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  1. I have a communication from asset, attached . I cant withdraw counter claim they have only sent a cheque for one order of costs, im owed two lots , any advice convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2018-08-08_23-06-42.pdf
  2. Sorry to be a pain but do i make this a counter claim on mcol , i am willing to pay the charge ok andy thanks
  3. the reason i ask is it says is this a counter claim and i need to pay a fee i dont mind doing that just want to make sure
  4. Thank you Andy thats superb will get that on mcol tonight , once again many thanks mame
  5. The first claim I submitted a CPR 31.14 Request for the usual docs and a cca request. The claimants did not reply and they did not submit witness statement, Went to court and the outcome was. OUTCOME District judge B Gill IT IS ORDERED THAT 1 the claim be struck out 2 the claimant pay the defendants witness expenses in the sum of £72.40 by 25 may 2017 dated 10 may 2017 The second claim was met with the res judicata defence and nothing from claimants no witness statements etc It was ordered that , 1 the case be listed for a preliminary hearing at my local
  6. Ive got all the the court orders and costs and will post them up on sunday will have more time then
  7. Am i using Res Judicata for my defence again this time? And the claimant failing to follow judges orders? Will need to enter defence soon I am going away for a week fri 29 june thanks
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