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Found 14 results

  1. Good evening, I'll try to summarize briefly : - 10 day ago washing machine stopped to work at the end of the program, door locked... - I notified to the landlord the issue sending him an email with all details and a quick video where he can see what is the actual problem - After a couple of days I received a reply from him where he'll put me in contact with the guy who manage the house in his name so he can arrange the repair - This guy send me an email (landlord was in cc) saying and he requested a repair and he already arranged the payment. - This tuesday I received the
  2. I received a voicemail message today on a mobile phone that I just use for data. Only two close family members know its number. It has a sim on a monthly rolling contract. My Equifax CRA file, via ClearScore, has an entry showing TalkTalk and the last 2 digits of the account number, but no details of the phone number. The call was from 03445560216: "This is a private call from Cabot Financial. If you are available now, please press 1" ...pause for a few seconds... "This call was placed by Cabot Financial. We can be contacted on 03450700112." Equidebt wrote to me over six yea
  3. Until this morning I'd never heard of Canada Square Operations, and now I'm just a little bit concerned. I received a letter from them stating that they'd previously rejected my ppi claim as it hadn't been mis-sold but that I can now complain again due to Plevin v Paragon. However I didn't recognise the account number they quoted and was surprised to see a complaint reference. So I dug out my old files and can see that the 16 digit account number is for an old Citi Visa Card that was defaulted in 2006, and when I cca'd them in 2008 they couldn't provide a copy of the agreement so t
  4. Hi, I've just returned to the UK after being abroad for 5 years studying, I moved into a new flat and tried to get electric moved to a credit meter and was denied. I requested my staturtory credit file and have found that Arrow Global have registered a CCJ against me with judegemnt by default (date 20/07/2017). I had no warning or knowledge of this and they used an address that I moved from at least a year before I left the UK. I've no clue what it is for, and have no idea how to go about dealing with this properly. Ideally I'd like the CCJ set aside but first I have to
  5. On holiday in Thailand, I kept my phone in flight mode throughout my holiday, or used hotel wi-fi... . Except for one inadvertent internet session in a restaurant three doors from my hotel lasting, at a guess, approximately 30 mins (thought I was still connected to hotel wi-fi, nothing on the phone to tell me otherwise until a text message arrived to tell me the cap of 50 euros had been applied, for which I was grateful). Annoyed that I'd spent £40 unintentionally, and cursing myself for a fool, I put the phone back into flight mode. Needless to say, when the
  6. First, some background: I'm 77 but both my wife and I are still working due to need. I work through a private limited company in a form of consultancy, my wife in a retail business partnership. We rent privately a house where we've lived for some 20 years and where the Council Tax has now risen to nearly £280/month for 12 months. During 2015 my work opportunities dropped dramatically, worsened by a couple of largish bad debts. Although I was always up to date with CT payments things started to get particularly difficult from about February and I fell i
  7. Can anyone help me out with some sanity checking? Based on meter readings, from 9th December to 4th March (86 days) I've used 8,601kWh of gas. 100kWh a day seems an awful lot to me given that the house hasn't felt particularly warm (albeit not particularly cold most of the time either). Since the last bill, I've managed to put 943kWh through the meter. 85kWh per day again seems quite high to me. It's a two bed mid terrace (circa 1910) that came in as a 'D' on the last EPC. Do these numbers seem reasonable to anyone? I never used anywhere near this much gas in the last house
  8. I received an unexpected later from my insurance telling me I should pay £525.23 (after my policy had been cancelled). I rang them up to ask what this figure was for, being told that my claim I had put before was because I was at fault. ??!! I had not been made aware of this before, neither is this in the handbook policy. Please help!!!! I thought insurance is there so it covers you up in case of an accident, whether your fault or not!! I am with only young drivers. thank you.
  9. On the 1st of September i enquired about downgrading my unlimited high speed broadband to a bt basic package with a 10gb limit. They charge for every 5gb you go over. This was due to take affect on the 16th of September. 16-19th September the internet refused to work and i had to wait for it to stabilize. On the 16th of September they sent an email saying i went over the limit and it was over 300gb! For some reason, they decided that they would charge me from the 1st of September while i was still using unlimited broadband. At no point did anybody mention to me
  10. Yesterday we published the results of the latest National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS). We surveyed more than 31,000 passengers in spring 2015 and found that overall satisfaction had dropped again. The latest results show poor performance, particularly in south east England. This has led to another drop in overall satisfaction at 80 per cent: down from 82 per cent for the same period last year. Other key results ​include: satisfaction with punctuality is down to 75 per cent (from 77 per cent in 2014) – this figure drops to 65 per cent for commuters value
  11. I received a PCN which was issued by a CCTV vehicle instructed by Havering Council in 19/04/2014. When I received the PCN I appealed it on grounds that I was dropping off my heavily pregnant wife - 'Person alighting from a vehicle' The appeal was rejected but I did not receive a 'Notice of Rejection' letter. I then received a 'Charge certificate' without any reply from my appeal. I emailed Havering Council parking but was told that because a charge certificate was issued there was no grounds of appeal nor could the fine be paid at the lesser amount and I could only wait for a witne
  12. Had a visit from the bailiff the other day, I wasn't in but my landlord was doing some maintenance work so answered the door and was served the bailiffs letter. Its for £124 of council tax for September from a property I lived in two years ago. I have had no letter asking for the tax, no letter warning me of court proceedings and no knowledge of the debt, so it was a bit of a shock! I was receiving council tax benefit in the property, and then in September started university. I have a council tax exemption certificate from the 12 of Sept, but am worried the council are going to charge me
  13. hi all, i purchased a washing machine on line from curry's on 26th december 2012. my wife and i are pensioners the reason we chose to purchase from curry's was, they offered free delivery and collection of our old machine, and the new machine had a five year warranty, the first paragraph of the conformation of order e-mail states, we will contact you to confirm a date for delivery. at 17.15 hours 3rd january 2013 while my wife was alone at home, they called to deliver the new machine, we had not received an e-mail or telephon
  14. Hi everyone, I tried posting this before, but my internet went down, so this is going to be abit shorter! Anyway, I have two contracts with T-mobile for use as a work phone. One was taken out last year. The other was taken out in April this year, as I broke the original phone, so took out another low tarriff contract, essentialy for the phone. The original sim was put into the new phone. I just put the new sim in the glovebox of my van (stupidly) and forgot about it. Anyway, the last few months I saw my bill rise from £30 pcm (which it was meant to be) to £90 and then on the 23r
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