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  1. Hello all, I post in this place like once every 10 years because most things I can deal with myself, but thank God for this place because when i don't know what to do regarding some advice / legal advice, I know this is the place to come to. Anyway I am having an issue with a self storage company in London (one of the big ones). So basically I gave them 7 days notice to close today, and they said they have to charge me £15 because the 7 days 'crosses over' which is basically bull****, I know they're just trying to screw me for money. This is the first issue. The second issue is
  2. Just a quick one guys if you can help. I have just bought a new Laptop with 1TB Storage. The main storage is on D: Drive (934GB) and not C:. Now C: drive is nearly full. Can someone tell me how to transfer space from D to C please. I am using Windows 10. Thanks SOD'EM
  3. Hi This is my first post so please forgive me if its in the wrong place or irrelevant !! I have had a holiday and reason for complaint as it was not what it said it was... there are two issues that i have summarised below. The holiday company, forest holidays, dont want to know about my complaint and say they will defend any court action, so i would like to ask what do people think ? do i have a reasonable chance of winning a case against them? Details of claim - Part one of claim – Noise and disruption 1. The defendant made the following statements on the forest holidays websit
  4. I was in-between houses so I put my stuff in self-storage, then I lost my job. I have another job now, but I have arrears with the self-storage company. They keep slapping on approx. £25 every couple of weeks in late payment fess. They wont allow me to take my stuff out and come to some arrangement, they have changed the locks and my bill just gets higher and higher and whilst I can’t get my stuff out every week I get charged another week for storage I feel trapped in a vicious circle my bill just escalates and they rub their hands together when my stuff stays in storage for another
  5. windowsonme

    Nhs storage

    As part of my care plan, while I am a hospital patient, I am considering placing my belongings into storage. I belive these may be more secure as they don't need to be moved to allow domestic staff and or the landlord access to my spare room. My belongings will not need to be moved if they went into storage. I am wondering as I will be able to qualify for 7 aftercare and free hospital treatment, Should I be paying for storage or asking the NHS to pay?
  6. Hello, I home someone can help with this problem. Around December 2009, after finishing university I put some belongings in storage with Clockwork Removals in Edinburgh figuring I would have them transported once I started work again. About a year ago, I requested that they send my items over to France. Then we discovered that these items (six packing boxes) had been "misplaced" when they moved to new premises in Granton. I've been trying for a year to get my belongings returned or a refund (£65 x 12 months x 6 years = £5500 + value of belongings). Needless to say, Clockwork are
  7. Last October, my then landlord compelled me to leave this property by threatening to ‘make your life hell’ if I stayed, as he was unhappy about me threatening to pay my final rent with part of my unregistered deposit. I loaded up my car with some of my belongings, gave the landlord back his key (as he'd threatened to change the locks), and agreed with my landlord that I’d arrange with him to return to collect my remaining belongings. My negotiations to retrieve my belongings didn’t run smoothly: - He repeatedly insulted me during the exchanges. - He was restrictive in term
  8. The engine in my girlfriend's van recently blew up. The mechanic who she called to come out and recover the vehicle, took a look at the damage and informed her that she would need a new engine. He also informed her that he wouldn't be able to do the work, so had given it to the 'garage A around the corner'. Quite a bit of time passed by as my girlfriend deliberated upon what course of action she was going to take. When she finally decided to get a new engine, she started to attempt to make enquiries, with garage A, to which her van had been given. Not knowing much about anything, she
  9. Hi I've been using a storage facility for a few years to store some old stuff. Recently, they seem to have started doing something a bit dodgy with their fines system to raise some extra cash. They send email invoices and not paper ones. I didn't get the invoice this month so didn't make the payment. Then I got two letters. They are dated a few days a part but the postmarks show that they were posted on the same day. The first refers to previous correspondence asking for payment and is a 5-day late fine for £5. The second also refers to previous correspondence and is a £
  10. Car is being held illegally and racking up £35 a day storage charges! I was involved in an accident just over a month ago where a truck side swiped me and took me off the road. It is clearly the fault of the truck driver and they have admitted full liability. I then took the car to a body shop garage that is next to my mechanic and since I trust and value the work of my mechanic I thought I would get similar treatment at the body shop. This wasn’t the case. When I took the car to the body shop the owner went out of his way to ensure everything would be handled for
  11. The internet activity of everyone in Britain will have to be stored for a year by service providers, under new surveillance law plans. Police and intelligence officers will be able to see the names of sites people have visited without a warrant, Home Secretary Theresa May said. But there would be new safeguards over MI5, MI6 and the police spying on the full content of people's web use. Mrs May told MPs the proposed powers were needed to fight crime and terror. Follow the latest developments on our live page The wide-ranging draft Investigatory Powers Bill also contain
  12. Apart from other upfront known fees and charges, Storage Fees are another issue, as in what is reasonable? They can add significantly more to a debt than the fees laid down in the Regulations. Here is an example of what Newlyn wanted to charge a third party whilst they had his car subject to Interpleader from another thread "We anticipate that the goods will sell for £1600.00 which is considered the value amount, with the addition of £40.00 per day storage charges. " If a sealed Court Order is not received within 48 hours of this email, the vehicle will be entered into public au
  13. Hi If this is in the wrong section please feel free to move Last week I was looking for a storage container to put my household possessions on when we move. I looked at a container that was too big for us but needing on sharpish I agreed to take one and signed his sheet with my bank details etc. I hadn’t picked up my bank card and had no money on me so they guy gave me a key for the container and I said I would pay the next day via phone. That night we decided it was too big and expensive so I sent the guy a message the next day via text saying I would n
  14. Pretty much as the title states, new policy in the handbook states we are no longer allowed keys, money, jackets (even worn) etc on the call floor and have been supplied with small lockers with repeating keys, no one is assigned a locker and its based on a trust system. The company is not accepting any liability for lost/damaged property and are sending people home AWOL if they don't take off their Jackets or putting Keys in the locker. Is this acceptable for the company to do this? It's a call centre Btw Cheers -EDIT- Right so apparently some guy got told to put his medicine in
  15. Hi We recently bought a plastic garden storage unit from shedstore. (can't post link as too few posts) They desribed it as " suitable for both indoor or outdoor use, garage or patio." The box it came it stated "Weather proof for outdoor use" However, the doors only touch at the top and bottom and there is a 4mm gap in the middle that lets rain in (the doors would need to overlap to be rainproof) We contacted shedstore (by email) who then contacted their supplier. They suggested that we add some additional door seals and they stated that the product is not waterproof!
  16. Hi I have booked and paid for a 30 sq ft room at Big Yellow Storage. I am now using it and become aware that, indeed, it is not 30 sq ft, but 25. I complained for that, but they said that according to their records that room is a 30 sq ft. So, even if it is a 25, I have to pay as it were a 30 (!?!). Morover, in the meantime I was able to remove some stuff and a 20 sq ft room would be now enough. But they say that prices have increased and that a 20 ft would today cost more than a 25ft. The problem is that they refuse to show me any written document with their fares. I
  17. Hi . hope someone can help, apologise if this is in the wrong section. My neighbour makes biodiesel, never really bothered me, until today when my wife told me he had 4 barrels of methanol delivered on two pallets, looked online and confirmed they aer 205litres each, delivered by a big truck , thing is, we live in a small cul de sac on a housing estate, his garage joins mine, he has extended behind my garage, and its next to a kids play park and a footpath away from my house. Surely there must be a limit on how much you can store at home? As I said it never
  18. I am hoping someone can advise me on this forum, not sure if I am in the correct place. Hastings Direct has refused to pay the storage costs for their clients car being held in our garage whilst they sorted out the claim. It has been with us for 1290 days at a cost of £10 per day when the assessor eventually came out to assess the damage. The car was written off. As a gesture we agreed to freeze the charges at £1290. The car is still with us today. Because there were complications with the customers claim it wasn't sorted for months and the customer had to involve a solicitor in or
  19. I am hoping someone can advise me on this forum, not sure if I am in the correct place. Hastings Direct has refused to pay the storage costs for their clients car being held in our garage whilst they sorted out the claim. It has been with us for 1290 days at a cost of £10 per day when the assessor eventually came out to assess the damage. The car was written off. As a gesture we agreed to freeze the charges at £1290. The car is still with us today. Because there were complications with the customers claim it wasn't sorted for months and the customer had to involve a solicitor in o
  20. My PC is completely clogged up with music and picture files and was toying with the idea of purchasing some form Of Cloud backup. Ive done some research online but that has confused me even more. Any suggestions ?
  21. I packed my caravan away for winter on a registered caravan storage site. Yesterday I went to the site and pulled the cover off only to find a 9 inch dent and scratch on the side. It is clear that the owners to the caravan next to me had done the damage, there is even a scratch to the bumper which is the same height etc to the damaged to my caravan. The owner of the site spoke to the owners of the caravan and surprise surprise they denied ever damaging my van ,but they noticed that my cover had a rip to it. They must of noticed that when they where looking at the damage they had done!!
  22. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of a home insurance claim and would be very grateful for advice on certain aspects. The claim was initiated following an escape of water and the result is that the ground floor at my property requires replacement and a room needs partial redecoration. A Loss Adjuster visited my property following the claim and, along with estimates for the main works, requested that I also provide estimates for removal and storage of my contents to the whole of the ground floor of the property in order to facilitate the works. I should highlight here t
  23. Not certain if this is the correct Forum but here goes..... A friend of mine had a rented storage unit locally and had plenty of spare capacity and offered to hold some of my own business items for me. His business has suffered recently difficulties and is heading rapidly towards administration and he has failed to pay his rental for his lock up unit The landlord has changed the locks and refused him entry until his debt is paid off which has, effectively, restricted me access to recovering my own goods for which the landlord has, in my opinion, no legal right to title (I have a couple o
  24. in December 2012 my fiancé approached BRIGHTHOUSE and asked if we could store our "bigger" items while we moved house and the house was decorated, (fridge-freezer,tv,3piece suite,washer) we were told we could store our items free of charge for up to 30days at a time until our new house was ready, "PICK UP AND HOLD" when our items were returned to us we would then carry on paying for them. we received a phone call out of the blue telling us our items have been claimed back by brighthouse and you will lose all money already paid on them because they have been in storage for longer tha
  25. I have paid a shipping company (turned out to be a one man band) to ship good for me overseas. the company has instead took my goods to a logistic company for them to handling the actual shipping but fail to pay the logistic company the shipping cost. this was since october 2012. the logistic company has since place the good in storage. i have not been able to contact the shipping company since they took my goods. i have recently been able to locate the logistic company who directed me to a warehouse where my good are being kept in storage. the storage company advised they too have not b
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