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  1. Thanks Malc. You are pretty much right with what you say, although we didn't move into the property until months after the previous owners left. The final meter readings that the previous owner agreed on the date they moved out, were the same readings we gave to OVO. So there would've been no overlap for eon. It has now been passed to Wescot credit, so I suspect that this deemed contract has been cancelled? I did try to create an online account to speak to somebody again, but it said there was no account?
  2. If you could ping the eon rep, then that would be great. I'm still getting letters, despite putting them in the picture. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, looking for some advice on how best to handle this situation. We bought a new house, but rented it for 3 months prior to completion. We did not live in the house until the completion date, so the gas and electricity meters were started that day, with OVO energy, which was the same meter readings given by the previous owners, when they left. Unbeknown to me, the previous owner had given Eon (her supplier) my name and they have been contacting me to pay just over £300. I have spoken to EON on the telephone, to put them in the picture and have returned emails, but they
  4. I think I will send the 'bemused letter' stating that this agreement was terminated by park, maybe with a SAR too, just to see what paperwork they have on me. Also, if they are planning any court action, be it ccj or stat demand, they might think twice as they will know i mean business
  5. Scanners broke, so I'll type it This letter is to inform you that with effect from april 2014 under a written agreement with park motor fiance limited your credit agreement referred to above has been purchased by five rivers this means that park motor finance limited has transferred to five rivers the outstanding balance in respect of your agreement as at the date above together with all its rights and interest in the agreement with you. this is out formal letter to you notifying you of the transfer what action do you need to take? five rivers has engaged us, blues
  6. Hi,I am opening a new thread as my existing one, is old and very long, plus most is irrelvant now and i think the length is putting people off commenting on my recent develpmets - here is old thread for reference http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?240860-Park-Motor-Finance-Default-Notice I took car finance out, paid over a third but missed one payment. I was never informed of this missed payment, but then received a DN. The default notice was faulty and they terminated the agreement. It went to court, was adjourned and whilst waiting fo
  7. After a couple of years of letters and default sums notices (all ignored) i now have rieceved an assignment of the agreement from park motor finacne to bluestone credit management, what shall i do, contact them or send CCA?
  8. He went to court and it all went smoothly, the matter has now been referred back to see if they wish to proceed. thanks for all your help!
  9. Right we've to the bottom of it, my partner phoned the hmcts and it isn't for his recent speeding fine. They managed to trace it back from july 2007 when they said he was caught with no tax. He has never been caught with no tax and all correspondence up until now has been going to our old address, so this marston letter is the first he's heard of it. The court have booked him in to make a statutory declaration next week and the bailiffs have been put on hold. What a polarvar! The only thing we can think of, is that his van was cloned by travellers around that ti
  10. But the date of this letter from the baliffs is dated 2 days before the first payment was due, so they wouldn't have known if he were to pay it or not, as he would've still had 2 days left, if you know what I mean?
  11. Yes, but he got the letter v late and had already missed 2 of the first payments, (he's paid them now) but he also received this bailiffs letter, which is dated 2 days before the first due date, at the same time because he'd been away, so that's another reason why we didn't think it was the same case. He received no other letters
  12. He does have a magistrates court fine, which he is to pay £10 a week, but this is for a different amount and the ref number is completely different, so don't think it can be the same one. I will get him to telephone the court tomorrow and check it, thanks guys! ps the client is described as HMCTS Greater Manchester but the magistrates was a different court
  13. Hi there, wondering if anybody can help me shed any light on this. My partner has received a letter from a company called Marston with a client HMCTS and a client ref which he doesn't recognise. its also for an amount that he doesn't recognise they are stating that they are in receipt of a magistrates court order which he also has no idea about. Is this a legitimate company and how can I find out what it's for without telephoning them?
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