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  1. I tried to defer my loan under the conditions of it back in 2015, and despite sending a couple of follow up letters, didn't hear a thing back. Next up Erudio cancelled it. My solicitor tells me they are in breach of contract, so easy enough to defend if the decide to take me to court. Then 4 years of statements, but nothing else. Now I have Capquest hounding me (still Arrows). If I reply to them does that reset the 6 year statute barred thing? Given it's bound to end up in court I feel I should reply to their fairly tame but misleading letters.
  2. So what's all this about erudio failing the CCA and the debts not being enforceable?
  3. I'll send them a letter, have to say they could not have been more unhelpful, the woman from collections was livid because some other call handler had told me what the price per unit was, said that was not information customers should have... Imagine how many people just roll over and pay up, yet nobody from these utilities ever goes to prison.
  4. Seems like a plan, should I write to Wescot (who charged me £5 for the letter they sent me)? Wescot say that if I cough up promptly: "Could reduce the negative impact on future tariffs you might be offered from other energy providers" Is there some black list for utilities? Seems unfair that falling out with one utility would lead me to have to overpay for energy and thus be cheated out of money by others?
  5. We sold a house back in 2014, informed the various utilities/council. Fast forward to 2017 and EON sent me a bill for £119. Turns out the person we sold the house to sold it on again and didn't pay their electricity bill. I asked for a breakdown of the bill, but was refused, told that account was null and void and no copies of bills could be provided. Weirdly I'd not had an electricity bill since 2006, but when I called from time to time they said that was because the house was marked as empty - which it was. So I complain to EON, woman at complaints finds against me (no surprise there) and laughed at me when I said I'd go to the ombudsman. Having gone to the ombudsman I now know why she laughed at me, case handler was beyond useless, could not grasp the situation, refused to see proof of sale, and then found against me for not providing proof of sale, refused to accept that the house had been sold. So I refused to accept the decision, and asked to make a formal complaint against the ombudsman (which turns out to be some ltd company) - no luck there, no ombudsman for ombudsman. But useless case handler did get copies of the missing bills, which show the account was in credit by £44. I did take photos of the meters on moving day, but EON aren't interested. My credit file shows a default now, previously spotless, and EON sill owe me £44. But now I have daily recorded phone calls from Wescott. Any ideas how to solve this?
  6. They were sold to us as being special, and parliament, loans with specific terms that only needed to be repaid if a certain income level was reached, and loans from a special state backed organisation. How many would have signed up if they knew down the line they'd be sold to loan sharks working out of a tax haven?
  7. I suppose they started out by trying to scare people into paying up by pretending that they were going to report the loans to the CRAs, then tried to get people to sign up to new T&Cs with the DAF. Now the gloves are off and they are abusing (by using old addresses) the court system to cash in? Given all the assurances and promises we were given when we signed up to these loans - we were all mis-sold?
  8. Seems to be a new thing though, is this the start of the Erudio county court claim floodgates opening?
  9. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=72256047&postcount=6004
  10. Looks like Erudio have decided to start using the courts. Is there a common thread in the cases they've launched so far?
  11. when I signed up to my mortgage style loan, it was a regulated product sold by the regulated SLC, I read that Erudio as a SPV are not a regulated company. Have I been mis-sold?
  12. Looking at forums, this is a widespread problem, not only are customers cheated out of money by having the yearly policy they paid for vanish, but they are also cheated every year for the rest of the lives through having to pay over the odds for all types of insurance that they may need. If this practice is unlawful, then is this not to insurance companies what PPI was to banks?
  13. So in theory anyone who has had their insurance cancelled for no good reason can now look for compensation and the removal of the cancellation from their record? Won't this cost insurance companies millions?
  14. Surely they'll just hound me, and eventually take me to court? Seems lunacy over £11 worth of energy. What did flogging off our utilities to foreign owned sharks gain us?
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