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  1. Sorry for leaving this so long... I had a good search the other day because i was sure i had used this site to identify who i should have sent the SAR to in the first place but couldn't find anything here or elsewhere. Im certain i was helped somewhere with this bit and that the Doctors Surgery was the place to contact because i wanted copies of everything. I think at this point i would like to just contact the doctors surgery anyway as im sure any answer to a complaint will be putting me in the right direction. With regards to permission the SAR i wrote up was addressed from and signed by the relevant family member.
  2. Sorry if its a stupid question but how do you mean? I copied the new SAR request from these forums and edited slightly (copy attached) for my needs, got them signed and then they were handed in and later posted to the surgery. Thank you for the help by the way. gp sar.pdf
  3. Sure its on behalf of a family member who suffers from several medical problems and has a ridiculously frequent amount of problems with the NHS not doing things they should be doing.
  4. Thank you for the replies. Im going to start off with the formal complaint to the surgery. Is there any reason why i should not email this in rather than submit a letter? Im thinking emails leave a better trail then letters.
  5. Thought i was already in that forum so thanks
  6. Again after posting this in via recorded mail i have heard nothing back. The original letter was handed in around August and then posted in on the 8th November. Is this normal? Has it happened to anyone else? I dont know whether i should ring the surgery to complain, the NHS or even their watchdog? Thanks for reading.
  7. Im going to resend the letter but this time send recorded mail. im going to put at the beginning that a copy was already handed into the surgery on whatever date it was.
  8. I put a request in (handed in at doctors so no proof of post) about 7/8 weeks ago now and have heard absolutely nothing back, not even a letter to say it would take longer than the required time frame. Any advice on how to proceed please? Thanks.
  9. Is the new GDPR SAR template suitable for a medical records request from a GP without any specific alterations? Thanks.
  10. Would the new template be suitable for medical record requests? Additionally would i only need to send one request now rather then to my doctors AND my hospital? if so which? Thanks.
  11. ok superb, sounds like a plan. Im pretty sure they didnt send any sort of confirmation to me about a lodger but they were contacted beforehand and just asked for his name and dob and that i was certain of his citizenship. they said i could have upto 4 lodgers before they would be worried!
  12. Sorry for the slow followup and thank you for the reply's. Replies in no particular order... The upstairs neighbour have carpeting as does nearly everybody (no laminate/wooden flooring allowed is in our contracts, i have an additional question about this in fact) im not sure of the makeup of the flooring but it sounds like there are several layers that are not correctly married. i have witnessed the noise/squeaking in a few neighbouring flats and there are literally places they cannot stand when using their flat late at night for fear of ****ing off the neighbour below. Im in my 2nd bedroom as i have a lodger who has the bigger room. Makes more sense to me as they generally have all their belongings in one room whereas mine are spread over the flat so i dont need much in a bedroom. Building was constructed around 2002 i believe. When the boiler was installed i didn't raise the issue for a long long time as the room didn't really have a use other than somewhere to put clothes airers when needed. Ive not made any formal complaints. Once i have and they fall on deaf ears who would i then contact? thats really the big answer im looking for, as ive half arsed complains in the past but not really put up any kind of fight on any issues. With regards to contracts and not being allowed to lay laminate or wooden flooring. My original contract (possibly 10+ years old and from the company predating my current housing association) states that only ground floor properties like my own can have laminate. Over the phone they have told me that laminate/wooden flooring is banned completely now. Ive never signed any new contracts since my initial one so i wondered which stands; my old contract or their newest policies/contracts? im currently planning to lay carpet or laminate in the flat and am undecided on which. If i cant lay laminate because of the contract then the decision is made for me Thanks for reading.
  13. How would i go about finding out if a landlord (housing association) is liable by law/regulations or contract to perform certain repairs/modifications on the property? I have a few issues that i would love to get remedied but have little luck getting them looked at seriously. One being a very common problem for all the flats i know in my block is that people upstairs simply walking quietly across the floor causes all kinds of very loud creaks and bangs. Very disturbing if your underneath even with tv or music on and ive seen how unavoidable it is from the other side too walking on such floors when visiting neighbours. I had a lot of trouble with a noisy neighbour years ago which culminated in noise equipment and so on being installed which picked up this noise (on top of the fights) but my landlords refused to even listen to the recordings offered by the local council. Secondly i live in my 2nd bedroom which is very small. Since they moved the boiler out of the large cupboard and into the bedroom (there was a CO leak from the waste gas pipe) and boxed in underneath it as well as boxing in pipes running along the floor the room has become massively unusable as a bedroom. Placement of door, window, radiator and said boxing making any kind of half sensible arranging of a simple bed and wardrobe very oddly laid out. i would like ideally to have the pipes running across the top of the wall rather than bottom. Lastly the flat has no drying facilities. No outside washing lines, no front/back garden or balcony. it had a simple line that crossed the bath at one point (it was crap and never used as someone was always wanting to shower or bath) but that was made unusable some months ago when they had to replace the shower and its now in the way. Just wondered how i would go about checking up on building regulations or similar to see if i can force a remedy on any of these problems. Previous experience has taught me they wont do bugger all until they have to. Thanks.
  14. A terrible thread title but its as good as i could do Im trying to help a family member out with advice. I've told them to make an appointment to see CAB and also their Occupational Therapist but wondered if anyone on here would have any clue on the subject... So they are husband and wife and live in a 3 bed council house. The wife is on numerous disability benefits mainly for a degenerative bone disease (has x amount of crumbling/broken vertebrae and numerous other related problems) and the husband doesn't work and is the carer. The marriage has broken down and the husband isn't doing any of the caring. The wife wants to split and move out but the husband doesn't and they are both on the tenancy. Because he doesn't want to move or split up she cant ask the council for a move to a one bed place. husband and wife are constantly rowing and there has been violence and its also very likely to happen again. It sounds a bit boring to me now seeing it written down but in reality things are really boiling over and the wife is at her wits end. She OBVIOUSLY has the option of leaving but not only would she lose her house but the council have also said they would not be able to put her anywhere else. To me the best outcome would be if the council would swap the 3 bed house for 2 single flats but as im writing on behalf of the wife she is obviously more worried just about her. It seems the husbands refusal to accept a failed marriage has anchored her in a kind of limbo. Any advice please?
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