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  1. I have a large amount of debts which I have been trying to tackle for a number of years. I am currently in an IVA with Payplan which is failing as I am currently employed in a private company who only pay SSP when you are off sick. Prior to arranging this IVA I informed Payplan that I have medical conditions which are a left clavicle joint injury which means I have a screw in my shoulder to hold my clavicle bone in place to my collarbone. I also have Sacroiliac joint injury on my right side which causes me pain and immobility especially when I am under stress, cold and exert myself
  2. At the beginning of 2013 I was in the midst of payday-loan hell, mainly due to gambling. I have resolved all but one of those (who I am paying £2 a month to) I lost my job in Jan 2011. At some point Halifax allowed me to increase my overdraft from £3000 which I had from student account up to £5000. I spoke to them at the time (or a couple of months later) about the fees (£100 a month) and they agreed to pause for 6 months due to no job. They then paused them again for another 6 months. I had not gained employment in this time. After this period they would not freeze the
  3. I bouight a car from a private add in autotrader . I carried out an RAC hpi check and there were no issues. now a finance company (credit plus) claim its theirs and are taking me to court.
  4. Hi all I have been on a DMP for 12 years. I have inherited a little money and want to clear down the remaining debt. I have written to all the creditors and made offers of approx 30% of the outstanding amount split proportionately between them. The total outstanding is £7500 and allocated funds are £2500. I could be pushed to clear in full if I had to, without borrowing, but would rather clear for significantly less. I have so far received one reply from Cabot, the largest of the debts, refusing my offer, and suggesting I pay £3856 to clear. I've listed below the
  5. Our house was repossessed in 2009 and sold at auction to recover the outstanding mortgage balance. The sale left a shortfall of £25K+ which the lender came after me for, and being in our late-60s with no savings, assets or investments following a business collapse this is being repaid at £5 per month from Pension Credit sole-income. At this rate it would take over 400 years to settle. I have twice formally requested that this be written off, as it is clear that there is now no expectation in retirement of there being a substantial income or a radical change of circumstan
  6. After a sibling died the others came together to clear the property with the sibling who is executor. This help was given freely and at no time did anyone mention or talk about getting paid or expenses for said help. Now suddenly an invoice has been sent to the executor for work carried out, this is a proper invoice as person is self employed. But is the executor legally obliged to pay this from the estate? We are aware that once the estate is settled if anything is missed the executor is liable personally. So although this is clearly immoral it's the legal side that conce
  7. Hello After a period of ill health I am finally back to work. I checked my credit history which is so shocking. i have 1 x default June 2016 for £5K (company offering to settle for 2.5 K - should I settle and what difference will it make). I have four missed payments on my credit card and its maxed to £3500 - again should I pay and clear the whole bill now and request they remove the missed payments from my account? how do I convince them to do this as a gesture of good will? I have also got a 3 x missed payments for a phone Three - I closed the account and ge
  8. Hi all I am after some advice. I am currently on a DMP through Step Change and I have been paying £422 a month for about 3 months now. I am due to inherit some money so I want advice on paying the debts or ‘settling them’ as I have seen in previous posts. Full and final is what I have seen crop up a lot. The balances are as follows; £27,814.00 – Sainsburys Loan showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report £2,265.00 – Halifax Overdraft £2,028.13 – Halifax Credit Card £3,826.00 – MBNA Credit Card showing as ‘1 month late’ on my credit report I have seen posts abou
  9. At the beginning of last year, after my wife lost some disabilty benefits, we ended up getting into debt, mostly small but included a credit card just over £3k. My wife has since managed to get back on top with all but two, and I will shortly be in a position to clear most of mine, apart from the credit card. If I was to clear some of these debts by offering a settlement of (say) 50% and (say) offer a grand as settlement of the credit card would this be a detriment on my credit rating? We will be moving to private rented accommodation in September and want our credi
  10. Well what can I say hasting direct smart miles black box insurance, what a joke their black box,s are, they constantly record their data wrong and their accuracy is appalling, my son has been doing his best to keep a good rating and had been doing a pretty good job of it until 2 days ago when he got an extreme speeding warning saying he was doing 61 in a 30 and they had it pinpointed to a place called sambrook crescent, a small cul-de-sac I checked his route on the smart miles map and to my supprise his journey takes him on a dead straight line through t
  11. Hi, I was hoping to possibly get some advice. My kids where at a private school (fees paid till the end of the school year). Then this happens.. . http://www.shernoldschool.co.uk/118972__1.pdf and http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/shernold-school-inadequate-staff-checks-97172/ at which point we withdrew the kids from the school and moved them elsewhere. We have told the school that we where not happy (so have others) and we would not be paying the notice period (although the bill they have sent us appears to only be for half of the term Fas
  12. i have debt with a few credit agencies who have taken over the original debt from banks/credit card companies. i took credit in approx 2005, but now making token payments towards them. i know it will take years if it continues like this. what can i offer the agencies to partially clear this debt? is there a minimum they would accept? how long do the agencies hold the debt for before selling it on to another firm?
  13. https://www.clearscore.com/?gclid=CI7ZqNXNzscCFUbkwgodrcsM7A Just seen this advertised Seems it is connected some way to carphonewarehouse What is the catch?? Comments people??
  14. Hi My circumstances have recently changedfor the better and im trying to finaly sort my finances out and make repayments to a few outstanding loans etc one of these loans is to flm now amigo and i was reviewing all the communication weve had since i took the loan out in 2011and they constantly threatened me with court action from a company alled harvey sturrt claiming I would have to pay more in repayments than my original agreement? Isn't this the same situation as Wonga as Harveysturrt turns out to be another trading name for flm?! what should I do ?
  15. I am trying to help out a family member, who has paid just over £1000 to a company called Crystal Clear Debt Solutions to sort their bankruptcy. The last payment made was over a year ago now, but they have not heard anything from them since June 2014, and from what I can tell, the company doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone know anything about them? None of the email addresses or telephone numbers work anymore, and they don't respond to any letters. They have a 'consumer credit licence' at the bottom of their letters (0637107), if that makes a differ
  16. I have been helping a friend of my daughters sort her debt problems out. She has 3 payday loans. I have sorted 2 of them and got them to freeze interest and allow her to pay the loans at a minimum amount. The 3rd one is with Clear Account and they just won't play ball at all.On her debt of £350 she is paying £35 per month and they are charging her £15 in interest. Is there anything that can be done to get them to freeze the interst and not charge her anymore? TIA
  17. http://metro.co.uk/2014/10/15/alzheimers-pensioner-sells-home-to-pay-for-care-then-gets-all-clear-4906574/
  18. I have debts with Robinson Way and with Mint. Robinson Way took over Marbles debt, and offered me the chance to pay off less than the full amount in settlement. I accepted, and they sent me a letter saying I needed to fill in an Income and Expenditure form, and contact them about how to send the money. I had already settled another similar debt with them earlier this year, without the income/expenditure form being needed. That was a lot of hassle as well, with them delaying details until I phoned them to find out how to pay them. I also offered Mint to pay off th
  19. recently caught doing 38 in a 30 zone, having just come out of a 40. the 30 sign was at the side of the road facing the other side, rather than directly towards the oncoming driver so not very clear. I cant find anything on the legislation pages which says how signs should be positioned, only the dimensions of the sign any advice would be welcome.
  20. It has been the case in Law that a letter posted via Royal Mail is deemed delivered two days later if sent 1st class. However these days several million letters go undelivered and there are more companies than just Royal Mail that deliver these letters. Under the Control of Goods Regulations 2014, alleged debtors must be allowed 7 clear days notice before EAs are permitted to visit the debtor and thus to avoid being charged an extra £235 for that doubtful privilege. Bailiff Companies being Bailiff Companies, it is not surprising that some of them, in order to be able to claim
  21. A new website launched today will provide an easy to use and single information point for people to find a registered, competent electrician in their area, or to check that a company they are planning on using is registered. Similar to the ‘Gas Safe Register’ for boiler engineers the ‘Competent Person Electrical Register’ lists electricians who meet core technical standards required by government. The www.electricalcompetentperson.co.uk website is being unveiled today by Minister for Communities Stephen Williams and has been developed by electrical competent pers
  22. PART 2 PROCEDURE FOR TAKING CONTROL OF GOODS Notice of enforcement prior to taking control of goods Minimum period of notice 6. (1) Subject to paragraph (3), notice of enforcement must be given to the debtor not less than 7 clear days before the enforcement agent takes control of the debtor’s goods. (2) Where the period referred to in paragraph (1) includes a Sunday, bank holiday, Good Friday or Christmas Day that day does not count in calculating the period. (3) The court may order that a specified shorter period of notice may be given to the debtor. (4) Th
  23. Hi I hope I have put this in the right place. I have a failed IVA, and quite some time ago when a landlord did a credit check on me the credit agency said I was bankrupt. I had to call the company I had the IVA through (which was NOT failed at the time) who put it in writing to my Landlord that I was not bankrupt but had an IVA. I still have the letter somewhere. I failed my IVA probably at least 5 years ago. I am now in dire dire straits and desperately need a loan/credit whatever - my car is going to very expensively fail its MOT tomorrow and its a catch 22, we cant afford the
  24. I am a courier on my own and I'm writing because my situation with the fines are clearly damaging my work. The last fine that was received in the category Parking Ticket issued by Civil Enforcement Officer AND SENT BY POST . In Camden Town Council I was sitting inside my van stopped in a bay of "Resident Permit Parking Only" waiting for a customer to deliver some beds when in a while a traffic warden approached and started to pass me a ticket. I wasn't doing anything (loading/unloading) at the moment I thought the officer would never pass me a ticket in this circumstances as I was insid
  25. I have £15,000 owed to M&S Money and £5,000 to Clydesdale Bank and £600 to an accountant. I tried for years to repay the larger debts but am now 70 and have no chance of clearing this debt. I have no assets, car or house and only a pension as a regular income. I either declare myself bankrupt or find some money to pay a small % of these debts. Just wondered if anyone has experience of how small a % these companies will settle for. Shoosmith are chasing the M&S debt and threatening court action. Unfortunately although they related to some time ago, the last payments are not more than fi
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