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  1. They won't accept a new complaint, and the useless ombudsman won't reopen the old one. Spent almost 3 hours on the phone yesterday, should invoice them for that really. EON recommend that I take EON to court to get my £30. Very odd way to run a business, given that I could just send in the evidence to show when the ownership changed.
  2. They do have the correct address, send statute barred letter to Lowell and invoice to EON?
  3. Lowell turned out to be suprisingly helpful, turns out the own they account warts and all. So if I sue anyone, it's going to be them. Is there a way of getting any proof that they own the account? Got 30 days to send them proof that we sold it back in 2015, hoops I really should not be jumping through... And from doing the calculations somebody owes me £33.09
  4. Went from £109 to £119, not £190, must be the 2 £5 charges Wescotts letters cost.
  5. Last payment was in March 2006, after that they just stopped sending bills. The account was overpaid and stayed in credit all those years. House was empty. When we knew it was sold I rung them and was told to get a photo of the meter and ring them after we had compleated. So I did, but it the person I spoke to could not help and I was promised a call back, which didn't happen. I presume Lowell have added a load of fees to get it from £109 to £190? I'll call Lowell in a while and offer to prove its not my bill and ask for a breakdown.
  6. Debt not showing on record. I did imagine that Lowell would take me to court. But now the account belongs to them surely I can take them to court to get back what's owed? Or, is it statute bared anyway? I've not made any payments to it since 2005, taking someone to court for £40 is a whole load of grief...
  7. In January 2015 we sold a house, the electricity supplier was EON. I had telephoned them some months before completion to find out what the procedure was for closing the account, they wanted a photo of the meter, but could not do anything until it had actually sold. Sale came and went, utilities dealt with, or at least so I thought. Out of the blue in March 2017 EON wrote to say I owed them £109, and demanded payment. Now the weird thing is I had not had an electricity bill since March 2005, so I asked for a breakdown of the amount. They refused to provide it, I got the energy ombudsman involved who proved to be useless, but the one thing they managed to do is provide the bills. Turns out we were £41 in credit when we moved and the £109 bill was covered the period up to November 2016, so somebody elses bill. EON refused point blank to accept we had sold the house, despite me telling them at the time. Today I've had a letter telling me Lowell Portfolio have bought the "debt" and its now £190. I spoke to EON and they said my only way out is to take them to court (??) Thing is who do I sue, EON or Lowell. I spoke to Lowell and they just want me to pay the other mans bill, and claim not to be responsible for the money owed to me. They won't accept any proof that we sold the house and it's not our debt. Ideas?
  8. Capita managed the loans for the first year... Too many letters for the defence you're thinking of. Surely SLCs role will have gone once Arrows took over??
  9. I used a solicitor to force them to defer me in 2014, refused to use their form.
  10. So following in the shoes of so many my Drydens PAP letter arrived today. So did a letter from Erudio saying my account had been transferred... I know I have to reply before the 30 days is up (28 days given they aren't very fast at posting letters) I tried to defer but Erudio ignored me, I sent in my letter twice, and a follow up to ask why they were ignoring me. Solicitor thought at time that they were in breach of contract. So can I just send back the reply form and tick box D, do I really need to set out why I dispute it? I assume I can bin the income and expenditure forms?
  11. I tried to defer my loan under the conditions of it back in 2015, and despite sending a couple of follow up letters, didn't hear a thing back. Next up Erudio cancelled it. My solicitor tells me they are in breach of contract, so easy enough to defend if the decide to take me to court. Then 4 years of statements, but nothing else. Now I have Capquest hounding me (still Arrows). If I reply to them does that reset the 6 year statute barred thing? Given it's bound to end up in court I feel I should reply to their fairly tame but misleading letters.
  12. So what's all this about erudio failing the CCA and the debts not being enforceable?
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