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  1. I do love your straight forwardness sometimes Yes i will keep fighting back , do i stand a chance ?? hopefully I do get anxious and ramble , i am worried they'll try and get an eviction date if i do not up my payments as i have broken the SPO due to covid , which is understandable but the payments should increase to cover the covid break as with every other mortgage . I am hoping that i have time before they try and pursue things thats why i wanted to write back to them?
  2. i know but they scare me and letters like this scare me even though i know I've been paying what i was told so they can't do much at moment can they? thats all i am asking ... a little bit of reassurance , i do suffer with horrendous anxiety i want rid of it and to pay it off , but i don't understand that i won't be left with a balance still as I've had it since 2007 and apparently ill be paying £143,000 back on a £30,000 loan. Well i won't have paid that much back so they can turn round and say i still owe a lot can't they? even with fees taken off? I've been paying since 2007
  3. No i know that but i want to know if its just scare tactics to get me to pay up, thing is I've been paying for 6 months now so id be surprised if they tried court as I've been paying court ordered amount but they say its not enough hence asking for an income / exp every couple of weeks. I just want to know if they will try repossession but i can't see how they can Do i count every single charge on there, are all charges unfair - missed payment charges ?
  4. ill have a look So do i need to be worried about them writing to ask for this shortfall ? is this their way of getting me to agree to the higher monthly payment to cover the higher interest they say is on there now
  5. What will they try and do next , this is all because they want a higher payment isn't it. Do i not respond to it? Also with all the SAR info , i am adding up whats been paid and what fees have been added is this all i need to do? theres so much to go through its taking a while
  6. I now have a letter we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to contact you in respect of the outstanding payment shortfall on your account its important to clear the shortfall amount as soon as possible if for any reason you are unable to make this payment , call us on ... immediately to discuss the reason for the arrears and what repayment options are available to you whilst in arrears you incur additional interest on a daily basis an arrears fee of £40 is charged monthly ????? the shortfall they say is £30k I am so annoyed , all
  7. they just keep saying i have no arrangement in place and need to do the income / exp to set an arrangement up. I have ignored this and paid for first 3 months after covid relief, i paid contractual as they said pay what i can afford then for next 3 months i paid the court ordered amount in full , would it best to make a payment to them for the extra amount i didn't pay in those first 3 months after covid break so i haven't breached anything as such?
  8. i read this , do i ask for a variation to my court order while i get my case together with SARs Effect on suspended possession orders If the lender grants a payment break and the mortgage is already subject to a suspended possession order, the order is breached if the contractual monthly instalment is not paid.[5] Borrowers should discuss the implications of breaching the terms of the order with their lender and seek assurances that the order will not be enforced as a result of an agreed coronavirus-related payment break. Borrowers can apply to court for a v
  9. No that’s the one I need to do , they changed name to adv2 while they had my loan
  10. sorry i only wondered if they could do anything since i am just paying and ignoring their requests for income expenditure to set up a payment arrangement i have statements from paragon and mars , i need to send to further back than them but having trouble finding details but i will. Its taking me a long time to go through it all
  11. just going through all my figures, i will need help soon but in the mean time another letter saying in order to set up a payment plan we still require from you 3 months bank statements and an income / expenditure I don't need to do this do i? i am still paying on time the court recommend amount, do i put in writing i am paying this amount so they stop asking or just leave it
  12. I just worry but I’ve not missed a payment since covid break was over etc so I can’t see they can push me into an arrangement when I am paying what’s been in place I just know they will say they need more money due to the break in payments and interest etc
  13. Am not doing anything wrong am I by not doing income / expenditure or agreeing another payment plan / arrangement? I get such bad anxiety over it
  14. They are still pushing for an income / expenditure to get an arrangement in place to "stop calls letters etc and further action" why do i need an "arrangement " I've paid the court ordered amount and have paid 5 months in a row since covid break , i didn't pay the full court ordered amount at first as they said to pay £300 and would work together etc with what was affordable. I am unsure how to put into writing ill be paying the court ordered amount as they will class the suspended possession order as broken due to covid? still awaiting SAR back too.
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