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  1. Hi, Just after some advice and opinion. My better half's holiday year runs out at the end of March 19 and her employer operates a "use it or lose it" policy. She has asked for some time off, and they have said that they cannot facilitate her absence due to low staff levels along with others being on leave. They have also informed her that as she cannot use it, she will ultimately lose it. Is this correct and will she have no option but to lose out on leave entitlement, even though its the employer preventing her from using the holiday entitlement? Most years she
  2. Today I received in which looks like usual fob off letter from barclaycard rejecting my initial claim for unfair charges totalling over £240. All my charges were for £20 and a one-off charge of £40. In their letter they state that their charges of £12 are in line with their actual and estimated costs etc and are printed on back of statements each month. What next - do I reply mentioning the above statement and what I have been charged ? Thanks for any help
  3. Need for annual credit card statements as started by Credit Card Association = 1. Question even if a person is in arrears or making small repayments to a credit card does the Credit Card Company still have to supply Annual Statements? 2. Is it obligatory for them to do so? 3. If they have failed to do so if obligatory what can be the consequences of failure say non issued for a few years?
  4. Vanquis default on file making low payments for a few years now, never received An Annual Statement of Account from them? should under the rule they should have sent one annually?
  5. Good day all, I'm in a bit of a panic here. I have a £4500 season ticket with SWT. I managed to lose it about 1 month into the ticket and was interviewed by revenue protection and subsequently given a replacement. Last night as I got up to let a lady off I folded the tray back with my season ticket in there and forgot to take it down again before getting off leaving my ticket on the train. Realising my mistake I tried to call the guard and SWT 30 mins after. However there were no numbers I could get through to. I spoke to the guard this morning and he advised that I wouldn't be
  6. Hi All, Just looking through my mortgage statements with Mortgage agency Number five and every year since i took it out (2007) there is an annual amount of £40.00 taken as an insurance fee! Would this be PPI? what else could it be? thanks
  7. I have drawn a complete blank! It's been so long since I've had to use this part of my brain and I'm not having much luck 1 of our employees who works part time (4 days per week) is going on Mat leave, her last day is 31st March Our annual leave runs from 1 Jan - 31 Dec She wants to know how much holiday she would be entitled to before she goes off Has anyone got a calculator or website I can use please? Thanks
  8. Is a DCA legally obliged to provide annual statements of the debt or is this discretionary? If legally obliged, what is the position if it fails to provide an annual statement (for the last four years). Thank you
  9. What is the legislation/rule on issuing Annual Statements? and consequences of failure to issue??
  10. Hi Malc, What is the cheapest tariff at EON, please? I find it so confusing... currently paying 13.25p per kWh plus 24.78 per day standing charge... My bills for a 2 bed bungalow are huge at £1,500 per year, despite having oil central heating. I am on means tested benefit and struggling. TB
  11. I originally had a repayment plan in place with Barclaycard in which was passed to DCA. I currently receive a monthly payment allocation statement advising balance of debt less monthly amount. Is this suffice in order to comply with what is required ? I have never received any annual statements showing complete allocated payment details. Thanks again.
  12. Hi all, My Accountant just recently started working with me but he's off on hols now, I'm really concerned here. I have worked via a LTd company the last two calendar years, and on the understanding that 1) Dividends are payable on all income received from the company, and ; 2) You should keep aside 23% of everything you intend to pay yourself aside until the end of the fiscal year. So as per 2), I just paid myself 77% every few months of whatever money was left in the account. Then, in February this year, thinking that the end of the first accounting period was c
  13. A clse relative works in the UK for a UK arm of a multinational. I know that, for fear of litigation, many companies will not provide any reference other than confirming the person worked for them from XX/XX/XX to YY/YY/YY, in such-and-such a position. This company is really risk averse. does exactly that. What has happened now, is that in the annual performance reviews, the person being reviewed is expected to approach their peers - via an online tool - for a peer appraisal, which is then recorded and used as part of his review. Question 1) What is the personal risk to someo
  14. I recently realised that Equifinance had failed to send me any statements for a loan I took out at the end of 2013. I have just written and made a complaint about the failure to produce them as CCA 77A 1(a)(b)and request that the interest charged during the failure is removed from the account as it shouldn't be charged as CCA 77A 6(b). Equifinance have acknowledged my complaint and are investigating.
  15. Interesting reading for London Councils last report. The Lead Adjudicator’s 2015 Annual Report is available here http://www.popla.org.uk/
  16. I have a question about the annual assessment for working families tax credits. I had a claim running last year that I cancelled in October as my earnings went above the threshold. I now have a form for annual assessment 2014/2015 and they are asking for my income for the full tax year. What I want to know is why they need to know the full year? As far as Im concerned I ended my claim in October and my finances from that point onwards is none of their damn business. I get really sick of these government agencies prying into my finances & thought that when I ended my claim I would f
  17. Hi There, I recently accepted a role for a large travel company working abroad (in Turkey). Staff are put on temporary short-term contracts with wages to a UK bank account. My main concern is the contract and the right to annual leave. As far as I am aware, UK employment law still applies as it is a temporary contract based overseas. In the contract, it says employees work 6 days a week and all employees must take half a days annual leave each week. As a result, all employees essentially work 5 and a half days a week. My question was whether or not this was legal, and if so, why don'
  18. Hi, are there any stats on how many ET and EAT claims that the Tribunal service deal with on a yearly basis. Obviously the numbers dropped once fees were introduced - but it would be interesting to see what the volume of claims settled down at since that time. Regards, SL
  19. I bought a Student Gym Membership from the university I attend for £165. Since I've joined I have been there twice and decided it's not for me. Also the workload at university is increasing, I'm in there everyday and work a part time job so finding time to go to the gym is a struggle. When I signed up I had some spare time but the workload has increased. The payment went through on 3/10/2014 22 days ago. The iffy bit is that in there contract under the refunds/cancellation section it reads, "Refunds of membership fees and early cancellation of memberships will only be
  20. Something a little bit different for the train experts this time - at least not a fare evasion, at any rate. I have an annual Gold Card season ticket that allows me to travel from a station about 80 miles from London into London terminals every day. It costs about four and half grand - and runs from spring 2014 to 2015. Changes in my personal circumstances mean I am unlikely to need this card soon. Though I can "cash it in", the rail company only count the first ten months of validity to work out a pro-rata refund. However, I am permitted apparently to change the "origin" station
  21. I worked for the Halifax then Lloyds Bank for over 6 years. To clarify, I work in IT earning an average wage, I am not a banker crying about a 7 figure bonus or anything out of the ordinary... In 2013 my performance was such that I was awarded an annual bonus, part of it paid in March and the remainder in May 2014. Knowing that they (the bank) lack morals of any sort I specifically called HR and checked that I was still due my bonus, all I was told was that if I handed my notice in before the bonus was paid I would forfeit the award.. .. I also checked the HR bon
  22. The lead adjudicators report makes for interesting reading. The figures show that appeals to POPLA are a very small percentage of ' tickets ' issued. http://www.popla.org.uk/AnnualReport.htm
  23. You know when you are on your annual leave, booked a few months in advance and you have made arrangements to go somewhere, you know, book a coach trip for a day out and all that. Then a week before you are due your annual leave work puts a notice up stating there is compulsary training to be attended for one day while on AL, do you have to attend. I was on AL last week, and a week before I went off a notice for CT was put up. Well me and the mother had made arrangements to visit family in Wales all the week, so I wrote a note for the manager stating I would not be able to attend, as prior ar
  24. Dear Caggers, I have worked for NHS as a community nurse for nearly 30 years now. Last financial year (April 2013 to end of march 2014) I had two major operations. The first operation was in may 2013 and I took 4 weeks paid sick leave. Then I had a second more complex one in October which landed me in a coma for 10 days. I had 3 months sick leave. I went back to work on 20th January 2014. I was put on a phased return for 6 weeks ( which incidentally was pretty much full time work) . My Case load was very busy and no one at work mentioned to me I ought to use up my annual leave b
  25. Hi All, I left work with a popular health service organisation back in July 2013. Over the course of the last week I've received letters stating that I was overpaid for annual leave in July, and the organisation are demanding £410, repayable immediately. They have enclosed an invoice and very crude excel breakdown of the financial aspect of this, although it isn't well presented and is difficult to understand what the calculations mean. I'm thinking that, as this overpayment supposedly arose due to annual leave being overtaken, I should first of all request a detailed breakdown of wh
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