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  1. Thanks for understanding my position and I well understand you having to be firm, I really appreciate any help hence why I updated CAG yesterday with the email I had received, will of course keep updating you should I hear anything
  2. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it and yes I will not make the same mistake again, I still cannot get over the fact I completely forgot I could turn to CAG, I think I have so much stress I sometimes do not know what I should be doing
  3. My son has severe learning difficulties he is illiterate, thought I would just post what as been received. I did explain in my previous posts, that I panicked when son got the letter and appealed to IAS has I had genuinely forgot I could turn to CAG. I am looking after my parents, and my son and my autistic nephew after his parents died so I am under a lot of strain, I easily forget things. Sorry to say I am not aware of the protocols of what I should have done. But my son is the registered keeper and I have not mentioned who the driver was.
  4. Dear xxxxxxxx The Independent Appeals Service (IAS) has received a decision from the Independent Adjudicator regarding your recent appeal for the below PCN. Parking Charge Number (PCN): xxxxxxx Vehicle Registration: xxxxxxxx Date Issued: 29/04/2022 Appeal Outcome: Dismissed The Adjudicators comments are as follows: "The Appellant should understand that the Adjudicator is not in a position to give legal advice to either of the parties but they are entitled to seek their own independent legal advice. The Adjudicator's role is to consider whether or not the parking charge has a basis in law and was properly issued in the circumstances of each individual case. In all Appeals the Adjudicator is bound by the relevant law applicable at the time and is only able to consider legal challenges and not factual mistakes nor extenuating or mitigating circumstances. Throughout this appeal the Operator has had the opportunity consider all points raised and could have conceded the appeal at any stage. The Adjudicator who deals with this Appeal is legally qualified and each case is dealt with according to their understanding of the law as it applies and the legal principles involved. A decision by an Adjudicator is not legally binding on an Appellant who is entitled to seek their own legal advice if they so wish. The Operator has provided evidence of the signs at the site, which make it clear any driver parking without paying for the duration, with a full accurate registration, will be issued with the parking charge notice. The Appellant claims that they paid for parking but fails to provide evidence to support the claims. As explained above, at this stage, the onus is on the Appellant to satisfy me the charge is unlawful. In the absence of any evidence I am not satisfied. The Operator's evidence shows no payment for the Appellant's vehicle, or anything similar. It does show two payments for the same registration in quick succession. I would take a reasonable guess, based on the circumstances described, that the person paying has paid for the registration of the person they assisted again. If they have paid for the incorrect registration they have my sympathy, but the guidance to the appeal is clear that I may only consider legal issues not extenuating circumstances. The Operator has this discretion, but they are unlikely to exercise it in the Appellant's favour, in the absence of evidence to support the claim. The Operator has provided photographic evidence of the Appellant's vehicle leaving the land they manage, ninety minutes after it arrived and without a payment for this vehicle. The appeal is dismissed." As your appeal has been dismissed, the Independent Adjudicator has found, upon the evidence provided, that the parking charge was lawfully incurred. As this appeal has not been resolved in your favour, the IAS is unable to intervene further in this matter. You should contact the operator within 14 days to make payment of the charge. Should you continue to contest the charge then you should consider obtaining independent legal advice. Yours Sincerely, The Independent Appeals Service
  5. Much appreciate this detailed response good to hear I can now let my sons carer know, can Bank still instruct debt collectors to call at his address (The registered keeper)
  6. 1 Date of the infringement 29-04-2022 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 06-05-2022 3 Date received Not Sure 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] N 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] Yes Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up Yes 7 Who is the parking company? Bank Park Management Ltd 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Belvedere Street (Mansfield) For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IAS i genuinely forgot I could contact CAG, I am looking after my elderly parents who are unwell, I am struggling to remember things with stress, then today it dawned on me I could ask for advice from CAG. My son fretting as it is now £100 that needs paying whereas it was £60, he is on benefits and can`t afford the increase. He is worried about debt collectors coming over this docs1 .pdf
  7. I genuinely forgot I could contact CAG, I am looking after my elderly parents who are unwell, I am struggling to remember things with stress, then today it dawned on me I could ask for advice from CAG. My son fretting as it is now £100 that needs paying whereas it was £60, he is on benefits and can`t afford the increase. He is worried about debt collectors coming over this I apologise as not clued up on these things I cannot find a sticky post, and unsure how to post anything up to you been looking at links but can only find court ones, my son as only received a PCN it hasn`t gone any further.
  8. No one told me to appeal sorry didn`t know what you are meant to do, thought if it went as far as Court you would need to demonstrate that you have challenged the PCN
  9. No proof that vehicle registration was entered into parking meter and the paid for ticket was not kept, however my grandson put the registration in as his dad could not do it, my grandson also helped an elderly lady who was struggling to do it too.for Paid for parking for 2 hour entered 12.49 left at 14.19 so plenty of time on the ticket. Bank Parking have said the fee was not paid. Appealed to them but they said their decision stands so sent an appeal to IAS today, 20 minutes later got a response and Banks response is below. However the registration they state in their evidence is incorrect our vehicle is not a Silver Ford ours is a Red Renault. However on the PCN sent the vehicle registration is correct. Advice would be appreciated please, we are offered two choices to respond to Bank Parking or to send it straight to Arbitration. I would add that no one as asked who the driver was it isn`t the registered keeper. On the day in question, the driver entered the **********car park and remained on private land otherwise than in accordance with the terms and conditions of entry. The vehicle, ***** was captured entering at 12:49 and exiting the facility at 14:19, through ANPR camera capture stills, for a complete duration of stay of 1 hour and 29 minutes. One of the terms and conditions is to ensure that a valid pay and display ticket or electronic parking session is purchased from the payment methods employed on site. The payment data on site corroborate motorist purchases with vehicle entries to determine whether a valid payment has been made. If a valid payment has not been made for the vehicle that entered onto site, a PCN is issued. The ticketing data for the day has been extracted and analysed. The ticketing data has been attached. We are unable to locate a valid payment made for the appellant's vehicle. There were 71 tickets obtained between the appellant's entry and exit. None of the tickets correspond to the appellant's vehicle
  10. My daughter isn`t too bad at all thanks this news today as took away some of her stress, my grandaughter is good thanks
  11. She collected her vehicle back from a pound about 5 weeks ago, and his Father collected the other vehicle
  12. Credit card debt wrote off today and Solicitor contacted daughter to say drink driving charges dropped so daughter is feeling some what better
  13. Last I heard the Law Centre were hopeful of getting debts wrote off they got a crime reference number and other things they asked my daughter to supply them with, my daughter as not said anymore recently so I assume with the long Christmas break she has heard no more.
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