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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I've been working for a large plc group in retail for almost 3 years next month. Today my Assistant Manager asked I bring in my Passport/NI Card and Birth Cert. I asked why as I provided these when I joined, and as nothing has changed since then I was puzzled. I said they are on my personnel file as they were copied. Any ideas if I should be alarmed??
  2. Hi all, firstly I'm posting on behalf of my step son & GF, as they are unsure of how to respond to/progress with their currently situation. Background BF / GF living with GF's parents. GF becomes pregnant. Both 'kicked out' - asked to find alternative accommodation. Accepted as 'Homeless' by the Local Authority, and that they have a 'priority need'. Currently in emergency Council-owned accommodation (pretty decent actually) in the centre of town. GF doesn't drive, BF has small mbike only. BF employed locally. GF was in college locally before pregnancy but now not. They have made applications to the Local Authority allocation scheme for housing, placed an interest bid on a property they were matched with, within the local area. Upon visiting, found it in poor condition, at the far end of a maze-type newish estate, and around 1.5 miles outside of the town centre. Please see attached the Local Authority letter, informing them that if they reject this property then the Council will discharge their obligation to house them. Since this letter has been received there has been a significant change of circumstances - BIRTH. GF has giving birth at 27 weeks ! A lovely baby girl, who is doing really well - as is mum GF & daughter are in a NICU approx 90 mins away from home town and will be for a substantial length of time. Clearly there will be a significantly increased requirement for local hospital interaction in the short term. Issue: BF & GF want to reject the visited property, but are worried the Council will them wash its hands of their housing requirement. Their reasoning is mainly that the location will leave GF isolated from amenities and her support network. Clearly the latter is now more important than it was at the start of the application, due to the significant change in circumstances. So, how do they proceed...? I'm presuming they should write to the Housing Advice and Homeless Manager specified on the attached letter, but what should they say..? Is there something standard available, or should they just blurt it all out and hope for the best..? Can the Local Authority really remove them from their care following such a change in circumstances....? Look forward to your comments... CLST1 2018-06-05.pdf
  3. Originally I had accounts with Egg, Barclaycard and Goldfish which had all become Barclaycard by the time I defaulted sometime around 2009. These accounts have since been bought by Cabot and one has been farmed out by them to Westcott. It turns out that 2 of these 3 accounts have the wrong date of birth for me. The month and year are correct but the day date is not. I know that at some time in the past all three accounts had the right date of birth as it was used as a security question in any telephone conversation - of which there were many. One of the accounts is the one with Westcott and was the first to become noticed when I failed security. The other is direct with Cabot. To cut a long story short Westcott DEMANDED my birth certificate which after some protest I duly provided Their action was to change the date of birth on the account About year ago the account with Cabot reared its head too and in that time they have been trying to obtain the original agreement from Barclaycard. They have recently responded that Barclaycard are unable to supply the original agreement so they have also changed the date of birth on my account and as far as they are concerned the complaint is closed. My contention is that the one unchangeable event in ones life is the date you were born and that if these are my accounts the data is corrupted or they are simply not my accounts at all. Unfortunately I can't verify any of the history as during a house move 6 years ago the box containing all my financial records was lost. I am tempted the contact both the Data Protection registrar and the Financial Ombudsman and to tell Cabot that this is the action I am about to take. Should I be doing this or is there some other action I should take. The sums on the 2 accounts together exceed £20,000 and I have been paying £1 per month on each for the last 8 years or so Thank you for your advice in advance
  4. All this talk about obtaining medical records on this forum reminded me of obtaining my own a few years ago. Back in 2007 and 2008, I obtained some medical records of my own health under the Data Protection Act 1998. These consist of hospital records (such as a routine operation that I had back in 1988), GP records, child development records and so on. I also obtained my birth records (it tells me when I was born, when the delivery of placenta was, my Apgar score etc). This is the crux of the matter, and this is what I am asking - as they are pregnancy records, they are obviously regarded as being the mother's medical records, but I am arguing that if one happened to be the baby born as a result of the pregnancy, they should also be seen as one's own personal records under the Data Protection Act 1998. What do you think? I obtained them under the Access to Patient Records Act 1990 as my mother is now deceased and passed away before I obtained them, but my point is that a record of one's birth is just as much a Data Protection thing, so why did I need to access it as if it was just my late mother's records? Would I have been able to obtain them under Data Protection Act 1998 if she had still been alive at the time? I believe that birth records should automatically be seen under Data Protection Act 1998. Does anyone agree with this?
  5. Normally I wouldn't start a thread but this particular subject lies very close to my heart having lost my daughter this year a few days before she was born. The general gist of it all seems to be that NICE are of the opinion that for low risk pregancies, it may well be safer for mums to give birth at home. Up until the day we found out our daughter had died we were smack in the middle of the 'low risk' category and expecting a very normal, healthy little girl, The link to the BBC article is here:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30206540 My views, for what they're worth, are that if we're about to start categorising risk to the extent where people are encouraged to give birth at home then surveillance during pregancy needs to be improved significantly in line with the recommendations made in the Panorama episode on still births earlier this year. Secondly, there needs to be a very clear pathway for women in distress to access more advanced care as a matter of urgency, how that's done (perhaps through training of paramedics / upskilling community midwives to offer pain relief and peri-surgical interventions) I'm not sure but it's clear that for something to go wrong in someone's home could be catastrophic and without proper planning in place the consequences, however real for us this summer are life changing.
  6. british gas repeatedly ask me for my date of birth, as if they need it for 'security'. if they need security you should ask to set a password for the account security. you do not have to give your date of birth. i always refuse to give my birthdate as it's inappropriate to request it and private info. another utility company refused to supply me when i refused to give my birthdate and disconnected the call. is this breaching some sort of regulation?
  7. To cut a really long story short, the facts are: - my gf is pregnant - the father was a one night stand from the other side of the country, she doesn't even remember his name, he's not in the picture - we've been friends for a very long time before we started dating - I want equal parental responsibility, she wants the same. That the end goal however we go about it. I wanted some legal advice and have a friends dad who does that he told me: If you want to come see me professionally i'll tell you how it is totally illegal to put your name on the birth certificate, the best thing I can advise is getting married and then applying to adopt. However if you want to come and ask me what I think as Cam's dad then i'd say to you: [my gf] was in a bad place around that time and she was sleeping with quite a few guys, [true] y ou and her had been very very good friends for a long time [also true] and maybe one night around the time of conception you went further than that and slept together [not true] and then maybe now you both take a punt that your the father and that's what you put on the certificate. Which kind of got me thinking - its not that far fetched, it could of happened, it didn't, but it could of. Is there any real potential harm from putting my name if its what we both want? We have no intention of lying to our son about it, but adoption is lengthy, expensive, complicated. I'd be a good dad, i'd defend this kid with my last breath - how can that be wrong? but we would be knowingly putting wrong information on a legal document so I guess my question is, how does the law sit.....is this like serious fraud or what?
  8. Hi guys Long story short: - Had a dvla fine for non payment of tax on a car i'd scrapped - Was in process of applying to have case reopened as I moved shortly after scrapping car - In the meantime bailiff turns up demanding £567.67 for £80 fine - Paid in full on the spot, not going to risk my stuff being moved Yesterday found out the case was heard (and therefore any warrant issued by HM Court) using a date of birth exactly 20 years different to mine. For arguments sake 01/01/1956 instead od 01/01/1976. My V5 and DL were/are in the correct DOB. Is this a reason to have this quashed? I'm NOT trying to avoid a legitimate fine! I have paid a fine I should never have been given and will take any technicality to get it back!
  9. DLA have written to me asking for my birth certificate so that they can check my date of birth. I don't have a problem with that and will send it off signed for on Monday. I'm just curious to know if this is just some sort of random check and have others had the same request. I've been in receipt of DLA for about 10 months.
  10. my son applied on line and selected the option to send his own photo as his passport exp in may and s from when he was 12/13 everything went through using the passport number online, even 'knew who he was' but now the form is here its still going on about wanting a valid passport and/or an unlaminated Birth cert sent back with it is there anyway around this? can we show docs locally to someone. not a driver so never jumped through these hoops dx
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