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  1. Hi ive had no paperwork back from MARS and a phone call today from paragon saying it will be a week late - how do i proceed as its over a month
  2. When going through statements what do I class as the unlawful penalties or do I add up ALL the charges
  3. But what if they try get to court before I have all the SAR details etc to hit them with can I ask for more time .. say I have been paying SPO I can’t afford to up my payments but show evidence so far of the charges - can I be given more time
  4. Just wondering if this new tactic of saying my payments don’t cover or will pay off the loan in time is to make me pay up as they want rid of the debt with them being classed as a vulture fund ( something like that ) I think though they may not as I can’t see the judge siding with them when I have been paying ? Is this right ? You have so much more experience and know what judges and companies like this do Meant to say I just have to hear some positive thoughts and it gives me the determination to fight but I don’t want to be fighting for nothing
  5. I dont think i am wasting your time , i just needed advice and i always never got as far as doing the CI sheet. Everything is sent and hopefully they will send it all , do you think they will try take to court in the mean time? or try get more money from me eg.. try change the SP order in court
  6. ive just always been scared to So .. SAR and sort that out shall i also re-put in writing that to contact me by letter only shall i send in my own financial statement ( my own step change income / exp ) manager just called back - i said ill be paying my court ordered amount and myself and husband will not be taking calls and wish everything to be in writing going forward. SAR printed - going in post at 4pm Thank you for giving me the boost again - i dont feel scared they will go for me as i have been paying not missed any payments and hopefully in the next few months we will be free of this , though not sure how i enforce this once i see whats been paid in fees / charges and what i still owe? am unsure how much interest i am expected to pay ... do i ask for it to be looked at in court or just write to the company itself sorry what do you need , how do i give you every statement ..?
  7. no i only have the early ones not from this company , my SAR was never delivered as i put wrong address , i am going to send SAR today recorded delivery i have statements from first company , need paragon too. Once i have these it'll take me weeks and weeks i suspect to add all to the CI sheet. I am hoping to not owe anything but i am prepared to pay a small settlement fee as much as i want to sort this i am quite an anxious person who has suffered badly and been quite ill so have always held back from rocking the boat too much but its a crippling debt, i just dont want to lose my home
  8. i get anxious as letters are worded so scarily... i just want to know my rights while they try and make me put my payments up, i am right in saying they cant change a SPO? just spoke to a shelter advisor you will already know all this. 1) i dont have to up my payments i just comply with what the court ordered amount is 2) i can apply for a variation but so they can they , but if i can show its not affordable to me they wont bother 3) Them telling me to remortgage etc is just a bullish tactic they have and take no notice 4) I dont have to complete their income / expenditure i can do my own financial statement they had wanted me to do their income / exp , send bank details and do a credit search?? when they call back later today , i will just say everything in writing from now on, i will not be answering any calls, i will put this in writing , though am sure i did years ago
  9. i just said i would like this call raised as a complaint as i dont appreciate being forced into a remortgage and how its been handled. Is it right they cant change the SPO or make me pay more? can they make me do an income / exp? they say they have to have a review
  10. I made a complaint, i said to them that i will be paying what the SPO says and i didnt appreciate them trying to make me remortgage , I am just worried that since they have the SPO they can go for court hearing and a repossession. I just need to get this sorted now but they make say that all the charges are lawful , i dont know how to argue that
  11. Hi i have been on hold with things due to family illness i am yet to fill out CISS sheet and take things further , been paying mars each month - had a call today to review things and can i get a remortgage with someone else as my interest isn't covered each month on the arrears. There is an SPO in place which still has 2 years left i said and i pay £146 extra a month I am going to sort things BUT in the mean time can they change the SPO amount ? i thought it had to be in place for the 6 years and they couldn't change it? they also want income / exp to see if i can pay extra.. giving me 14 days to make an appointment with a mortgage advisor to see what i can do to pay it off or remortgage... apparently they are trying to help me. I filled a complaint about the call and asked to speak to manager and he didnt know what to say. I will not talk further i was caught off guard and i should in future not talk i know this but letters are often so vague and threatening i never know what they mean
  12. I do love your straight forwardness sometimes Yes i will keep fighting back , do i stand a chance ?? hopefully I do get anxious and ramble , i am worried they'll try and get an eviction date if i do not up my payments as i have broken the SPO due to covid , which is understandable but the payments should increase to cover the covid break as with every other mortgage . I am hoping that i have time before they try and pursue things thats why i wanted to write back to them?
  13. i know but they scare me and letters like this scare me even though i know I've been paying what i was told so they can't do much at moment can they? thats all i am asking ... a little bit of reassurance , i do suffer with horrendous anxiety i want rid of it and to pay it off , but i don't understand that i won't be left with a balance still as I've had it since 2007 and apparently ill be paying £143,000 back on a £30,000 loan. Well i won't have paid that much back so they can turn round and say i still owe a lot can't they? even with fees taken off? I've been paying since 2007 where do i find this CISHEET can i put in for a court date to ask for time to finish SAR and get legal advice and to ask to pay the court ordered amount? or can i write to Mars and say i am paying the court ordered amount back as instructed ? i just feel like this letter needs an answer ?
  14. No i know that but i want to know if its just scare tactics to get me to pay up, thing is I've been paying for 6 months now id be surprised if they tried court as I've been paying court ordered amount they say its not enough hence asking for an income / exp every couple of weeks. I just want to know if they will try repossession but i can't see how they can Do i count every single charge on there, are all charges unfair - missed payment charges ?
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