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  1. Typical HSBC. I even provided the actual agreement... they still said I didn't have insurance! Ombudsman sorted it and I eventually got paid. Get the SAR and don't believe a word they tell you! Why is this not being investigated ... they are probably getting away with fobbing off millions. TB
  2. Because the rules are only for LIPs and not for those who should know better, but fail to comply and get away with it every time. TB
  3. Oops! Update... still buggering on. The set aside was struck out... something about me failing to ask permission of the court to do something or another...blah blah... a minor procedural error for a LIP, but no matter, as we are expected to know the rules... Fast forward; I made a fresh claim in the High Court a year ago. Defendant failed to acknowledge.. or at least, if he did, the court didn't let me know. I'm wondering if I should go back to the court and try and find out exactly what went on... The claim was served in July. I received notice of acting from his solicitor on 1st September, and the defence was filed and served on the 8th September. (I believe the AOS was filed retrospectively at the same time as the defence... I have never seen it). It's all a bit of a muddle, but now there has been disclosure and I have seen some new documents which show that the court actually entered a default judgement against the defendant for failure to acknowledge, but his lawyers argued it, saying the claim was acknowledged in time, and it seems to have been overturned... all this without my knowledge and I'm thinking something odd is going on... TB
  4. Hi Andy... the part in red; What happens if the Defendant doesn't acknowledged a claim within 14 days, but defends on time? This happened to me last year and whist the court at first entered judgement by default, the defendant stated that they did file an acknowledgement on time. They produced a certificate of service, and the court overturned the default judgement. I think the fact that you are not required to send documents by recorded delivery means that you could, if you were dishonest, just backdate the certificate of service, etc. TB
  5. Hi... So are Santander something to do with Alliance and Leicester? When I had a bank account with Abbey National, I had credit cards for both A&L and MBNA...I also had a Capital One card... I'm not sure if they are all connected with Abbey/Santander, though... Time to SAR I think! Is there a specific address, please, or an online form or does one just apply to the nearest branch? Thanks, Theda.
  6. They may have said the PPI was 'optional', but in my experience, they made it plain that you'd likely be turned down if you didn't take it. I have claimed PPI from them... you don't need the help of those claims firms... it's very easy to do! TB
  7. They were able to change the rules after a succesful trial... it used to be that you could quote financial hardship and they would have to return all those unfair charges which pushed you further into debt. Some people really do find it hard to manage on a very small income... wages are at an all time low whilst costs of living go up and up... it's not a matter of educating people, it's just that some are 'just about managing' and some don't manage at all because they are on zero hours, or whatever, and have to juggle the bills. I was trying to help my own son a few years back... the bank was aware that he was in trouble, and he was in receipt of housing benefit, even though he was working full time... but they just kept chraging him for bounced DDs, etc, until he ended up with an unauthourised overdraft of £4k!! These banks just don't give a damn and especially HSBC... always involved in all sorts of fraud and corruption, but the last to admit to any wrongdoing, especially where those who have been treated unfairly are concerned. Just appalling. TB
  8. Perhaps you could throw in harassment as well.... I'd be inclined to call the police every time you have a trespasser. Three strikes and she's out. Put a notice up "Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted". TB
  9. HSBC are blatant liars. they gave me the same old flannel... I've just received a PPI payout from a loan I had back in 1987. Hard to get anything out of them... they even denied I had the loan and I'd provided them with copies of the original policies...!! Do the SAR and get FOS involved. They had an 'in house' insurer... Hamilton. TB
  10. What about those who have never worked throughout their lifetimes... do they get anything at all and if not, how do they survive? TB
  11. A couple marry very young. The husband works but the wife remains at home, bringing up the children, etc. Over his working life of 40 years, the husband pays 40% tax and a large amount (around £300 per month) of his salary in NICS. They unfortunatley separate, (but do not divorce), just before retirement age. The wife claims a State Pension of just £65 per week due to lack of NICs contributions, and this is topped up by pension credit. She receives, in all, around £600 per month to live on. The husband's State pension is about 3 times more because he has paid sufficient contirbutions and also has a small private pension. He will receive around £900 per month in all. Is the wife be entitled to any of the husband's State Pension, so that she no longer needs to remain in the benefits system? It does seem very unfair that the wife, who had worked equally hard throughout their 40 year marriage, supporting the husband whilst he climbed the career ladder, now she survives on very little. Whilst the husband does not receive a huge amount to live on, it seems wrong that the wife must rely upon benefits in order to survive, when the husband's NICs should have been enough to provide a State Pension for both of them. TB
  12. I'm trying to find a thread about pensions, please... can anyone re direct me? TB
  13. Hmmm... don't get your hopes up... I wrote to Barclay's on someone's behalf when they were in financial hardship and in receipt of HB, etc... Bank kept taking charges for bounced DDs and putting them into an unauthorised overdraft. Charges amounted to £4k! They just wrote back and said the charges were lawful, but here's £50 as a gesture of 'goodwill'... They know some people don't have the courage to go to court and speak up for themselves, so they get away with it. TB
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