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  1. Thanks for the advice and pointers much appreciated, letter will come from daughter in law but I would type it her up and print it off for her. The officer told her he could not guarantee it would not happen again like you say I am astounded the Police have time to be stopping a driver who has proved 5 times now that she is legal to be on the road none of it makes sense.
  2. Update Daughter in Law had a motability vehicle as the gear box went on her previous vehicle she had this around 7 weeks, Police stopped her in it last week stating her paper work might not be in order, Daughter in law said it must be because it was a motability vehicle officer was very nice he said they had received a call from someone to state paper work might not be in order. Daughter in Law feels this is her neighbour who as made various offensive comments when he as seen her getting in the vehicle, referring to her not working and he has to to afford a car. Daughte
  3. Just that I thought with log book might not being in her name she might not have been able to tax it anyway the log book was sorted out Friday so hopefully all is good now
  4. They said enquiries to DVLA and the Police have taken time it was like a bolt out the blue to get that letter I have been so upset since I feel humiliated that in 60 years I have done everything by the book and not had so much as a parking ticket to end up being addressed like a criminal
  5. Yes it is a hard lesson learnt you cannot start to understand how I feel an unblemished reputation in tatters, I cannot believe I have ended up in this mess more concerned about my good name than any money I will have to pay. Right or wrong a lot of parents who little understand the internet let children do things for them but as you say it is a hard lesson learned most definitely in my case I could not feel any worse than I already do
  6. I never knew this my daughter asked me if I could add her to my insurance she said it would keep the cost down, this is why I could not understand why they kept speaking to me about things, I think it should have been the other way round my daughter insure and add me this was done wrong but not intentionally I had no idea there was two ways of doing it, I told the truth that the vehicle was my daughters and parked at her home why did someone not pull me up on anything, surely if you have not intentionally done anything this is not still fraud?
  7. I know nothing at all about insurance I have not had my own vehicle to insure in around 10 years I initially took out insurance for my daughter, her vehicle needed lots of repairs she swapped it and just swapped the details of the vehicle she had gifted to her. I apologise if I seem a bit ignorant of things but I am, I am nearly pension age I am not up on legal things, insurance or anything similar my daughter has dealt with lots for me in the past. I was not aware of anything that you have now clearly explained to me, especially what this financial interest thing mean
  8. It was taken from outside my daughters home it is explained above it was involved in an accident I believe and wrote off I simply do not fully know as I was told very little about anything
  9. I appreciate the response my daughter as always sorted the insurance out online I have no idea what was filled in but I have requested a Sars I assume this will show me what was put down. Yes I do have depression so does my daughter but I can hardly use that as an excuse when it wasn`t me gave the details to the insurance my daughter has been with this company a long while. I agreed to adding her to the insurance as she said it made it cheaper for her but I wish I had never agreed to this, it is not her good name in question it is mine. Looks like I have no choice but to pay thi
  10. Oddly she has had no trouble taxing it she is disabled
  11. 2 Years ago I added my daughter to my policy, the car was at my daughter`s and had it`s driver side window smashed one evening, my daughter who suffers with depression was afraid to stay at home due to a controlling ex partner finding out her new address so suspected him of the damage, I was going away so she went to stay with friends. A claim was not made for this as her insurance was already expensive. We taped the window up for a temporary measure, whilst I was away a neighbour a friend of mine contacted me to say the cover was off and the car was wet inside, I let my daughter
  12. Sorry I have not responded to anyone just back off holiday, and this very thought came to mind and it appears that DVLA never put the log book in daughter in laws name. Today the log book was updated thanks very much for the input
  13. She is quite a gutsy lady they are pushing her to the limit she told them in no uncertain terms to leave her alone I will pass the information on to her thanks for the support and advice
  14. Appreciate the response I would be shocked if an Inspector agreed to a meeting the majority of dealings I have had with our Police they are arrogant and ignore any complaints or anything, I have witnessed so many poor failings within our force they never seem to accept any responsibility. I will drop the inspector a line it is wearing my daughter in law down she is losing all confidence and only passed her test a month ago she been assured twice now that a marker on the vehicle would be removed, the officers last night were pretty arrogant and upset my grandaughter too she asked w
  15. Thanks for reply much appreciated daughter in law been trying all afternoon to get through to DVLA without success she will try again Monday
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