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  1. Thanks for replying. I have these letters at hand - one telling me that there was a court date on the 12th, another telling me that the hearing had been cancelled (with no explanation I might add), and another informing me of a court date on the 16th. Are your engineers instructed to enter peoples homes without obtaining a warrant ? One of two things has happened. Either you have erroneously sent me a letter informing me of the court cancellation (even so, I was under the impression that I would get 7 days notice before execution - ref CAB) or your administration system has failed and assumed that a warrant would be in place on this date. Surely your engineers should first validate a warrant's existence before acting upon it ?
  2. Hello everybody I recently got into debt bother with EON . I spoke to them about my options with regards to my debt (installments, pre-payment etc). I indicated that I would prefer prepayment to manage my debts but then took my time getting back to them . Next I received a letter telling me that they were applying to the courts and had added £60.00. The court date was supposed to be 12th of November and I awaited this date so I could contest the fee (I had already told them that I wanted prepayment), they wrote to me shortly before telling me that the court hearing had been cancelled and they would write to me at a later date. Yesterday (12th) I got home to find some documents and a electricity key INSIDE MY HOUSE !!. The accompanying paperwork said that they had acted on a warrant (no issue date, number etc) and had changed my electricity meter. In my actual mail on that day I got a letter from them telling me that they had reapplied for a court date - which was supposed to be the 16th November !!!. So clearly they illegally entered my house without a warrant and changed the meter. Luckily, nothing valuable was stolen from me by these rapscallions . I have not yet contacted them, instead I would prefer the advice of somebody who has experience in these matters to see exactly where I stand before I act. What are my options, so to speak ?
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