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  1. Thank you rouge, I will read these links about the add on insurances and how the FCA are investigating them and I will incorporate this into a strongly worded letter letter back to DAF. W40
  2. Hi rouge, Thank you for getting back to me. What do you mean by the reading and understanding the significance of this link and its included links first? I did actually refer to them again yesterday to refresh my memory. Were you referring to the complete hassle of going through the court process? Of course, I will write back to DAF using the points I made above. I will mention to them that if they continue to refute my claim, I would inform the FCA about these added insurance products. Thank you W40
  3. noted !!! Do I start the court process now then dx? How do I do that? Is that the N1 claim form? Should I reply back to DAF in response to their letter, despite them saying that is their final response? Do I need to send them a LBA first? W40
  4. All I remember was that I pretty much paid over £300 to sort the head gasket out myself, that doesn't include the towing costs by the RAC when I broke down twice, labour costs etc. The third time I just could not afford it, so it sat outside my house for six months then I arranged to get it scrapped. I was still paying for the car for another 3 or 4 months or more until my brother in law helped me out with the cash and paying back early
  5. Hello dx, Sorted the document out! Sorry about that... yes, they made me pay for all of the head gaskets, twice. They tell me to write to their underwriters in relation to this part of my complaint. Only problem dx, I no longer have any records of this old car, the repairs, costs, nothing... I will have no chance in court, it will be purely my word against theirs. That's why I haven't really concentrated on this part.. purely the miss selling of the insurances! I would love to pm ukdarren, but didn't they not close their thread down as it was reckoned they signed a confidentiality clause? The last we heard of them was when Irwin Mitchel asked to speak to them as Irwin Mitchel took over from Ascent Legal I think and ukdarren had previously sent in a letter in to settle out of court, we never heard back from them W
  6. Hello All and DX, Really sorry for the long delay as I did do as you asked and sent off to DAF my covering letter, FOS CQ and the spread sheet. I sent these on the 17th September 2014 and I got a letter back from them on the 25th September 2014 saying they were looking into my complaint. Then on the 31st October 2014, I received a reply from DAF which I have edited and attached below. It is pretty much a mirror image of what ukdarren got when they got their refusal. What is next? Do I go to FOS? Note being that DAF did mention that this complaint would fall outside the jurisdiction of FOS as well as saying that my agreement was made in March 2003 and that ICOB did not come into effect until 2005. Further DAF have never been a member of GISB or its code of conduct. So, would I be better off just taking this matter to the court? I am quite happy to do this and would I pretty much be looking at the same legislation as ukdarren did in their thread? As to DAF's reply, I would pretty much argue against to what they say for each point... 3. My car did break down on three occasions, all were head gasket failures causing a lot of damage. On all three occasions, I contacted DAF (Or NIG) under the Mechanical breakdown cover of my policy and every time I was declined assistance or repairs, being told that my insurance did not cover this kind of fault. I had to pay for all repairs myself on two occasions, the third time I could not afford it and so had to scrap the car. 4. The Insurances were never optional, on the paperwork the insurances are shown as "additional insurances" and never at any time was I informed that the insurances were optional, nor was I told I would be given the opportunity to look elsewhere 5. What evidence are we looking at, I did not record my conversations that day and it was a long time ago and I do not remember exactly what was said, but I remember quite clearly how I was rushed through the paperwork, was intimidated by the whole process. Told to sign here and here without really getting the opportunity to read and digest the paperwork properly. I only realised recently as last year that YCC were in the spotlight for dodgy dealing by pure chance in a conversation with a friend and my curiosity piqued, I looked it up on the internet. Hey Presto... 6. I was in a new job for 1 month full time when I signed that document. Why does this make me eligible and suitable for PPI? I was told I had to have it! Further my new job had a sick and disability payment policy - how do I know, because DAF photocopied my work contract and included it in my SAR !! 7. As above, I already had one! 8. This is untrue, as I read the attached "policy" DAF sent with my SAR and for both sickness and disability (limited) , you are only covered for a maximum of 12 months !! This also covers "involuntary unemployment" 9. No it only covered up to 12 months worth as stated above (probably the same as my current employment benefits) So - did I need it twice? 10. You never let me find out if my current employment sickness/ redundancy cover was better than yours! 11. You told me I had to bring a set list of documentation, that I remember clearly. You did not tell me what it was for. I assumed it was for ID and credit checks 12. a. and b. I was rushed through these forms and told to sign them. I was also told I was most unlikely to get a car elsewhere as I was on a low paid job with a low credit score and this was the only way to get a car. I signed the forms, reluctantly, but knowing I had no choice. All the ticks above in the boxes agreeing to things like Accuracy of Information, Completion of this Agreement and copy for you, Vehicle Deposit and part exchange allowance, Choice of Vehicle and Acceptance of it, Inspection of Vehicle, Restriction of Liability and DAFS, Sale of Vehicle by you, Additional Insurance Protection, Promises by the Supplier - were ticked by someone else and not me. This can clearly be seen in another part of the document that I did tick and the ticks are completely different! 12 c. I never ticked this box and I did get the leaflet on the insurances 12 d. Yes I signed the agreement, because I was rushed and pressured into it 13. No I cannot provide particulars of the conversations that took place, but I remember being pressured into it all, for the reasons stated above 14. Yes I signed on this page, as I was being rushed through and was being pressured! 15. What difference does giving this info to me now? I no longer have the car and the problems I had with it happened 13 years ago! 16. Yes but you made a profit of £228.41 when I sent in the final settlement figure. This is not your money and I accept DAF got it wrong as mistakes can be made, but you made no attempt to return this excess back to me. I only found out about it when I got my SAR !! 17. I was not fully aware that the deposit could not be taken from the insurances until I first looked into this late last year. I also know you cannot offset the deposit from the insurance product cost. As I would be paying more off the car and paying more interest. Nor was I given the choice to offset the deposit from the vehicle cost.
  7. Hi all, So... how do you access that link at the top of the page then?
  8. Thanks dx, Ive just had it explained to me by the mrs who not long walked in, apparently I did take a cash withdrawal from my credit card and that would explain I was paying cash interest for the term of the loan. Stupid me! Interestingly, I was not informed that MBNA had hiked my interest rate from 10.9% to 19.9% on my last year I was paying this debt off. Can I reclaim this back? I had not received any notification that there was a interest hike at any time, not until I saw it in my documentation that I received back from MBNA Cheers!
  9. Hello all, Out of interest dx100uk, you say you cannot reclaim these cash advance/ cash interest fees nor the retail interest fees. As I have the same on my MBNA credit card, but every month I was being charged both a cash advance/ cash interest fee AS well as a retail interest fee on the same day for each and every month. Even after I stopped using the card to purchase items, I was still being charged for both types of interest, once a month for the next 4 years? Surely this is not right? I have gone through both my terms and conditions and CCA (That I finally got from MBNA) and there is only mention of retail interest and the cash advance interest/ cheque handling charges etc, which I only used for a couple of months in the first year with my account with MBNA. I understand I would be paying interest? But surely not two types? I feel that I have been overcharged on interest with my MBNA credit card I can put my transaction lists, with CCA and T&C's up here to show you. But I do have my own thread (which admittedly I have not yet updated!) As I was waiting for said return of SAR (Reclaiming Charges with MBNA Credit Card - Wulfen40) Thank you W40 How could I be charged twice
  10. Good Morning Scott, In that case I shall do that then. I will complete the FOS questionnaire and send that in with the complaint for mis-sold PPI Many thanks for the info mate - I will put in a update on here as it goes along! Cheers guys! W40
  11. Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay been working late recently! Scott - I would definitely look at sending in the FOS Complaint as well as the claim - but how can I claim when I cannot remember when my credit card started? Brigadier2js - My account was closed on the 28th April 2004, that is well over 6 years ago. What I cannot understand why they would delete these records after 6 years but one month ago they sent me all of my current account statements going back to when I opened the account in 1989??? Is it one rule for one and one for another? SabreSheep - Lol! Sadly I think my ex got rid of all of my statements at some point without my knowledge, probably another reason why I divorced her lol! Sadly I have nothing to show including the credit agreement which states when I opened this credit card account. I can prove existence of the account as RBS sent me statements from 2001 to 2004. Sadly my memory cannot remember what year, let alone what month I started this account. Am I right in thinking that I have pretty much lost this one and can only claim from 2001 to 2004, even though I know I had the account from some point in the mid 1990's? Thank you all for getting back to me guys, really appreciated!! W40
  12. Scott, I nearly forgot to mention - I currently have a complaint running with FOS over this situation about RBS not sending out statements pre Oct 2001. I have since complained to RBS Credit Card Services about this and they basically replied that my account was closed and its over 6 years old and they do not have any record of it pre Oct 2001. So I have every intention of getting back to the FOS (As they told me to wait out until RBS came back with a resolution to my complaint) and get them to investigate this fully on my behalf.
  13. Hello Scott, Many thanks to your reply, I am really pleased that someone got back to me on this one! Lol! I also read your thread with great interest and congratulations to you on getting your money back with interest! I would do the same as you, but the only problem I have is that I don't have a copy of the agreement for my credit card, therefore I do not know exactly when my account started, all I know is that I started the account from roughly 1993 to 1996. How do I found this out? RBS did give me an address to contact the PPI reclaim team. I suppose I need to contact them to find out when my account started? My only concern is that if RBS Credit Card Services are telling me that they have no statements or data on my credit card going back to pre October 2001, then how will the PPI Reclaim Team know? I was looking at what dx suggested on your thread and work out the average I paid for PPI for each month that year and use it for the years I do not know what I paid for PPI. But again I cannot calculate to what year I started the account until I know what year I started it! Lol! W40
  14. I am not impressed that no body has bothered to comment on this page, or that they had no advice to offer, where everything else I have discussed has had a lot of comeback and helpful advice to give. Is it been the site staffs month off or something? Incidentally, when I asked RBoS to send all of my bank statements to me, I got them all two weeks ago and they started in 1989 when I opened my account! How funny is that!!
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