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  1. Thank you for your reply. I have tried to get her to contact the organisation who placed her there in the first place. She is waiting for them to make contact to sort this out for her.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately he ended up having to pay for that one although there was not a sign anywhere near where he parked yet again including a pole, there was one which I did notice at the beginning of the road where he parked but high up. I will relay this information to him as I do understand your point in this matter. Many thanks
  3. Although my father lives in the area, he is not allowed to park there 2 hours out of the day hence the reason why he parks elsewhere along with other residents who live on this road. As a pension, he does not think that it is right that he should pay £120 for the year not to park for 2 hours a day for 5 days on his road. Himself and other residents have written to complain to the local council about this. However, as stated previously although there are signs elsewhere on the road such as across the road and further up the road, there is no sign where he parked. This is the reason why he parked there.
  4. The road is called Ladycroft Road. The google street link is below. https://www.google.com/maps/@51.4641067,-0.021075,3a,75y,226.16h,71.93t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sZl_Nr-p9EB6Gvk5cWIuPZA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  5. My father parked on a road near his home in a parking bay which he has been doing for a number of weeks. He has seen the warden past his mini bus and other vehicles on the same road on a number of occasions and not issue any tickets. However on 30th April, my father parked in the same place he always does and saw the warden again who walked passed his and other vehicles on the road, then returned and placed a ticket on his mini bus. My father confronted him about this and was told that he could not park in this place. This was despite there not being any signs stating that there was no parking or any permits were required. My father was then sent a PCN ticket with a 12R violation:- 'Parked in a residents or shared use parking place without clearly displaying either ... or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place – Contravention Code 12. ... 12R means no residents' Obviously my father was very angry about this and contested the PCN as my father's mini bus was the only vehicle that had a ticket and the vehicle in front did not. My father received a response stating that he had parked in a bay that was for residents and they were not concerned that a ticket was not placed on other vehicles only that it was placed on his. They also sent a picture of a parking sign on the other side of the road near a bay which was not where my father parked. Despite this they still want him to pay the fine. Who is in the right, my father or the Local council? (Pictures are attached)
  6. Thank you for this information. I have messaged the company who placed her in the property and asked if they can intervene.
  7. I am trying to find out information for a friend. She was moved from her accommodation which she shared with others but each having a studio flat, as the Landlord wanted the property back. As the group did not wish to be evicted, they contact an organisation called Hope Worldwide. They helped her move into another property in a different borough but it was a shared accommodation. She has been in the property for over 3 years. She recently spoke to the Landlord and found out that he contract with the landlord had expired. She asked if it could be renewed however the Landlord refused but is still allowing her to remain in the property as the rent is still being paid by the DWP. She is currently receiving Universal Credit but looking for a job. She would like to move out of the flatshare but as she is a single person is not considered a priority. Any suggestions?
  8. Thank you for the reply. My partner has received the documents from the Solicitor but he has not signed it as yet as he was waiting to hear the outcome of the complaint but the Solicitor has emailed me asking for the signed documents to be returned. But no, this did not spring to mind at the time until recently. I will look at the documentation to see if this is mentioned.
  9. My partner is had a medical injury where he received a chemical burn from a back slab (plaster burn) which was not put on his calf properly as there was not enough padding. Due to this, my partners has to travel once or twice a week to the Burns unit which is a distance away, by cab, which is costing us money. During his last visit to the hospital, the Quality and Risk Manager emailed me stating that they would reimburse the cost of his travel if I forward her the receipts, which I have done. Prior to this, I submitted a complaint on my partners behalf to the private hospital which should have been answered within 20 days however they extended it to 25 days. The 25 days were up on 5th April and I emailed the Chief Executive asking why there was no response. We then received a letter apologising for the delay and stating that the individuals that were involved were absent and therefore the response to the investigation would be delayed. I responded to the letter by email and received an out of office reply that the Chief Executive would not be back until 23rd April and for any further concerns please email his PA, therefore I forwarded the email to her. My partner had to visit 2 hospitals for treatment and each consultant encouraged him to sue the hospital as the burn is the worse they have seen (my partner had to had 2 skin grafts). We have seen a Solicitor who will be dealing with my partners claim on a No win, No fee basis, however my question is, if the hospital comes back to my partner with a settlement, does he have to give a portion to the solicitor or can he just cancel the solicitor. We both do not know how this works..a response would be appreciated.
  10. We will be meeting with the consultant who carried out my partners operation on Tuesday as he is now aware of the chemical burn which was due to the lack of care at his hospital. Apart from letting him know how angry we both are, especially my partner due to the pain, the amount of extra travel and the further operation he needed to have, do we tell him our intentions to sue as this has added time onto my partners recuperation.
  11. Thank you for any advice as I am speaking up on my partners behalf and need to know how to approach this when we see the consultant next week for the follow up of his initial operation.
  12. My partner was referred by his GP but ended up having it done at a private hospital as this was one of the choices paid for by the nhs, therefore, it does not come under a trust. I do believe he is genuinely concerned however my partner is in a lot of pain due to their lack of care. He only thought about attending his follow up appointments but he has been to A&E twice for dressings and now has to travel to a hospital who specialises in burns which is over 8 miles from my home. As I don't drive we have to take a cab as he has to keep off his feet as much as possible. This has so far cost us over £60 in 2 days. This cost will rise as he now has to have an further operation at this hospital and return twice a week for further treatment. While the original operation went ok, the lack of care afterwards was more than neglectful.
  13. I need some advice. My partner had an operation a week ago on his foot which went well however when they put a back slab (plaster) on his calf to support his foot, they did not put it on properly and he ended up having a deep chemical burn from the plaster. After the operation, he continually told the nurses that he felt that his calf was burning but was told, it is part of the surgery. The nurses did not bother to check his calf. As a result of this, he now needs a skin graft due to chemical burns from the plaster and the burns being so deep. I tried to contact the hospital who did the surgery which is private but the surgery was paid for by the NHS, however they do not has a Patient Advice and Liaison Service and the only way to complain is to email youropinionmatters or another email which is used for feedback mainly. We were advised by the two hospitals that he now had to attend for treatment, to take the matter further as the hospital that did the surgery were negligent. Recently the Consultant that carried out the operation called and stated that he had received notification of what had happened to him and was not aware of the burning. He asked when the burning started and my partner stated straight after surgery and he informed nurses continually. The Consultant said that no-one brought it to his attention and even when he asked if my partner was ok for discharge, the nurses said yes. My partner has a pre-scheduled appointment with him coming up and he said he would like to discuss what happened with him. I am guessing that he does not wish us to go through the medical negligence route that we were advised to take but as we have never been through this before I would like advice on next steps. Help anyone please.
  14. Thank you for the reply. Sorry for the confusion. The letter on the 21/12/17 was the parking fine and he responded to them with a letter dated 1st January 2018 with evidence of why he parked in the area but they sent a rejection notice. They stated that he could appeal on a Notice to Owner however it did not arrive until the appeal time had run out and he was unable to appeal. He sent a letter to this affect on 2nd April and they stated it was 'unfortunate' and he should contact the post office regarding his late mail. I understand that the timeline is a bit confusing with all the letters back and forth however I disagree that my father has opted to dig his heels in as his evidence clearly showed that there was no signage on the bays and actually no bays. But I do understand what you mean. I will consider what you have said.
  15. My niece and her mother were subjected to an arson attack on their home over 4 weeks ago. Police are investigating and the fire brigade have already been and reported that the occupants should not be living in the property due to fire damage and smoke inhalation. They live in a multi-occupancy home, with their home on one side and a neighbours on the other. Their neighbours home also sustained some damage on their doors and smoke inside their home. Hyde has sent numerous contractors to try and clean the soot from the walls but it is still there, electricians to put in temporary battery powered lights and a surveyor as there is structural damage. They have also written a report for Anti social behaviour (which is what they are classing the attack as) but refuse to move them to temporary accommodation and will not provide them will a letter to take to Lewisham Housing. My nieces mother has liver problems and attends A&E frequently due to inhaling the fumes from the soot which is causing her difficulty breathing. Is there anything they can do:?:
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