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  1. I have a large amount of debts which I have been trying to tackle for a number of years. I am currently in an IVA with Payplan which is failing as I am currently employed in a private company who only pay SSP when you are off sick. Prior to arranging this IVA I informed Payplan that I have medical conditions which are a left clavicle joint injury which means I have a screw in my shoulder to hold my clavicle bone in place to my collarbone. I also have Sacroiliac joint injury on my right side which causes me pain and immobility especially when I am under stress, cold and exert myself
  2. Good morning, I have outstanding balance with EON for £624 and have done since 2016. I have always disputed this balance as it appeared far too high for 2 months bills where I was not living in the property due to renovations work. The last payment on the account was in September 2015. To cut a long story short, I was due to set up a payment plan with simply past due credit who put the account on hold after I questioned EON sharing 6 late payments on my account in 2016. EON refused to refuse the payment markers and I wrote to the past due credit in February 2018 again asking to set u
  3. I am interested in sorting out my Mother's Mortgage and my personal debts. My mother, who is 80, still has about £236,000 remaining on her mortgage. I have personal debts, which are costing me about £1,200 per month. My mother's house is worth about £450,000. Would it be possible to get a Lifetime mortgage to repay her mortgage and my debts? I would be happy, and I want to pay towards the mortgage each month. I know that I would not get a normal mortgage as I would not earn enough (£50,000 a year) and no deposit. I am just wondering if anyone thinks this would b
  4. Hi Im not sure if this is correct place to post this so I'll be brief and wont object if someone moves my post to the correct place! I have done a DSAR and noticed on my Bank Statement in 2007 that a cheque I wrote was presented on Tuesday 02/01/2007 and it bounced. It was further presented on the Friday 05/01/2007 and bounced again.* 02/01/2007** *Tuesday 05/01/2007** *Friday If cheque clearing took 4-5 days at that time, how could it be possible that a cheque could be represented 3 days after bouncing in the first place. I am mystified! Please can anybody shed any
  5. A question cropped up in discussion yesterday regarding duty payable on legal charge debt purchases. Just wondered if anyone had some answers?? 1stly) If someone (or a company) buys a debt that has a legal charge over a property do they pay stamp duty? In my mind, if you buy a debt you are not transacting on the property so I would think no duty is payable?? Yes/No?? 2ndly) If the property is subsequently sold - excluding the debt - for a price which equals the difference between the debt level and the market sale value - on what price is duty paid? For example: the property
  6. I would like to know what the clearing times are for payments made by the DWP. I have heard some benefits are 5 days and others are 3. is this true? I had a payment released on Wednesday by the DWP so I would reckon I would get that Tuesday, Unless someone can correct me. I think this kind of information would be helpful to people here, The DWP are worse than useless at letting people know information like that. I'm sure someone here will have some knowledge about the process and I like many others will be grateful for the info.
  7. Hello, I made a lot of silly financial commitments about four years ago as I was working and in college, just turned 18 and assumed I'd be able to just walk into a job when I went to uni the following year. That didn't happen, and my student loan just hasn't been able to cover living costs and the debts I have. I've been trying to make payments as and when, but I realised that the charges I was getting on my accounts were more a month than I'd be able to actually pay them so, instead of being an adult about the situation, I just ignored it. I am now finishing uni in a few weeks time and have
  8. Hello CAG, Firstly can I say thank you to you all for your time and effort put into this site, if it wasn’t for yourselves I personally wouldn’t of been able to reclaim just under £3k for myself or of helped at least 20 of my friends all reclaiming tens of thousands back in unlawful Bank charges. So a massive thank you from myself, family & my friends. Now I find myself in a slightly more technical and difficult situation & in need of direct help. Before the last recession I was self-employed, earning very good money. I bought a property to do up, utilising
  9. Hello, I am almost in the position to start approaching my creditors to give Full and Final settlement offers however I would like a bit of advice first. I am looking to get a mortgage within the next 2 years and want to get myself in the best position possible to apply. I will have money available from family to clear the debts however the majority will come from my local credit union, I have already discussed this with them. I am currently on a DMP with StepChange and one of my creditors has only just defaulted my account so the 6 year clock has only just started ticking.... I have
  10. Just a heads up to people with loans from PDE you must contact FOS to add to the substantial file they have on them, if they have done the following, Hi all payday express have been deliberately not taking the full balance even though there are enough funds in my account, they are just taking the interest so as to rollover the loan. They say they are acting on my instructions which is rubbish, I have contacted the OFT and received a very interesting reply. I am also in contact with the FOS.
  11. New MBNA customers can now transfer funds from their credit card accounts to their current accounts interest free for 22 months. The firm is offering its 'longest ever' period of 0 per cent interest on both balance transfers and money transfers through the MBNA Platinum credit card, beating its previous best offer by two months. MBNA is one of very few credit card providers to offer money transfers, and the only to offer an introductory 0 per cent interest rate through its various cards, which includes the ones it provides through Virgin and AA zero cards. Read more: http://www.dailymail.
  12. On Tuesday I wrote a cheque for just under £500 to a painter decorator. At the time I wrote it, I did not have funds to pay it in my account but it is a joint account and my husband had agreed to pay some money in. Long story short, he didn't pay it in. On Friday I noticed the cheque debiting the account and taking it £200 overdrawn. We have no overdraft facility and I would expect such a cheque to therefore be returned unpaid. I went into my branch to see if they could tell me if it would be returned. They said they couldn't but they could stop the cheque. I asked them to do this for me
  13. Good Afternoon All! This is my first post here, so hopefully I get it right. Around six months ago I applied for funding to start up a new business, and unfortunately have been turned down by the bank, they advised me to obtain a copy of my credit report at the time, but for one reason or another - I didn't. I tried again a few weeks ago and declined again. This time I obtained a copy of my report from Experian, Equifax and CallCredit online. Upon looking at the reports, there are several discrepencies (old accounts that I failed to update addresses for, and some that I
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