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  1. Sold house in December 2014, exchanged in early January 2015, spoke to EON, took meter reading and took photo of meter. Weirdly we had no bills from EON since 2006. Heard nothing. Today get letter from EON demanding £109.57. Turns out actual energy usage was £31.45. But that relates to a bill from October 30th 2015 to December 30th 2015 So somone else's bill They also claim that there's a £55 call out fee and a £10 extra fee. But refuse to provide an actual bill, and are stalling when I ask for a breakdown of the £109.57. Oddly the lack of bills from 2006 to 2010 is because we were in credit and 2 payments from the Government (??) - why would the government pay our electricity bill? The story keeps changing. Asked why no bills had ever been sent prior to this, despite asking for one. Spent the whole day on phone trying to sort this out. Despite having the photo of the meter and proof of sale, which EON wanted earlier in the day, they now don't want it and are not prepared to discuss the issue any further. I assume a court date is next and my credit rating has been trashed? Any ideas how to resolve what should have been an easy to resolve issue?
  2. we have always had pre-payment meters as they are easier to run being on a low income a year or so ago, could be longer, we had an eon smart meter put in for the electric, at the time we had the old style key that you had to take to a shop to top up, the key goes back into the meter and that tops it up so a smart meter was in, and we could "top up" online, pretty good. around two weeks ago the smart meter was just showing "000s" everywhere, for the time, and all readings over the last couple of months the eon website was really terrible to use too, payments were being made but not going to the meter etc we tried to make a top up last night, just got a circle while the page was loading, nothing happening, we checked the online bank and payment went through then this morning the electric went off after ages on the phone, they gave me a code to enter into the meter, this got us back on but smart meter display still showing no info my other half the account holder rang them this evening, we need a new smart meter, and how stupid is this........ we cant have one meter swapped for another they have to install an old type meter with key first and then come back another time to put another smart meter in SO MUCH FOR PROGRESS!! its a good exercise in time wasting though I think more than likely, we will stick with the key meter.
  3. were do we stand. Moved out of old property 1st Oct 2019 and EON informed prior to this. We have an online chat log of a live chat with EON to confirm that we will not be charged after this period and final bill will be produced in 48 hours great. Now then 147 days or 3528 hours later we are still waiting for the final bill. We are now getting calls and text from old landlord about this as a new tenant has just moved in ( we moved across the road ) and is having trouble getting new supplier for energy we presume. we have complained since Nov. and get loads of excuses from you will have to wait for the new supplier to take over the account, to there's a DI on the account before a final bill will be sent or were working on it still. we have had the letter from EON stating that we can now go to the ombudsman but what can we expect this to achieve. Forgot to say that we have logs of all telephone calls and everyone is recorded .:clap2:
  4. My energy supplier is Eon Energy. They have been very aggressive to try to provide me a smart meter. They come and visit me and want to talk to me but they never make an appointment. They call me all the time. I am most upset that they also decided to get in touch with my psychiatrist. I have no idea how they even know the name of this person and the contact details. Needless to say that I am horrified. I have sent Eon Energy a SAR request but no reply at all. I have contacted them by sending them letters and complaining about their behaviour but no reply. I have chatted with them online and I got the transcripts. All Eon Energy wants to do is to talk to me. But I don't like talking. I feel that my privacy has been violated. I don't think Eon Energy needs to contact any medical professional and get my medical records so that they could provide me a smart meter. I don't think I even need a smart meter. How would I handle this matter? Information Commissioner's Office? Energy Ombudsman? Or something else?
  5. Good morning, I have outstanding balance with EON for £624 and have done since 2016. I have always disputed this balance as it appeared far too high for 2 months bills where I was not living in the property due to renovations work. The last payment on the account was in September 2015. To cut a long story short, I was due to set up a payment plan with simply past due credit who put the account on hold after I questioned EON sharing 6 late payments on my account in 2016. EON refused to refuse the payment markers and I wrote to the past due credit in February 2018 again asking to set up a payment plan but received nothing back. Last week, out of the blue, I received a letter from EON requesting a the full balance by 31st January or a default would be put on my account or if I did pay monthly by arrangement, "we will share the information about the arrangement with the CRA". My credit files are squeaky clean and near maximum with both agencies apart from the one with Equifax which bizarrely after 2017 showed payments on my account to EON then last month it showed a late/missing payment in December 2018 despite no arrangement being in place. I want to pay the full balance but am worried about how negatively it will impact my credit history as I've heard that "settled" can be viewed very negatively - some also say that a payment arrangement can be almost as negative as a default! Could anybody kindly give me some advice please?
  6. I have received a notice of enforcement to my address for my stepdaughter, who is staying with us temporarily she owes eon just short of £1000 from her previous address, there are no dates on the notice about dates or when is it from . I am slightly concerned about bailiffs knocking on my door and trying to seize belongings i am also shocked by the enormous fees they add on at different stages. She is a jobless student at the moment , so has no way of paying this bill either. any advice please?
  7. Hi, some weeks ago a letter from Eon reached my address addressed to a person who does not live there and liver lived there in the last 5 years, and wasn't the person who lived here before we moved in. Thank you for switching to EON, please send us your meter reading so we can complete the switch. Thinking nothing of it, I binned the letter. After that more letters from eon arrived, addressed to the occupier. Most I binned some I opened. They seemed very genuine, in the line of You won 1 million pounds please send us your personal details and some money so we can complete the transaction. More recently they were actual bills, reminding me to send my meter reading to my supplier which is not EON. It didn't work online. I tried it by phone and it didn't work. I called them on there service phone and the lady accepted my meter reading. A week later and I still didn't get a bill. Checked online and my meter reading wasn't there. Now I sent an e-mail to my supplier who confirmed that EON had falsely grabbed my account and switched it to them. (They still had all the data like meter point number and meter serial number because they were the supplier years ago before we switched to the new supplier). I checked the old bills, and the previous account number was different to the account number used for the new bills. I called EON and was put on hold most of the time for more than 10 minutes. Once I talked to someone, but I remember only because I didn't input the account number as asked. As soon as I gave him the account number I was put on hold. A mail from my current supplier confirmed they are working on the issue to solve it and it can take 6 months. Now letters from EON contain the bill for some time (£37), a threat of debt collectors, and threats of court orders, magistrates, warrants, etc. I'm afraid one morning a whole terror group of the police will smash in windows and doors, killing my orchid, only to have a look at my meter. When I checked the Internet, I found this practice of threatening The Occupier by utility companies is going on at least since 2004. Is there any party or MP or court or judge willing to put a stop to this fraudulent behaviour? Put the CEO and her whole board of directors into prison and throw away the key, something along this line. We had a similar issue with British Gas. After moving in to a new property, someone knocked, asked for the meter reading, and a week later I got a letter from British gas congratulating me to switch to them. Somehow I got the matter resolved in a very short time, probably involving trading standards, or calling BG and pulling the guy through the phone line. Can't remember. But this seems to me endemic considering all the links found here and other forums, and the Internet at large. Another question: If I go to court to stop the harassment by EON, how much would I need to pay to a lawyer?
  8. Hi there, looking for some advice on how best to handle this situation. We bought a new house, but rented it for 3 months prior to completion. We did not live in the house until the completion date, so the gas and electricity meters were started that day, with OVO energy, which was the same meter readings given by the previous owners, when they left. Unbeknown to me, the previous owner had given Eon (her supplier) my name and they have been contacting me to pay just over £300. I have spoken to EON on the telephone, to put them in the picture and have returned emails, but they kept sending the demands. They have now sent it to Arvato, who have strangely said that the balance is £40 They obviously have no signed contract or anything from me, as they only know my name from the previous owner. What is the best course of action? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi i have arrears on my gas and electric and failed to maintain previous agreements with them due to health reasons . They said they have been to court and will be fitting prepayment meters even though this is not what i want said it's too late to agree anything now that they can't give me a date when they'll come it'll be when ever they can, they won't give me a day. they were rather rude on the phone.
  10. I am hoping someone could offer some advice, it is a little complicated and will try my best to explain. I moved to an address in Jan 2009 and left April 2014, during that time I had EON energy. I have not used then since. I checked my credit files today (first time in years) and found it was showing three accounts from E-ON - two in default but settled, and one still running (ALL GREEN) 1. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY Account Opened June 2012 and closed October 2013. Its all green until October 2012 where it says I had (5) missed payments and then November where it states (6) missed payments and then December a default notice. It then says settled October 2013. I admit I had a couple of missed direct debits during that time and was on a monthly payment plan and quarterly bills. they are lying about 5 and six missed payments and issued a default for two missed payments which are prepayments before the bill. They then did this again 2. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY (the 4 Y are different account numbers) Account Opened = October 2013 and settled December 2014 Its all green until March 2014 where it says (5) missed payments, April (6) missed payments and then a “default” in May 2014. I have emails for March that payments were made - where the credit file says that are missed. My final bill was generated April 2014. I paid £65 in March and April as part of a per month basis - but on my credit file that marked as unpaid (5). And (6) unpaid. I then did not pay as I raised a complaint - nothing happened. After a while, a debt collection agency chased in December 2014, and I paid them the £XXX outstanding, and it all went away. Until today. Then and this is strange, they opened a new account when I no longer lived in the property. I assumed this was a fraud from a new person in the property. 3. Public Utility from Eon Uk Plc (I) / XXXXXYYYY opened December 2014 and still open today!!!! I have not lived at the address since April 2014! No missed payments - all green! I called up customer service today (2.5-hour phone call) and was told I only have one account with them, and this has an outstanding balance of £XXX!!! How would I like to pay it! Not helpful at all. I am now expected to dig through 3-year-old bank statements to find the final payment - even though my credit files says it was paid in December 2014 and SETTLED. They are now saying this settled is a mistake with Equifax. Their EON billing system does not make mistakes. During this time I have heard nothing from EON or agents, no one chasing me and they had my new address and email details. I guess have two issues. 1. How EON have issued default notices on my account - does this follow any law / process at all ? I understood that default notices were issued between 3-6 months of missed payments under the credit consumer act? Is an energy supplier under the credit consumer act? If you came to some agreement, you could hold off the default or your account is terminated and you have to pay your balance. In this case, none of this happened, I never got a default notice warning letter etc. Multiple defaults for which is the same account. 2. I have a settled account, and now saying they are going to un-settle it unless I can prove I made a payment in the next seven days from 3 years ago and issue a NEW default notice on the account they created in December 2014 when i was not even at the property!. Am i screwed unless I find the payment? Yes, I had a couple of late DD payment notices and not saying I am at not totally at fault. Life is hard sometimes, and we try our best, but this just seems unreasonable and no way as harsh as any bank, credit card etc. EON seems to be using credit files in an incorrect way. Its a side point, but I also remember I was paying around £169 a month for electric in a one bed flat which I raised a complaint about - but was told that's what the meter says. I am now in a four bed house paying £70 with four people rather than 2! Any suggestions on next steps or who I should claim to ? I am sure i cannot be the only person this has happened to; any advice ?
  11. Our first bill from eon after moving into our current home arrived after a few months and was for a total of £13. This was clearly incorrect and we called to query it. We were told it's right and to pay it. After a few more months of nothing we then received a bill for almost £1000! No explanation from eon. We contacted eon again and was told there had been an error and that this amount was correct and now due. We argued and stated that we had been contacting them prior to this to sort it but was assured all was ok. They then demanded immediate payment and I was told that no payment plan was available. This again went on for months, emails, phone calls until I finally received a call whilst I was at work. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of actually speaking to eon I took the call. During the call it was clear that eon were blaming me for the error when I tried to question the eon employee I was promptly told to "shut up!" I was amazed and voiced my disappointment at which point he hung up on me I put in a formal complaint and was initially told that no complaint could be made until the debt was paid. This is clearly not correct. After a few more months I finally got a complaint registered. No action was taken it was escalated to the ombudsman. Whilst the ombudsman were reviewing the complaint an eon representative arrived at our home to fit a prepay meter. We were charged over £200 for this! When we finally heard from the ombudsman all they said was that they were closing the case as eon would not supply the recording of the phone call and as such there was not enough evidence. I was far from happy and called eon several times only to be told on several occasions that as I have gone though the ombudsman then eon will no longer speak to me. I asked again to set up a payment plan and again was told this is not possible. I contacted the ombudsman only for them to say that the case is closed and they can do no more After numerous more attempts eon still refused to speak with me until I eventually put a post on social media. They then contacted me demanding that I pay up. Finally, after several more calls one lady actually agreed to a payment of £120 per month By this time our debt had amounted to almost £2000!!!! Still no apology and no resolution to, what I see, is their mistake All I wanted was an apology and a payment plan and now we are in a huge debt with them. I am not happy to have to pay all the charges that they have added whilst in dispute and cannot begin to describe how frustrating this had been over the past 3, YES 3 YEARS My question is, do I really just have to shut up and pay up or is there any recourse or action I can take?
  12. Eon sent my vulnerable relative £679.44 charge 19-5-17 for Western Distribution visiting Eon then sent an outstanding balance of £1,080.35 Eon have set the meter to take £5 a week towards the debt. Doubt the property has ever had a meter reading in the 27 months that the relative has been at the house. Relative is very challenging due to mental health and does not engage with anyone including mental health, gp, etc. Relative is often not at the property for more than a night due to a break in at the property at the end of last year, they have become too upset to stay there, the doors were not secure after this despite having attention and anyone could come and go into the property who might have knowledge. An ex partner of my relative recently out of prison as been in and out of the property we do not know about this we do not know if they have been staying there items have been stolen. The family have had some security measures installed at the property in the last month it now as a bolted 6 foot gate and new doors and locks and new glass in 2 outside doors. I put in a EON Energy Fund application for my relative the reply has come today stating the application was unsuccessful when I contacted EON Energy Fund they stated that EON had told them not to accept the Energy Fund application this is so wrong my relative has not stolen electric they simply have not been staying at the property or using any energy, there was no electric or gas on in the property when relatives attended to work on the house and I doubt it has had any gas on for some time there was so much mould and damp. We were advised by EON to put at least £7 a week on the electric key to cover the debt and standard charge this we have been doing, relative went home for one night then left again it has disturbed them this break in then the knowledge that the ex partner has been using the property, we understand that the ex partner as been recalled to prison. What can we do about these charges and the fact that this Energy Fund application as been unfairly denied.
  13. Hello fellow CAGers, I'm trying to help my Uncle here. He received a notice to apply for a warrant with a £300 debt. However, he paid the debt in full 2 days before the hearing. EON went ahead with the hearing and got a warrant. Two days later they (or their agents) created huge panic with my Aunt and Nieces when they used a locksmith to break into the house to fit a prepayment meter. The meter is on the outside of the house and easily accessible so there was no reason to break in. (I understand they may want to inspect appliances). My question is what can be done? The warrant was obtained illegally/immorally and the representative must have confirmed to the bench that the debt was outstanding and cannot have exercised due diligence to confirm that the debt was outstanding or they lied. A complaint was made to Eon a few weeks ago and they have not responded despite saying they will reply within 5 working days. I'm thinking a lot of wrongs here. No debt, warrant obtained illegally/dishonestly/negligently, tort, alarm and trespass. Thoughts on next course of action?
  14. eon are using LCS ( debt collector) to chase for Limited company debt, company no longer trading - Dissolved in February 2016 eon have changed the name on correspondence from "XXX Limited co" to ( Directors name T/A XXX ) i wrote back to LCS stating LTD company is separate legal entity - and that they cannot simply assign the debt to the previous director. I also asked for copy of any agreements, signed documents, copies of any bills etc as i believe the bills will have xxx ltd ( Not TA) Is this Practice legal - surely there is an illegal re-assignment attempt here - what about VAT ?? they cant retrospectively go back and change names on invoices and reassign the vat .... Now i have a CCBC claim form for the above I have filed an AOS stating i will defend complete claim. Any help or advice welcome
  15. Hi. I changed my supplier Eon to British Gas last year. This left me owing Eon £100. I arranged to pay this off monthly which I did until two months ago. When I logged into my account to pay the last final payment of £20. I found my account had been closed. ????? So I was unable to pay the final payment. Since then I have been receiving mysterious text messages on my mobile to urgently contact this company ( sorry can't remember name at the moment because I delete them) and withheld numbers on my landline. I can only presume this is a debt collector but I am not acknowledging them until they write to me. C Can you adviseme on how I stand with this. Thank you
  16. Why take any dispute to the Ombudsman , is it worth the trouble? For the 3 time of trying to post this reply but worth reading:- Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954, The Gas Safety (Rights of Entry) Regulations 1996 In a genuine dispute there are no rights of entry(i.e magistrates warrant issued), however I would also caution health and safety matters if its a gas leak. if electricity meter dispute The Electricity Act 1989, The Utilities Act 2000 Note schedule 7 of 1989 act and schedule 5 of 2000 Act, an electric meter cannot be removed until a dispute is resolved. I did provide links to laws but the post is not going through. Hope this helps you and others. Mike
  17. Afternoon everyone, I have an issue with Eon Energy. I checked my credit score as I'm about to apply for a mortgage and saw that I have 2 accounts with them. One current one which is up to date and in £250 credit, and one earlier one that has lots of irregular missed payments and is closed and marked as settled. See image... I've been over and over with them for weeks about this and they can't really explain it. They said at some point I switched providers and then came back. They also have no record of me being a client prior to 2013 yet they have been reporting on late and missed payments during this period. This has gone to the Complaints department, then Alternative Dispute Resolution department and to their datashare department. Their datashare say the info is valid and they will not amend anything. Only step now is the financial ombudsman, I really don't have the energy to deal with this. I'm leaving Eon for another energy provider as I've had enough. What I ultimately want to know is, will this 2nd Eon account from 2012-2014 showing missed payments affect my mortgage application? Other than this, my other accounts are 100% in excellent order and my wife's credit file is also 100% excellent.
  18. I hope someone has some advice because I am at my wits end with Eon In 2012 I moved into a property contacted EON who set up a DD payment After 13 months we received a letter stating that our consumption had been underestimated and our DD would increase from £78.00 per month to £392.00 per month As you would do I contacted EON there are two adults in the property and there is no way we could afford this, the amount was to cover usage and ongoing consumption EON refused any offer of any payment less which went on for another few months and issued a deadlock letter Eventually we agreed to pay £250.00 per month which has gone along fine, the debt has never really gone down despite us consistently saying there must be a problem, a 18 month payment plan has been in place we are averaging 32.00 gas per month and 24.00 electric Fast forward to August 2016 EON took a DD payment of 578.00 from my account and claimed this was our new DD following an account review despite the payment plan being in place If we contact EON advisors are rude arrogant aggressive the list goes on Now each time we contact EON they refuse to raise a complaint despite ongoing mismanagement of the account, the reason for this is because we have a deadlock letter. The energy ombudsman say because the deadlock letter was issued over nine month ago they wont investigate Where do we go now
  19. Hi all Apologies for the length and the sarcasm of this post but as in the title - this has been going on a long time and was on the phone for an hour to Eon today. We moved in to our 3 bed terraced in Nov 13 and kept with Eon as the supplier. The house has no gas but we noticed old storage heaters downstairs that I removed as I knew they were expensive to use (and in one case, broken anyway). As we have two meters, one that runs the heaters and the other runs all other services, I was under the impression that, when I asked them to, Eon would arrange the removal of one meter and the change of the other through Scottish Power. On 15 Jan 2015, I received a yearly electricity bill of £1025. I emailed several times why I wasn't receiving more regular bills but received no reply. After a sarcastic but angry email, my query was taken up by a dedicated complaints manager who advised that the meter would be change over for the correct rate meter and remove the redundant one. This was replaced on 5 March 2015. She also set up a direct debit for £120 for my current usage and £42 for the arrears for the next 24 months. I was under the impression, she had also ensured I could submit meter readings online to keep things accurate. However I was unaware that she hadn't. I had attempted to submit meter readings online from my single meter, but these were rejected as the system required me to submit readings from 2 separate meters. (I have been told today that my reading were placed on file as 'notes') Over the last 2 years, on about 8 occasions, I have had readers in to read my meter. In addition, all my bills have been estimated statements. As I have said, I run electric only, a fire in the lounge when it's cold and 3 x panel heaters upstairs which are run on timers for 1-2 hours per night depending on the time of year, immersion heater and cooker. Today, I received my second annual bill from Eon totalling £1753. It seems my usage has gone up to 50 kwh per day and I have not even paid my usage for this year, much less the arrears from last year. As stated, I spent an hour with a complaint manager that offered me £560 off the bill from their reviewing my account, which seems poor as I thought the £42 was for that purpose and expected some reduction in the previous year's arrears. On hearing this I escalated my complaint to a bill review department. I stated to him that I wanted at least some of the previous years arrears to be discounted. He stated I had a choice: Pay £93 for a 'load check' on my meter, or Have the meter changed completely and he stated he would monitor the usage over the next few weeks to check usage. I can't afford the £93 so opted for the meter change and monitor. After speaking to the appointments department, he said they would not change the meter as they say there they monitor the meter and there is be nothing wrong with it. (How do they know this and if they do know, why can't they take meter readings from it direct?) So I am left with a £1753 bill with a £560 reduction and a £20 'gesture of goodwill' to cover phone costs, etc (thanks!) - Final total - £1173 What I want to know, if anyone can answer, is: Do I have a case here with the Ombudsman? I have had dealings with other (Financial) Ombudsman in the past and have found them to be ineffective in helping me with my case. Is this the same with the Energy Ombudsman? Could my meter be faulty? Unless I pay the £93, I have no way of finding out. Why don't we have an industry standard (which I questioned in the phone call) for energy usage? Should I be resigned to paying as much as I can for the next 10 years while I save the money to pay these bully boys in full? Do I have any rights here? (Should I ask for their Consumer Credit Licence number as they now offer/encourage overdrafts!) I have just checked my account and I can now submit a meter reading for a single meter - for the first time in 13 months We are paying other debts off at the moment but it's slow progress - this feels like 5 steps back. Apologies again for the sarcasm - even writing this is p*ssing me off. Thanks for reading Lawrence
  20. Hi Malc, What is the cheapest tariff at EON, please? I find it so confusing... currently paying 13.25p per kWh plus 24.78 per day standing charge... My bills for a 2 bed bungalow are huge at £1,500 per year, despite having oil central heating. I am on means tested benefit and struggling. TB
  21. Can anyone help me out with some sanity checking? Based on meter readings, from 9th December to 4th March (86 days) I've used 8,601kWh of gas. 100kWh a day seems an awful lot to me given that the house hasn't felt particularly warm (albeit not particularly cold most of the time either). Since the last bill, I've managed to put 943kWh through the meter. 85kWh per day again seems quite high to me. It's a two bed mid terrace (circa 1910) that came in as a 'D' on the last EPC. Do these numbers seem reasonable to anyone? I never used anywhere near this much gas in the last house I was in (2-bed semi, albeit more modern).
  22. http://www.lbc.co.uk/eon-posts-7bn-loss-with-uk-profits-flat-126493 E.ON Posts €7bn Loss With UK Profits Flat Wednesday, 9th March 2016 09:09 The parent company of 'big six' energy firm E.ON says annual losses more than doubled to ?7bn (£5.4bn) in 2015 - with UK profits flat despite supply business earnings falling 9% to £267 The German company blamed an ?8.8bn writedown in the value of its loss-making power generation assets for the group's net loss and said that the spin-off of its oil and gas-fired power activities from its renewable energy division, completed in January, would also hurt its outlook for 2016. E.ON warned that "the course ahead will be tougher and longer than anticipated" given the changes to its business model and weak energy costs. Germany's biggest energy firms, E.ON and RWE - which owns npower in the UK - have been forced to write off billions in the value of their conventional energy assets as the German government demands a shift to cleaner sources. The cost of closing Germany's nuclear plants - a consequence of the accident at the Fukushima plant in Japan - has also pushed them into the red. Following the release of the group's financial performance, E.ON later confirmed in greater detail how its UK business did. It part-blamed a 3.5% cut to standard gas tariffs in January last year for 2015 annual supply business profits falling, alongside a competitive market. It said overall UK profits were flat on last year as more renewable energy projects, such as the Humber Gateway wind farm, came on stream in its generation arm. E.ON has not been alone in blaming fierce competition in the household supply business for hits to its profits. The market is currently the subject of a Competition and Markets Authority probe which is expected to publish its remedies on Thursday.
  23. Hello everybody I recently got into debt bother with EON . I spoke to them about my options with regards to my debt (installments, pre-payment etc). I indicated that I would prefer prepayment to manage my debts but then took my time getting back to them . Next I received a letter telling me that they were applying to the courts and had added £60.00. The court date was supposed to be 12th of November and I awaited this date so I could contest the fee (I had already told them that I wanted prepayment), they wrote to me shortly before telling me that the court hearing had been cancelled and they would write to me at a later date. Yesterday (12th) I got home to find some documents and a electricity key INSIDE MY HOUSE !!. The accompanying paperwork said that they had acted on a warrant (no issue date, number etc) and had changed my electricity meter. In my actual mail on that day I got a letter from them telling me that they had reapplied for a court date - which was supposed to be the 16th November !!!. So clearly they illegally entered my house without a warrant and changed the meter. Luckily, nothing valuable was stolen from me by these rapscallions . I have not yet contacted them, instead I would prefer the advice of somebody who has experience in these matters to see exactly where I stand before I act. What are my options, so to speak ?
  24. first I will describe the problem, I am paying for gas by prepayment meter , the prepayment screen on the meter is blank and it will not except payment by the card, the meter gas reading still works and there is gas supplied even without payment via the card, it's been like this for at least two years. I recently transferred to another supplier for both gas and electricity. I was sent a final estimated bill for nearly two and a half thousand pounds from my former supplier, assuming that I will have to pay them something my questions are: 1 can they calculate an arbituary estimate which I must pay or should it be based on actual readings from meter, I have noticed on some of my previous statements that they indicate that I have submitted readings to them which I haven't done. 2 can I make them send me documentation of the period that they are charging for and the calculation of the fee for that period. 3 with the rules of them not being able to back charge beyond the last twelve months, how could they accuratly calculate how much was used during that period. 4 The point of being on a prepayment meter is not to get into debt, is part or all of the fault down to the former supplier and should they have to accept all or some of the the losses incurred 5 if I have to pay would they except payment by installments niyaman
  25. So I entered into a fixed 12 month contract with Eon in January this year, at a very reasonable £32.50 a month, all going swimmingly until yesterday when they emailed me to say that my direct debit would be increasing to £43 a month! Have just emailed them, and tweeted them, to say that there is absolutely no chance of paying this increase as I am on a fixed income, and their quote of £32.50 a month has been used in my budget each month, and there is zero wriggle room. I am hoping that they can continue to take £32.50 a month, like they agreed in January, or I shall pull the direct debit and either set up a standing order, regardless of their threat of adding their penalty fees for not paying via DD, or vote with my feet and go elsewhere all together, and deal with the deforestation of begging letters for 'breaking' the contract early. If I could be bothered to read the small print in the contract, I am pretty certain that it is all weighted in their favour, and no doubt it will say that they can change the rules and move the goal posts as and when they choose, but as a customer you're not able to. But we'll see.
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