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  1. thanks, i doubt my employer will want to be paying me anything but I shall certainly be contacting him
  2. thanks, that isnt really giving me the info I need and I cant seem to find it via HMRC or DWP I have not been made redundant I have been laid off, - no work, no pay. On friday Boris announced that workers laid off can claim up to 80% of their wages, to help - but how? where? I wont qualify for universal credit - my other half works full time, which she is doing from home now [she is office worker] its all well and good the gvmt announcing these things, how do we know they actually exist if theres no info anywhere?
  3. I work part time in an office and we have had to close as its a motorsport company so therefore leisure and the public or the racers cannot go as all events are cancelled now until things change. my partner works full time, but without my wage we are going to struggle with the rent and other things, lucky for her she is working from home now so at least she still has a job. is there anything I can claim for? I cant seem to find any government info that applies to myself and this situation. I am not sick, just laid off. my employer is a waste of space, and not able to help out in anyway while we are shut. any info would be really appreciated. thanks
  4. we have a WAV on mb for my dad, it was a 5 year lease in 2012, in january of last year we extended it no problems because A, it did what we wanted and were happy with it and B, couldnt be bothered with all the faffing about to get a newer one, I think lease was extended by 3 years.
  5. hello and thanks for the replies . I eventually got through to the council [stockport] and they have confirmed that he isnt eligible to pay council tax because... A. he has not got a property, nor does he rent one B. he is in the care system so that will do me, I just didnt want him racking up a big bill while he was in hospital
  6. my dad was in a residential care home but became ill, he went into hospital on 7th feb [2019] and while he was there he has become too ill for his current care home to look after him when he is ready to come out of hospital his care home ended his contract on 2nd march he is still in hospital somebody from social services and ageuk is helping me find a place at a nursing home, he is ready to go there but places arent readily available so in the meantime, what does he need to do regarding his council tax? I assume his last care home dealt with that? perhaps he had a benefit for it, certainly nothing goes out from his bank to them anyway, if anyone knows what I need to arrange, please let me know thanks
  7. we have always had pre-payment meters as they are easier to run being on a low income a year or so ago, could be longer, we had an eon smart meter put in for the electric, at the time we had the old style key that you had to take to a shop to top up, the key goes back into the meter and that tops it up so a smart meter was in, and we could "top up" online, pretty good. around two weeks ago the smart meter was just showing "000s" everywhere, for the time, and all readings over the last couple of months the eon website was really terrible to use too, payments were being made but not going to the meter etc we tried to make a top up last night, just got a circle while the page was loading, nothing happening, we checked the online bank and payment went through then this morning the electric went off after ages on the phone, they gave me a code to enter into the meter, this got us back on but smart meter display still showing no info my other half the account holder rang them this evening, we need a new smart meter, and how stupid is this........ we cant have one meter swapped for another they have to install an old type meter with key first and then come back another time to put another smart meter in SO MUCH FOR PROGRESS!! its a good exercise in time wasting though I think more than likely, we will stick with the key meter.
  8. hello its a few months since you posted your message can you let us know how you got on my dad is also in a care home, with disabling Stroke effects and the CHC is something I have wondered about too for him. anyway if you can get back to us on this topic that would be great
  9. around 1999 we bought a car on finance from Yes Car Credit, I think it was a 3 year plan but after approx one year I became ill and lost my job, we could not keep up the payments so they came and collected the car eventually. ironically, the PPI we paid was supposed to cover illness, yet we were told not so, so we basically told them to pick the car up. my questions are: as we paid some PPI, can we claim it back? I cannot remember which bank we were with, does that matter? are Gladstone Brooks any good?
  10. did you not read this bit, and by "recently", I maybe shoudl have put "yesterday"
  11. my dad had a stroke in 2011, when my mum died in late 2015 he is now in a care home recenty, he had to go to A&E with another suspected stroke, of course I was informed but he was sent there by himself in the ambulance, and I met up with him at the hospital as soon as I could, some time later. he was ok by the way. his stroke in 2011 left him without use of his right side, and unable to speak properly - for the latter reason I was concerned that nobody escorted him to the A&E, he had no means of communication to the staff there until I arrived right or wrong? - should he have been escorted by a care home staff member?
  12. I work two days per week in an office and theres only myself and the boss on the payroll I have worked there since the start of 2014 I was told that they didnt do holiday pay Now, there have been times when I have been off work the odd day and they have paid me, that was in 2014, in 2015 and 2016 they havent, I have never taken time off when busy, and only when really slack. I keep getting told by friends I should get statutory holiday pay, and was pointed to the ukgov website, based on a two day week the entitlement should be 11.2 days annual leave. I have asked the question to see if it can be applied, but I suspect I will be told to put up or leave. Whats the general opinion on this matter? ta
  13. hi, there is no house, he was in council house and I had to clear it when mum died as dad was in the care home then.
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