains heavily. I have complained about this throughout but there has been no action from the various managing agents that have been in charge. About 18 months ago a large dump of water damaged some electronic equipment and a piece of furniture. This prompted the managing agent into action and some temporary repair
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