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  1. I don't know yet if I take legal action or not. I contact ICO tomorrow. Today is almost over and their office is closed now. I see my psychiatrist next week.
  2. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated and valued. I start with ICO. And I will mention this matter again when I see my psychiatrist next time.
  3. My psychiatrist noticed how upset I was when she told me that she got a phone call from Eon Energy and the name of the person who contacted her. I have not discussed about any written opinion with her. She simply confirmed in writing that she got a phone call from Eon Energy and the name of the person, date and time of the call. I wrote to Eon Energy and complained (registered letter with tracking option) but they did not respond.
  4. I asked her to provide me evidence that Eon Energy contacted her in writing. She simply confirmed that she got a phone call from Eon Energy and the name of the person who called her in writing. I have not made a complaint to ICO yet. I am here on this forum to ask help.
  5. I used the ICO's website and their SAR sample. I sent my SAR request to Eon Energy registered mail with the tracking option. I mentioned earlier on that it was sent recorded. I have a proof of their signature and that it was delivered. I used the wrong word recorded earlier on. I have a receipt to prove it and I have printed out the signature of the person who signed it on behalf of Eon Energy. My psychiatrist told me that Eon Energy called her to ask about me. My name was mentioned. She was very upset since she cannot say anything to anyone. Not even to a police officer. I have no i
  6. Thank you (BankFodder) to remind me that I don't engage with you or anyone one. I do my very best. I hope you do yours.
  7. I sent a SAR in September 2018 and I never got any reply. It was sent recorded and to the right address. I simply wonder why anyone did not take any notice. I cannot be the only person who sends a SAR to Eon Energy. Yes, I know for certain that my psychiatrist was contacted by Eon Energy because my psychiatrist told me that she has been contacted by Eon Energy. She also confirmed it in writing.
  8. My energy supplier is Eon Energy. They have been very aggressive to try to provide me a smart meter. They come and visit me and want to talk to me but they never make an appointment. They call me all the time. I am most upset that they also decided to get in touch with my psychiatrist. I have no idea how they even know the name of this person and the contact details. Needless to say that I am horrified. I have sent Eon Energy a SAR request but no reply at all. I have contacted them by sending them letters and complaining about their behaviour but no reply. I have chatted with them online
  9. If I understood you (dx100uk) I should stop paying anyone else except the original debt owners. Since I know (and thank you all of you who have responded to my question) that my credit report will not show any defaults from April 2019 onward I should only concentrate on those original debtors. When the debts have been sold by the original debt owner to debt collection companies, what is the worst that can happen to me if/when I stop paying them? I am not sure I understand the word deforestation. Should I apply for balance transfer credit cards? Should I concentrate on
  10. I got Barclaycard on November 2005 and I got Amex card on April 2006. I have tried to pay my one pound to everyone who has claimed to be acting on behalf of the original debt owner or who has told me that my debt has been sold to them. I have sent anyone who has contacted me a letter asking them to validate the debt and provide me a proof that they are who they say they are. I have been unsuccessful. The debt collectors have not provided any evidence that they are who they say they are. I have complained to them but I have got a standard letter back from them stating that t
  11. I checked Noddle and I found two defaults. Amex and Barclaycard. Then the year: 2013. And the following message: payment was up to six months late. I checked TotallyMoney and I found two defaults: Amex and Barclaycard. Amex has the following message: 1st March 2013. Barclaycard: 2nd April 2013. Amex has been contacted by the debt management charity and asked to set a up payment plan. One pound has been offered. They have never accepted anything and they have not even bothered to answer any letters. I have kept paying to any debt collector who claims to be acting on
  12. American Express BarclayCard Lloyds Bank (credit card) These are the defaults which show on my credit file. Yes, I believe that my debts have been sold many times and now it is difficult to know whom to pay. But my biggest concern is the credit file. I really would like to ask the defaults to be removed since the debts are more than six years old.
  13. My debts are credit cards debts. I have a debt management company (a charity) who simply helped me to set a payment plan and the creditors to accept £1.00 payments/month since I could not pay the minimum the credit card companies required. I have written to my creditors many times to understand whom I should pay since there are now more than one creditor asking me to pay the same debt. I did not get many answers and the answers I got did not help me to understand my situation. I have also sent them a SAR and I got no answers either.
  14. Hello, I have three defaults on my credit report. Do they ever expire? I keep paying £1.00 to my creditors every month but since my credit score is bad and defaults are shown to lenders I have no hope to get work or start a business. Is there any hope to get those defaults moved from my credit report? All the debts are more than six years old.
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