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  1. Hi. I changed my supplier Eon to British Gas last year. This left me owing Eon £100. I arranged to pay this off monthly which I did until two months ago. When I logged into my account to pay the last final payment of £20. I found my account had been closed. ????? So I was unable to pay the final payment. Since then I have been receiving mysterious text messages on my mobile to urgently contact this company ( sorry can't remember name at the moment because I delete them) and withheld numbers on my landline. I can only presume this is a debt collector but I am not acknowledging them until they write to me. C Can you adviseme on how I stand with this. Thank you
  2. Hi Thank you for your advice. There is no record on my credit file. My recollection is that my last dealings with BT was around 2010. I have send CCS a letter requesting true not fraudulent evidence of this debt and their legal right to collect. I enclosed a copy of the Fraud Act 2006. They have replied with a letter which says that as I have not disputed???? the debt I must pay and that I have received a letter from BT stating that CCS have been instructed to collect this alleged debt plus the added charge of 25%?????. I have not. Has anyone any further advice on how to proceed with this? Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply. How do you suggest I respond to them? Thanks
  4. Hi, I have just received a letter from CCS Collect dated 18th July 2015 regarding a debt owed to BT from 2010. They state that BT have authorised them to collect this debt. I then received last week a letter supposedly from BT stating that they had passed this debt to CCS Collect 'an authorised agency' to get in touch with me 'about paying it off'. (How about that for good grammar!!!!) Also that 25% had been added to the outstanding blance to cover thecost of BT handing over the debt!!!!!!!! (is this legal, I don't think so?) All telephone numbers are to CCS Collect - no address for BT or telephone number only BT registered office address. Then two days ago I received an 'Notice of Intended Action) threatening court action if the debt was not paid in fullby the 18th August, 2015. Please advise on how to proceed. Thank you
  5. Can anyone tell me if the practice of adding a (usually 4 pound monthly charge) to a bill for paying on-line, cheque etc is being challenged. Because I do not allow Sky and others to access and control my account with their direct debits I am being penalised by incurring this charge every month. Paying online does not incur a 4 pound cost to them. Thanks
  6. Hi. Unfortunately I have not been back to the forum re bank charge since the law courts let us down. I am trying to get up to date with the situation regarding getting our bank charges back. Can anyone tell me if I can go after LLoyds even though my case was originally stayed. Has the situation changed? Would really appreciate advice. Thank you
  7. Iwould say that this charge is also the same as BT. The next step is what can we do about this. Can we think of a strategy which has some sort of legality. What exactly does the EU say about this? If there is something we can quote as a reason for not paying the admin charge can someone with legal nonce point the way. I'm afraid I am not good at legal language.
  8. Yes. So, if they still refuse to acknowledge my offer where does that leave the matter. I have contacted the FOS and have sent them all the relevant papers so I am now awaiting an outcome.
  9. I am being chased by LLoyds for repayment of an overdraught debt. Can someone please clarify a legal issue regarding payment of any form of debt. I remember in the 'days of old' being told that if a debtor (anyone who owed anyone money for whatever), if they had made offer of payment and if refused for what ever reason by the creditor, the debt was nullified. Because the creditor had refused to accept that payment. Now my problem is that I have repeatedly made offers to repay this debt in accordance with my financial situation, and LLoyds and their debt collecting friends have repeatedly ignored, in fact have never referred to my offer, to pay. Has anyone any knowledge or advice on this situation. Am I correct. Thank you:confused:
  10. Perhaps there ins n't anyone that can help me about this issue I have with Sky. But if there is, I would be grateful for any advice available as i think this is an important issue which needs looking at from a comsumers point of view as this admin charge is very profitable for Sky and consitutes a penality charge!!!!! Need I say anymore.:evil:
  11. Has anyone any experience of challenging Sky about their forced charge for paying bill other than by DD or Recurring payment. I pay my bill through my account on their web site and I have refused to pay the admin charge and deducted it from my bill. As I am paying via the internet my payment is automated and does not involve any admin on their part. Has anhyone else challenged this. If they have, please let me know what you did and what Sky's response was so that I have ammunition before I contact them and fight them on this issue. I am a pensioner and I don't see why I or anhyone else should pay a penalty charge for paying this way. I will not let anyTom Dic or Harry have access to my bank account. When you sign a DD you are allowing them access and control of your personal bank account. Some time ago I had a row with some young smart a.. at Sky who raised a DD for 400 pounds per month on my account. I'm not sure if this was not a criminal offence I think it is. I made a complaint and informed Sky that I would never let them have a DD agreement from me ever. They were very apologetic and promised to look into my complaint. I never heard another word from them. So trust them at your peril. I will mention that my bill is 17.50 per month, so I think that proved the maliciousness of this a.......'s behaviour.
  12. Thanks for advice I will definitely apply for hardship. However, I am worried that they will use the refunded bank charges to offset my defaulted loan and overdraft which are in dispute at present as LLoyds/Apex are claiming more than I actually owe them. Both together the bank charges amount to more than the loan and overdraft. If the debts have been sold on to Apex how can I prove it and is there anyway I can stop them using the refund to recoup the debts this way. As a pensioner and having waited since 2007 I really need this money. Do you have any advice? Regards
  13. Hi. Has anyone read my question? I am sure that there will be other people in the same boat. I just wanted to hear from anyone with any comment of a problem I can see looming:mad:
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