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  1. i know what to expect and general wear and tear. I just have used this site for many years and usually get a lot of helpful advice. I just wanted to have some come back to say well actually ... you need to sort this and no i don't owe you any money
  2. thank you, i don't wish to reject the car only get the repair paid for under the warranty
  3. i don't want to send the car back though its good to know the law on this, id just like to know my rights to get this oil leak covered. its a £13000 car so not some cheap crap that i expect issues on.
  4. Hi the car was actually £12000! i had to put £5500 cash towards it and my bmw 530. I would just like to text him back and say legally you should be repairing my car under its warranty so i can show i know my rights. I think he thinks he's dealing with an idiot. Am i entitled to say that i would accept cash for the repairs to avoid taking further?
  5. Hi i bought a used car from a garage i found through ebay ( the car was advertised on there ) i px my car in which was an ex police car . They said they wanted my car plus £4000 i agreed and we were set. Tthe day i was coming he said he didn't want my car as it would be hard to sell being an ex police car. he then said i would need to pay £5500 - i thought ok ill have to do that. I had 4 new tyres on my car and it was valeted first. he had asked if there was anything wrong with my car i said no, it had a paint chip on boot but nothing mechanically wrong. I said when i pulled up to swap, do you want to have a drive in mine, he said no and didn't even look inside , i spent £50 getting it cleaned was a bit surprised went ahead with the sale . The car i bought ( a range rover ) came with 3 month engine warranty at their garage. i signed and went home with my new car. next day it starts creaking we had new arms and bushes on it and a new tyre. It was then we noticed an oil leak in the engine which the garage we went to could be a seal or pump. I suddenly thought oh right this may be covered under my warranty for the engine ( i have had the car less than two weeks ) I text the man i bought it off he said. Yes we can fix it but we found problems with your car such as the holes where the police radio etc went , they are tiny holes in all ex police cars and said the brakes needed doing if i wanted my car fixing i would need to give him money to cover "his losses" on my old car. I don't know what my rights are or if i should even pursue that they fix the car - its a 2011 range rover vogue
  6. That’s what I thought but wanted to know in my head itbwould pointless taking me to court
  7. Hi I’ve had numerous problems with Halifax - suspended evictions. I set up to pay them £100 a week so I often pay over what I should towards my arrears . over Xmas I missed a week I am £80 down and classed as a broken arrangement. I paid my usual £100 today spoke to them and they won’t set an arrangement till they see that on the account and it takes a day to show … they aren’t going to refuse me an arrangement again cos of it are they!?? . .. they’ve tried many times to get me back to court
  8. It’s hard to switch off with it looming over me. Hope the judge is fair
  9. The judge isn’t going to side with them if i can show I can pay are they?
  10. I have a statement, proof of payment , proof of emails I sent since May , job letter . This should be enough shouldn’t it
  11. I didn’t send a statement with my n244 form as it was done very quickly on Friday .. do i need to go very early in morning and make sure judge has it on my file before the hearing ??
  12. i have been printing out all i need, does anyone have anything else i may need
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