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  1. Do you mean the response of the complaint I made to Canada Square Operations and the response stating that I need to send the letter to paypal?
  2. Can I make a complaint to Financial Ombudsman Service or can I complain on resolver?
  3. The gist of this is that I made a PPI claim in respect of an Egg loan and although the claim was upheld, the letter I received stated that the funds I would be forwarded to my Practitioner as I am currently in an IVA or declared bankcrupt. This is incorrect information and although I asked where they obtained this information, they did not respond to the question. It was only after re-reading the letter months later after reading an article online, (it was received in December 2019), that I decided to write to company. They have written back to me stating that I need to contact
  4. I have attached the letter that I received from Payplan. I am a bit confused about it. Payplan IVA.pdf
  5. Thank you for your response. So the bit about being entitled to any VAT or PPI payments, are they entitled to this?
  6. I took out an IVA in January 2012 however it failed and went to court in March 2013 due to unemployment. I received a letter from them dated February 2015 with court information (as they took me to court) stating ' Further to the failure of the Debtors' Individual Voluntary Arrangement, the Supervisor retained the power to deal with any pending PPI claims and recovery of VAT (where applicable). Any potential PPI monies have been received by the Supervisor and distributed in accordance with the IVA proposal as modified. However, where further IVA assets, such
  7. He explained what happened to his bank who refunded his money however they did state that virgin may contact him for the money back. He has further spoken to virgin customer service (as they contacted him) about it and even though they agree verbally, that all the call charges are via whatsapp, they sent him a bill. They have sent 2 further bills, one for £25 stating that he made a call whilst in Jamaica, where he did not travel to and could not due to covid restrictions and another for whatsapp calls. Of course, they are being disputed and my father
  8. I ordered a weight exercise bench around 10.20pm which I thought was foldable as this is the information I placed in the search engine. After double checking I realised that it was not foldable and requested a cancellation. I was then sent a message at 03:50 stating that the seller was unable to cancel the item as it has been dispatched. I am very angry at this as I don't believe that the seller did not see the message to cancel. I have also realised that as the card I used was my partners and he does not have a paypal account, the seller may not refund the money
  9. Thank you for all your help, the bank has assisted with this even though they are now saying he owes them more money. Strange that they are charging him for calls in a country that he was never in and were all made via whatsapp but we are taking this further.
  10. Thank you. Can I ask whether the SARs request covers itemised bills as my father would like to know the numbers he is being charged for as he is also being charged for making free whatsapp calls.
  11. My father went on holiday to Barbados on 12th March prior to lockdown and was due to return on 13th April however due to lockdown returned on 12th June. Duriing this time, my father called family and friends in the UK as apart from Barbados this is where many of us reside. My father used whatsapp to make his calls as they are free. When my father returned to the UK, he found that virgin mobile had debited £156 from his account when his contract is £8. He immediately queried this and was told that it was he made calls to Jamaica. My father informed them that he did
  12. I didn't realise that. They are still pursuing him. Attached is the most recent letter. Letter from Gladstones Solicitors.pdf
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