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  1. HSBC now owns HFC Bank in Brighton. I wrote to HSBC Coventry PPI claims office giving my name, DOB and precise former address, last week, but they replied to say: no records of my account can be found after 32 years, and that they are not legally obliged to retain documents beyond the statutory period if an account was closed. I also opened a Loan Account in Bournemouth and fully repaid around 1983. -- same answer from HSBC: no records. I myself have retained no records whatsoever, but I am absolutely certain I had those accounts, and 70% sure there was PPI as was standard custom in those days. Is this a dead end? Should I invest in £10 requesting a SAR, if so SAR sent to HSBC Coventry or to HFC Bank in Brighton? Later to complain to FOS if we suspect HSBC does have records? Thanks to all for sharing experience.
  2. Is the new GDPR SAR template suitable for a medical records request from a GP without any specific alterations? Thanks.
  3. I have recently been informed that towards the end of 2017 the DWP computer lost my records. I experienced problems with payments in Jan 2018 but did not think any more about it as they sorted my ESA payments out. However, last month I was informed that by mortgage company that they had not received any payments under old scheme prior to changes made in April 2018. I was contacted by Serco and completed the SMI loan agreement that was posted back early June 2018. I have been informed that these completed documents were received by DWP early August 2018 who subsequently sent them Clydebank DWP centre. I contacted the 0800 number ESA department who informed me that the paperwork was sent to Clydebank early August 2018. I queried why I had not received an correspondence reference the SMI loan. The adviser put through an emergency call back from Clydebank. This is when I learnt the delay was because my computer records were lost sometime in Nov 2017. Hence the delay as Clydebank did not have access to information they needed for my SMI loan application as not on the DWP computer system for some reason. The adviser took the relevant information from me and was very supportive though bemused by my situation. She is contacting me back reference SMI loan. However, my concern is as the claimant of ESA and IIDB why was I not informed of the loss of my data by DWP computer? Please, advise me on what I should do? If it was the other way round and it was an overpayment scenario; DWP would be straight on to me.
  4. My energy supplier is Eon Energy. They have been very aggressive to try to provide me a smart meter. They come and visit me and want to talk to me but they never make an appointment. They call me all the time. I am most upset that they also decided to get in touch with my psychiatrist. I have no idea how they even know the name of this person and the contact details. Needless to say that I am horrified. I have sent Eon Energy a SAR request but no reply at all. I have contacted them by sending them letters and complaining about their behaviour but no reply. I have chatted with them online and I got the transcripts. All Eon Energy wants to do is to talk to me. But I don't like talking. I feel that my privacy has been violated. I don't think Eon Energy needs to contact any medical professional and get my medical records so that they could provide me a smart meter. I don't think I even need a smart meter. How would I handle this matter? Information Commissioner's Office? Energy Ombudsman? Or something else?
  5. Would the DVLA have records of everything against a registration? For instance, would they know about NIPs, police records etc.?
  6. On applying my GP informed for all records it would be £50.00. I explained I didn’t need access to all, the problem I was trying to resolve occurred sometime between 2010-15. I was given a date for viewing, when I arrived there the GP had printed off letters in advance - 38 in total. 20 of these I already had – 2 were irrelevant and 2 was just my registration details. I said I would need to take them home and read them, she tried to convince me to stay and read them there – I stayed approx 30-45 mins. I did not view records online. A few days later I received an invoice for £50.00. I emailed the surgery asking for a breakdown of costs – This is what I was emailed back Preparing Notes 10.00 Photocopying of Notes 10.00 Doctor's time £30.00. The practice website reads - You have a right of access to your health records. A small fee may be charged to cover reproduction costs. I do not consider 50.00 a small fee In the meantime I have accessed other records relating to a hospital admission in 2015 – I went to view the records at the hospital and took away approx 50 photocopies – no charge I have emailed my surgery back and stated my case and am awaiting a reply. Can anyone share costs they have been charged – Thanks.
  7. Announcing the new UK Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/announcing-the-new-uk-criminal-records-trade-body-crtb
  8. Hi Firstly this issue is seperate from my other thread. In 2003 I had a bank loan with HFC bank....with PPI which I never claimed. I do not have any account information as paid the loan off 18mths after. Now I telephoned HFC bank (now HSBC) to their dedicated complaints dept re HFC and they said they could not find any details at all. They said if I had the account number they would be able to get the information. Is there another way I can still get info on this old account??? Can I get my credit history from that time as it may be on there???
  9. For over 5 years Myself and my Son have attempted to bring a case together for Medical Negligence against an Hospital in Sheffield from the time frame of 1996 -2010 where my son suffered terribly and was in critical conditions on 3 occasions. We appointed a solicitor back in 2011 to deal with this matter, In 2016 this firm of Solicitors went in to Administration, and we were passed on to another firm to carry on our case. It is a very complex case we as there are many issues dating from 1996-2010 with 3 Hospital stays. We have recently received a letter from this new firm of Solicitors stating that they are closing this case due to lack of evidence etc. It is evident that there is falsifications in my Son’s Medical records and apparent lost information. I have contacted my solicitor pointing these issues out, and explaining that we have solid proof that the information from my Son’s Medical records are false. We are waiting for a reply from them at present. We are unsure of what route to take with all of this, and we would greatly appreciate and advice or support anyone could offer.
  10. Hi all. I recently read in the Sunday Times that even though some banks have told customers that they cannot find records regarding potential PPI claims because the claims are regarding loans that were over 6 years ago, once the Ombudsman has got involved, some banks have 'found' the records stored on 'legacy computer systems or microfiche'. This sounds too good to be true.....is there any truth in this, please?
  11. All this talk about obtaining medical records on this forum reminded me of obtaining my own a few years ago. Back in 2007 and 2008, I obtained some medical records of my own health under the Data Protection Act 1998. These consist of hospital records (such as a routine operation that I had back in 1988), GP records, child development records and so on. I also obtained my birth records (it tells me when I was born, when the delivery of placenta was, my Apgar score etc). This is the crux of the matter, and this is what I am asking - as they are pregnancy records, they are obviously regarded as being the mother's medical records, but I am arguing that if one happened to be the baby born as a result of the pregnancy, they should also be seen as one's own personal records under the Data Protection Act 1998. What do you think? I obtained them under the Access to Patient Records Act 1990 as my mother is now deceased and passed away before I obtained them, but my point is that a record of one's birth is just as much a Data Protection thing, so why did I need to access it as if it was just my late mother's records? Would I have been able to obtain them under Data Protection Act 1998 if she had still been alive at the time? I believe that birth records should automatically be seen under Data Protection Act 1998. Does anyone agree with this?
  12. I am a detained paitent in a hospital and I am eeding to get access to my medical notes. The hospital wrote to me and said the DPA request I sent was valid and that it would tae them 40 days to respomd. But the hospital wrote to me again and said they wouldnt be able to meet the deadline . They gave no excuse at all. I would like a copy of one of my reports Please can you help me?
  13. Hi i want to request medical records from both my local NHS Trust and my GP. Would this result in two different charges or can you relate them in some way to make it all one request? Many thanks.
  14. If you haven't already had an NHS leaflet entitled "Better information means better care" through your letterbox, you are likely to shortly. In my view, it is a disgraceful document inadequately describing a disgraceful project. Here's an online version of it:- http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/cd-leaflet-01-14.pdf And here's s a well-written summary of the story so far, courtesy of the Independent,:- http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/your-life-in-their-hands-is-the-caredata-nhs-database-a-healthy-step-or-a-gross-invasion-of-patient-privacy-9042564.html Timetable (according to Pulse, an online magazine for GPs, at 10 01 14):- " Leaflets [without an opt-out form] will be delivered in four waves across different regions, starting with the North this week, followed by the Midlands and East, the South and London in subsequent weeks. Patients will have at least one month to read the leaflet and to register an objection with their practice, if they choose to opt out of sharing their data before the first planned extraction of data beginning in March." The principal, and frankly urgent, point I wish to make is that if you wait to be told more about this by your GPs' practice you may wind up with very little time indeed to try to 'opt out' (so far as possible). Secondly, a mere cursory glance at the leaflet might leave you assuming that the project is about joined-up medical information, potentially to the immediate and direct advantage of your own individual healthcare. It is nothing of the kind. It is about giving third parties, potentially hundreds or even thousands of them, not directly involved in your healthcare at all, access to highly personal information about you, now, frequently (probably monthly) and for ever. And a large part of the project has been designed and will effectively be run by ATOS, the French IT and outsourcing company which has received so much criticism for its handling of benefits claims over recent years. (ref. e.g: http://uk.atos.net/en-uk/home/your-business/healthcare/business-intelligence/gp-extraction-service.html) Typically, there is also a catch in the apparent 'opt-out'. The newly-created 'Health and Social Care Information Centre' (HSCIC) is already storing personal, identifiable medical information about you – and will go on collecting the same from e.g. hospitals and community services, including mental health out-patient clinics; and there is apparently no way to opt out of that. You can, however, stop the HSCIC giving third parties access to that information – and the way to do this is, oddly, through your GPs. . You thus have to tell your GPs:- a) that you don't want any personal confidential details uploaded to HSCIC by the GPs themselves, and b) that you don't want any personal confidential information shared by the HSCIC with anybody else at all, in any event. When the computerised "data mining" raid ("GP Extraction Service") on your GP records begins, it is supposed to encounter prohibitory 'codes' (entered by your GPs) linked to your NHS number, date of birth, gender and postcode, effecting the required restrictions unless and until you should decide otherwise. You are supposed to be able to give your instructions to your GPs orally – in person or on the phone. I have no faith in this as a route (even assuming you could get to speak to anyone who understood the project in the first place this side of next Christmas) and think it much better to write, preferably recorded delivery. Possible text for such a letter might therefore include:- " Please take whatever steps necessary to ensure my confidential personal information is not uploaded and record my dissent by whatever means possible. This includes adding the ‘Dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data’ code (Read v2: 9Nu0 or CVT3: XaZ89) to my record as well as the ‘Dissent from disclosure of personal confidential data by Health and Social Care Information Centre’ code (Read v2: 9Nu4 or CTV3: XaaVL). I am aware of the implications of this request, understand that it will not affect the care I receive and will notify you should I change my mind. " (Extracted from the very useful and informative:- http://medconfidential.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Opt_out_letter.pdf.) A standardised opt-out form should, of course, have been included with the NHS leaflet, and also be available at all GP surgeries, right now. But that would have made it easy for patients to opt out, and it is disgraceful that the Department of Health\NHS England should, very deliberately, have made it more difficult and confusing for an entire nation-ful of NHS patients needing to respond within a very tight time-frame. Finally, here's a selection of links for 'further reading':- http://www.care-data.info/ http://bma.org.uk/practical-support-at-work/ethics/confidentiality-and-health-records/care-data http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/tsd/care-data/ http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/cd-patient-faqs.pdf http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/thenhs/records/healthrecords/Documents/cd-pati-faqs-06012014%203.pdf
  15. http://tracking.findmypast.co.uk/track?t=v&enid=ZWFzPTEmbXNpZD0xJmF1aWQ9Jm1pZD05ODQxNDQmbXNnaWQ9Mjg3NzYwJmRpZD0xMTI2MzMmZWRpZD0xMTI2MzMmc249MTY4MTI4MTgmZWlkPWc3Ym5mQGJ0aW50ZXJuZXQuY29tJmVlaWQ9ZzdibmZAYnRpbnRlcm5ldC5jb20mdWlkPUZNUFVLSW50NDAxMjQxNDkwJnRhcmdldGlkPSZtbj0mcmlkPTExMSZlcmlkPTExMSZmbD0mbXZpZD0mdGdpZD0mZXh0cmE9&&&2000&eu=1500&&&
  16. Hiya, I took out over a dozen payday loans in 2013 and got myself into considerable debt. I paid them all off with payment plans over the course of a year and was proud to have got myself out of a considerable hole. Today (3 years later) I received a letter from a collection agency saying I owe £400 to a payday loan company. Contacting me 3 yrs after the loan was taken out seemed odd to me and took me by surprise (payday loans was a stress I thought I'd buried long ago) Fortunately I kept a record of what happened to me in 2013 and so I could see it had already been paid off. This is just a note to remind people to keep record of EVERY communication with loan companies, payments, payment plans and also crucially keep a record of a confirmation email from the company when the debt is cleared (if they dont provide one, request it) If you ever find yourself with debts to these short term loan companies and their collection agencies, create a folder in your email called Debt or something, put EVERY one of the communications you have with these companies in that folder. Without that folder I would not have found the email showing I had cleared the debt, bearing in mind this loan was taken out 3 yrs ago!(could not name search as payday loan companies change names, close down, sell off the debt etc... all the time) but by creating that folder I could find an email from 2013 and see the debt was already cleared.
  17. I was looking into a ppi claim for a cc we had years ago. The last statement I have is sept 2006 with a balance of £1541, I phoned the bank to ask some details. They have told me the account must have been closed as they have no records of it and it must of been closed a while. Cue a panic on their end when I said we've been paying this monthly for the past 111 months. They've asked me to write a covering letter and copy of bank statement. What do I need to be putting in this letter??? I'm a little shocked that this has been going on for so long (dopey husband who never checks his bank statement)
  18. I got behind with my TSB credit card payments because I have been off work due to illness. I sent TSB a valid sick certificate signed by my doctor. They have now sent me a large form which not only has to be filled out by a doctor but if I sign it will give them access to my medical records. I told them that they have a medical certificate and they are insisting I sign the form or face legal action. Can they do this?
  19. Hi I read the forum and could not find a similar post, therefore decided to post myself. A year ago I was caught using my friends Freedom Pass in the underground and was given a caution by the Inspector to remain quiet and give my personal details. Two weeks later I received a letter from TFL inviting me to attend a PACE interview under caution with TFL prosecutors, and due to exceptional circumstances the case was settled out of court and I had to pay a hefty fine. During the interview under PACE caution i admit using the freedom pass on more occasions and showed my remoteness and great regret as well as shame. Even though my case did not go as far as court, i am still concerned whether I will be on any records - PNC, DBS and CRB? This is my only concern which delays going ahead with the application for the naturalisation. I contacted a lawyer and I was told that I may still be on any records even though the case was settled out of the court. I contacted 2 lawyers and each of them said a different outcome, one said I will come up on records regardless of the out of court settlement and the other lawyer said as it was an out of court settlement I will not be on any records. I have made an effort contacting lawyers yet there is no clarity on this issue at all, therefore i am turning to this forum for any help and advice that may bring some clarity. 1. Can you please tell me if I may be on any records? 2. Is there a way how I could find this out myself if I am on any records? 3. I understand that the application for the naturalisation will be taken very seriously and any past caution may affect my application, does anyone have had a similar issue? 4. I suppose Home Office would see any type of caution and misuse of Freedom Pass as a bad character?
  20. I have taken a new job and in an area where O2 have no service. Contacted O2 for advice to be told my phone was out of contract and I was told this on three separate occasions. Based on that I looked for a supplier who covered the area, found one signed up for a contract with them and contacted O2 for a PAC code at this point I was told I still had a year left on the contract, I mentioned my previous conversations to be told they made a mistake I have now been sent a termination invoice. I am reluctant to pay this as I went to another supplier based on the fact they told me my contract had expired and if they made the mistake why should I pay for that. Is there an O2 rep here?
  21. The internet activity of everyone in Britain will have to be stored for a year by service providers, under new surveillance law plans. Police and intelligence officers will be able to see the names of sites people have visited without a warrant, Home Secretary Theresa May said. But there would be new safeguards over MI5, MI6 and the police spying on the full content of people's web use. Mrs May told MPs the proposed powers were needed to fight crime and terror. Follow the latest developments on our live page The wide-ranging draft Investigatory Powers Bill also contains proposals covering how the state can hack devices and run operations to sweep up large amounts of data as it flows through the internet, enshrining in law the previously covert activities of GCHQ, as uncovered by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The draft bill's measures include: Giving a panel of judges the power to block spying operations authorised by the home secretary A new criminal offence of "knowingly or recklessly obtaining communications data from a telecommunications operator without lawful authority", carrying a prison sentence of up to two years Local councils to retain some investigatory powers, such as surveillance of benefit cheats, but they will not be able to access online data stored by internet firms The Wilson doctrine - preventing surveillance of Parliamentarians' communications - to be written into law Police will not be able to access journalistic sources without the authorisation of a judge A legal duty on British companies to help law enforcement agencies hack devices to acquire information if it is reasonably practical to do so Former Appeal Court judge Sir Stanley Burnton is appointed as the new interception of communications commissioner BBC
  22. How do I request Armed Forces Service Records? Individuals seeking Service records for a variety of reasons, some to acquire their own Service / medical records and some in connection with the growing interest in family history. Whatever the reason, obtaining copies can be a surprisingly straightforward process. The process differs, depending on whether you are requesting your own records, if you are the next of kin of a deceased Service person or if you simply have a general interest in an individual. READ MORE HERE: MOD Request Personal Data and Service Records
  23. Hi there, I had a Barclaycard I thought had been defaulted with the CRAs back in 2009 due to a Notice of Default I had received. Barclaycard actually added late payment markers '6' for over two years before closing the account and selling on to Cabot. I have spoken with Barclaycard and I think they are going to agree to a retrospective default. However, I am arguing this should have been in May/June 09 when they first send Default notices and applying default sums to the account. They are saying Oct 09 is when their records showed the account was regarded as a defaulted account. Obviously if they do this and it is May they agree to then the account would be 6 years from default and should be removed entirely from my file, correct? But what would then happen to the Cabot entry? It is the same debt but they are reporting an arrangement to pay (albeit they haven't shown the diminishing balance of those payments since 2011). I have already written to both Barclaycard and Cabot and the CRAs complaining. But I want to know how I go about and if the Cabot entry must come off once the Barclaycard default 'falls off'? Thanks
  24. Hi, Bit of a long shot here. One of my neighbours was taken quite ill the other day and it doesn't look good. He will (hopefully) be 95 this year. He is very secretive about his time in the second World War but I have been informed he was at the Normandy Landings. Does anyone know how to find out what regiment he was in and his service record. Should he die, I would like to organise a military escort or something similar. Thanks in advance.
  25. I sent this to Forces War Records: "Forces War record" "Thanks for taking money from my credit card without Authorization. The original “come-on” was “download forces war record for 99p” After 10 days you would lose database access, if not renewed. I did not agree to any TERMS to continue. By default a profile was set up which included “auto renew my subscription” box. By default this box was ticked. Cash sums were illegally removed from my credit card. I feel that I must warn other people of this [problem], especially Old Age Pensioners who try to find out about their war friends. Unless you are street wise you will lose over £100 per year every year." They make up your profile after giving them 99p for 1 download using a credit card. Some time later you get a email saying your access will stop after 10days. By default a box is ticked by them to say "automatic renew membership" nearly £10 pounds is taken from your credit card every month. By this time you have forgotten all about the site and think it's been cancelled. Only checking Credit Card Statements reveal the deficit. CPAs can be stopped by informing the bank, but stopping Forces Records may be a lot harder.
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