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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, looking for some advice on how best to handle this situation. We bought a new house, but rented it for 3 months prior to completion. We did not live in the house until the completion date, so the gas and electricity meters were started that day, with OVO energy, which was the same meter readings given by the previous owners, when they left. Unbeknown to me, the previous owner had given Eon (her supplier) my name and they have been contacting me to pay just over £300. I have spoken to EON on the telephone, to put them in the picture and have returned emails, but they kept sending the demands. They have now sent it to Arvato, who have strangely said that the balance is £40 They obviously have no signed contract or anything from me, as they only know my name from the previous owner. What is the best course of action? Thanks in advance
  2. Good morning everyone! I wonder if anyone could kindly give me someadvice for my next move: Barclaycard refused my wife PPI when she was hospitalised in 2011 saying she didn’t have a policy. In 2013 we found out she DID have PPI, so of course setabout claiming it back, and finding out why we weren’t given the opportunity toclaim. Barclaycard made it clear, that any payments would payoff the balance on the account (£8K) and that the account would be closed. During this time we negotiated a reduced monthly rate of paying the account, infact this was by continuous payment authority on a Debit Card, so the account was being paid. My wife was offered £11k initially, but we negotiated because of their many errors and got £15K. So they actually paid £7k to my wife after clearing the account. The PPI claim was ongoing from Dec 2012 to August 2013. in June 2013 without anyone being aware (even the PPI department), a different Barclaycard department sold the debt of £8k on the account to a DCA At the same time they put a default on my wife’s credit file? Then the DCA put a second default on my wife’s creditfile and Experian have told us it is impossible to have 2 defaults for the samedebt, but yet they are still there? We explained the situation to the DCA who refused to believe us, we told them the debt was cleared and the fault lay with Barclaycard. We explained this to Barclaycard who did the same and wouldn’t listen. We even had the final offer letter from Barclaycard that stated that the account would be Paid Off before we got the balance. And of course we have bank statements showing the Award minus Debt = balance going in to my wife’saccount. DCA (who have their own in house solicitors) have taken my wife to Court. We have counter claimed, only for a maximum £500 to keep down our costs. We figured we would deal with DCA then take Barclaycard to Court. But one of the questions I want to ask you guys on here is from what I have read, you can only claim for ACTUAL financial loss and not damages for reputation etc? Is that correct? And finally I am wondering if I can end this early: DCA (solicitors)have: 1. Failed to send in Allocation Questionnaire on time. 2. Failed to attend Court for Directions hearing when required to do so on May 5th 3. Failed to pay Court Fee ordered to be paid by June 4th 4. Failed to file Witness statements by June 9th. In the latter point (4) the Court office made a mistake in not informing them to file papers by the 9th June (they were told a later date), but if they had attended for directions on 5th the Judge gave me the paperwork to take away with me clearly stating filing date: Both the correct and incorrect paperwork did however both say they should pay hearing fee by the 4th June however. At the Directions hearing the judge said to me that “he would strike out the claim”, but that we need our counterclaim following through for costs, and more importantly to clear my wife’s credit file. He also stated that there was a danger that they would just claim again. Does anybody have any further comments to add or advice, because I think that for a DCA with their own solicitors they need teaching a lesson?
  3. Hiya Any help would be very much appreciated please. Started up in business in 2003. Due to the recession the business was closed in 2008. Due to lack of money the vat retuns from july 2007 to oct 2008 weren't filed until close of business at end of 2008. The said returns were all sent together with a covering letter stating the business was now closed and I was de-registering for VAT. They replied and sent a form to fill in to officially de-register, which was duly filled in and returned. Somewhere around 2011 I received one of there yellow surcharge letters saying I hadn't filed my vat return on time so a surcharge would be added etc. I phoned up and was told there must be a glitch on the system and to just ignore it. which I did. Then in Feb last year (2014) received a call from HMRC debt management saying we owed in excess of £7000 in unpaid vat saying we were still in business. They were told that is not the case as the business was closed in 2008, and asked they put it in writing. Received a letter stating they had decided the business ended in 2008 and to file the final vat online. I could not file online as never had a log-on (didn't even know you could it was always a paper return). in a panic, I sent them my photo-copies of the vat returns and de-registering form as I did not have a working printer to copy them again. I sent them off with a hand written letter as to why I couldn't file online. Heard absolutely nothing from them until Dec 2014 when received a letter of impending enforcement for £3000. Phoned them up and explained what had gone on and said would send a letter stating we would look for the information and gave various contact details so they could advise a course of action. Letter was sent. Yesterday the bailiffs turned up at the door, hubby told them go away and promptly phone the debt management team. They said they never received a letter to which I cant imagine what hubby said as I was at work, but eventually after looking she said oh here it it and read it back to him. As its been over 7 years since the business closed I dont have the paperwork anymore, but I did find a box of old floppy discs where I managed to get a disc to work with the VAT accounts for the business from start to finish. Phoned HMRC debt management up this morning and said I have all the information that is needed. She informed me that she would arrainge for the vat returns to be re-issued so I could fill them in again and she would personally deall with them and bring this farce to a close. Finally. Well so I thought anyway. 10 mins later she called back and said that vat returns cant be sent in more than 4 years late so the debt still stands and the bailiffs have been informed to continue. Is there anything I can do? It's my word against there's. I know I sent the returns. Why has it taken until now before they suddenly decide I owe them money. I have 14 days before the bailiffs can returned for the money or goods to the value of. Sorting out the appeals procedure letter but that wont stop the bailiffs and I dont have any money. Any ideas please Oh and I forgot. After sending the returns they should owe us money albeit less than £50
  4. Hi guys, As I write, I'm currently apparently in debt to Elephant/EUI group for the tune of £174. This is apparently the last months premium of my car insurance policy that they cancelled because my direct debit failed. About 6 weeks before the DD failed, I changed my bank details, but however, failed to register on their systems. The call recordings "Could not be located". I had the policy from 13 Feb to 13 November 2011. I was paying £137.00 PCM for my insurance and then October payment into November failed. I called up and paid it by D.card. I then received a letter saying my policy would lapse on 13 November due to this missed payment. I called up, fought my case and told them I changed the bank details 6 weeks previous. They said they'd try and locate the call recordings, unsucsessfully. They rang me back as promised and said I had to pay the £700 or so oweing and keep the policy live, or make no further payments and my policy would lapse on the 13 November. I asked specifically on the call if there would be any further charges if I allowed the policy to lapse, they replied no. I asked if it would be OKAY for me to set up new insurance to begin from 13 November 2011, they said no. So, Feburuary 2012, I start getting phone calls from CARS. They tell me I owe £174 to Elephant. I told them to do one and stop calling me. They did... Now I've got another company trying to get me to pay. I've sent them an e-mail disputing and told them the story. I wont be bullied like this into paying money I don't owe and I can't be doing with people lying. Any advice?
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